Gov. DeWine on CNN: President Trump’s COVID Diagnosis is a ‘Cautionary Tale’ for Mask Wearing


In a segment on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine appeared to “mask-shame” President Trump, saying that the Chief executive’s diagnosis of the potentially deadly disease serves as a “cautionary tale” for people who are reluctant to wear masks.

DeWine, a fairly frequent guest on the news program told host Jake Tapper that, “this should be kind of an alert to everybody that anybody can get the virus, even president of the United States can get the virus.”

He continued:

So we ought to use this and simply just learn from it. People who maybe have not worn masks in the past, I’m hoping that they will look at this and say the president can get it, I can get it, and it can happen to anybody.

I hope that is what happens, and that is what comes out of this. We pray for the president, and we pray for the first lady and everybody else who has the virus.

Tapper, visibly agitated, pressed DeWine, demanding the governor answer whether or not he resented individuals coming in Ohio and “recklessly risking the health of the citizens you were elected to protect.”

“It’s a pretty simple question,” Tapper said, “You were elected to protect the citizens of Ohio, and the president and his team were putting them at risk.”

DeWine reminded viewers that the president’s team recommended people wear masks and even had face coverings as handouts.

After showing a short clip of Ohio Lt Gov Husted getting booed by boisterous rally-goers for encouraging them to don masks for the duration of the outdoor event, Tapper asked, “Is that not the consequence of the president’s rhetoric against wearing masks?”

DeWine said that despite a lack of media coverage, the White House has been supportive of Ohioans throughout the pandemic, and recalled that hundreds of thousands of tests are in the process of being distributed to the states, including Ohio.

He added:

We have people not only in Ohio, but across the country who What I hope is that what we have seen with the president is a cautionary tale for people and people will understand, look, it can happen to the president, it can happen to you, and it can happen to your family. You wear a mask to help other people. And so if anything good can come out of this tragedy of the president and the White House, you know, we hope just people will look at that and say we need to wear a mask and this is what we need to do to slow this thing down. (emphasis added)

Watch the full interview here.





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5 Thoughts to “Gov. DeWine on CNN: President Trump’s COVID Diagnosis is a ‘Cautionary Tale’ for Mask Wearing”

  1. John

    First they say wear a mask to protect others. Now they are saying wear a mask to protect yourself. The “science” keeps changing depending on which side of the argument you’re on.

    And the dirty little secret nobody is reporting on….two reports in the White House Press Corp got COVID, but it’s all being kept hush hush. No details on anything.

    After all this hypocrisy from the left being so obvious, the only voting block they will have left are the truly ignorant and their party shills.

  2. Deguello

    Most masks are only to keep from giving a virus you may have to others, and that only marginally effective. It is virtually useless in preventing others giving it to you. Many studies have shown this.

  3. Martin Patton

    Once again, Mike Dewine draws exactly the wrong conclusion. That is why fake news CNN is so happy to interview him. The most protected person on the planet gets the virus and that means we should tighten up on our bandanas.
    As stated above, hand washing and mask wearing have been demonstrated to be ineffective against other virus strains in random controlled trials for many years. The CDC published a trial result earlier this year.

  4. pharmer1

    DeWine forgot the original goal: to flatten the curve. He has helped the left to move the goalposts, with his ignorance of what can be expected from masks with respect to SARS CoV-2 transmission. One would rightly expect all politicians who travel and meet with people from all over the world to catch the year’s respiratory virus. I think it’s interesting that President Trump caught it so late, and well After he started donning the masks publicly. We know that this virus narrative has been utilized for many purposes other than public health, because those who want us to stay locked up have shown us that they are willing to deprive us of available treatments. Drugs for early treatment of influenza remain available, while effective and safe treatment for COVID-19 has been rejected. We have seen that members of media and government don’t fear the virus, as they tell us to cower from it. The archive of video and print evidence of this is extensive. It is time for changing of the guard in governments and the unelected bureaucracies.

  5. delow241

    Would make sense if the masks actually work, but they do not. Actual scientific studies that have taken place over decades have shown repeatedly that viruses are not stopped by the masks they require. Heck, even people with masks have gotten the virus “somehow”…Thom TIllis was a Republican who was wearing a mask at the suspected event…he got the China virus. All the masks do is fan out the virus particles in a differently shaped cloud and do not actually stop anything.