Cardinal Says Biden ‘Not a Catholic in Good Standing,’ Should not Receive Communion

by Anthony Gockowski


Cardinal Raymond Burke said Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, who describes himself as a “devout Catholic,” is “not a Catholic in good standing” and “should not approach to receive Holy Communion.”

In an interview with Catholic Action for Faith and Family released last week, Burke said he doesn’t intend to endorse any political candidate, but simply wants to state that “a Catholic may not support abortion in any shape or form because it is one of the most grievous sins against human life, and has always been considered to be intrinsically evil and therefore to in any way support the act is a mortal sin.”

“And the person in question [Biden] has not only been actively supporting procured abortion in our country, but has announced publicly in his campaign that he intends to make the practice of procured abortion available to everyone in the widest possible form, and to repeal the restrictions on this practice which have been put in place,” said Burke, a canon lawyer and former prefect of the Catholic Church’s highest court.

“So, first of all, I would tell him not to approach Holy Communion out of charity toward him, because that would be a sacrilege, and a danger to the salvation of his own soul,” Burke continued.

“But also he should not approach to receive Holy Communion because he gives scandal to everyone. Because if someone says ‘well, I’m a devout Catholic’ and at the same time is promoting abortion, it gives the impression to others that it’s acceptable for a Catholic to be in favor of abortion and of course it’s absolutely not acceptable. It never has been, it never will be.”

Burke said he cannot understand why Catholics “who are involved in politics can’t get this straight in their heads.”

“We simply have to get this straight,” Burke stated. “This is a most fundamental way in which the Catholic Church can serve the whole of our society by restoring the respect for human life, while, on the other hand, Catholics going around announcing themselves as pious Catholics and then being 100 percent in favor of abortion or being in favor of abortion in any way, give a great scandal.”

Burke defined scandal as leading others into “wrong thinking and wrong acting by your example.”

“In other words, if people were perhaps questioning in their mind about abortion and they see this man who announces himself to be a devout Catholic and he’s promoting abortion in the strongest possible way, this leads people into error, thinking, well, it must be morally acceptable to commit abortions.”

Burke said he’s been approached by many non-Catholic politicians who believe the Church has changed its teaching on abortion and same-sex marriage.

“I can’t imagine that any Catholic wouldn’t know that abortion is a grievous sin, but if they don’t, once they’ve been told, then they either have to cease to support abortion or accept the fact they are not a Catholic in good standing and therefore should not present themselves for Holy Communion,” Burke said later in the interview.

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Anthony Gockowski is Editor-in-Chief of Alpha News. He previously worked as an editor for The Minnesota Sun and Campus Reform, and reported for The Daily Caller.
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5 Thoughts to “Cardinal Says Biden ‘Not a Catholic in Good Standing,’ Should not Receive Communion”

  1. MaryElise

    It is so refreshing to hear the truth about politicians who call themselves “devout” Catholics but are imposters. Nancy Pelosi is another fake Catholic. They call themselves Catholic yet reject most of the Church’s teachings and lead others to do the same thing. They will have to answer to God for their deception someday. It is the responsibility of each adult Catholic to educate himself in his faith so he won’t fall victim to these false leaders. There is no excuse for any true Catholic to support abortion, transgenderism, same-sex marriage issues, etc.

    1. Mary

      He (Biden) has the soul of satan. Nancy Pelosi also needs to be removed from the church. When they change their ways they will be welcome back into the church., but not until then. Rome needs to step up and defend the teachings of the Catholic Church, not ignore the problem.

  2. Karen

    More corrupt behavior should not receive communion (in marriage….with kids) too…this is a collapse of a
    second family-house allowing children in the next…on and on. There should be a way to stop somehow, too.
    Marriage is fake if not. This is the first Cardinal to do the right track.

  3. John

    Cardinal, whether it is a corrupt individual or a church covering up sexual abuse, by your standards, none of you should be receiving communion. Besides, “checking the box” means nothing to the Almighty. So jump through the hoops all you want. Communion will not save nor damn your soul. It is a matter of the heart. If you’re heart isn’t pure, it doesn’t matter how many times you receive communion.

    1. Ray

      Agree wholeheartedy! (I am Protestant.) Biden’s pics entering a Catholic Church at first encouraged me, but now I know he is pro-abortion homosexuality, and economic and social anarchy. God help the great United States — this I pray for all our officials.