Enough is Enough: Tim Hugo Announces His Run for Lieutenant Governor and a Campaign of Common Sense Conservative Approaches for Virginia


Live from Virginia Monday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Northern Virginia’s House Delegates member Tim Hugo to the show.

During the show, Hugo described the focus of his campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia and how Virginians are now having buyers remorse with their current elected officials. He was passionate about returning back to conservative common sense values to help restore Virginia to its former greatness before Democrats were handed the key to the city.

Fredericks: Joining us now, Tim, you go former House of Delegates member from Northern Virginia. Now, he’s got a big announcement to make. Tim great to have you, man.

Hugo: John, good to be back, my friend. Thanks for having us.

Fredericks: Polls are closing in Virginia. We actually have a shot to carry it for Trump. I think it’s going to be very close. Our polls have us down right now by about three. Plus we got a great ground game. So I’m kind of excited about what’s going on, but I understand that you’ve got a big announcement to make Tim Hugo.

Hugo: Well, I think the polls are good. Then we’re going to see what happens in November, John. And I hope if every all your listeners get out and vote. I think the President’s going to do fine. I believe that. But now what?

Fredericks: We’re going to shock the world.

Hugo: Well, I think so, I believe so buddy. I’m going to get out in the next year that John you’re the first. The press release is going out right about now. We’re announcing officially that I’m running for lieutenant governor in 2021.

Fredericks: Ah, that’s great! That’s great, Tim. That is fantastic. Obviously, if you’re running a campaign for lieutenant governor, you’re not going to spend the time and the effort 13 months out here to do this if you didn’t think it’s winnable.

Hugo: It is winnable. I think Virginians are having a little bit of buyer’s remorse. If you look at what’s happened in, John, I think this will be a problem at the national level. If we give the Democrats nationally all three branches, the House the Senate and the presidency like we’ve done in Virginia. We give them the governorship, the House, the Senate, we will be in a jam nationally like we’re in a jam in Virginia. If you look at what they’ve done this year in Virginia, whether it’s a Second Amendment.

Or whether it’s life. Or whether it’s taxes. Or whether it’s business. Or whether it’s police and law enforcement, they have taken things so far to the left that I do believe people are having buyer’s remorse. And what we’re going to talk about next year, and start talking about right after the election, is common-sense conservative approaches to law enforcement, to business, and to life. To the things we all believe. And I’m going to get out there and make that case around Fairfax County around Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads and all over the state.

Fredericks: What do you think the biggest issue is when you say buyer’s remorse? Define that for me, Tim Hugo.

Hugo: Well, I think, John, I think one of the things that gets me and one of the things that push me over the edge if you’ve been to Richmond lately, it’s not just the monuments. It’s not the monuments. Drive down Broad Street. It’s the people that are making money in Richmond right now. The people who sell plywood and spray paint because Broad Street, which was the thoroughfare of the capital, is boarded up for about two miles.

And it’s nothing but graffiti and profanity. It’s, you know, everything from how the police are awful. Talking about this and that. And I think that’s wrong. And I’ve talked to some of these police officers too, and I think this is where it’s going to hit home too. Some of the police were saying they’re like, Tim we’re sitting in our cars because we know the police chief and the politicians aren’t going to support us.

So what do you mean? We’re not doing the proactive policing now. Some of them are not, and I’m not sure I blame them, because they’re worried that if they go out there and proactively actively their homes are going to be in jeopardy legally. They’re going to be in jeopardy with their families and I think these are things we’ve got to worry about I think. John if you want to talk about buyer’s remorse talk about what they’ve done on business regulation and business taxes. We had some of the best and Virginia was number one in business. I can guarantee you next year won’t be.

When you talk about what they’ve done on business issues and in the business community, I believe didn’t think it was going to be as bad. Now they are sitting there saying, oh my gosh. What have we done? I think some of the business community is woken up, and they’ve it’s like the guy with the hangover and a lampshade on his head. What did we do last night? We gave these guys the keys to Virginia and they’ve driven it off the cliff.

And what we’re going to do John is come back to common sense things. Common sense conservative principles that I think makes sense for families. I’m talking about things that are important when people are sitting around their kitchen table. And it’s business and jobs and it’s schools and it’s education. It’s transportation and taxes. And you know for 17 years, you know in Fairfax County, the conservatives like me, the business community like me.

That’s sometimes that’s a difficult road to hold, but we were able to do it. And that’s what I’m going to try to bring to Virginia because I think we’ve got a fight. And if we don’t fight John who will? We’ve got to step up and say this is what’s right. This is what’s right for Virginia. And we believe in it so much that we’re going out there and take it to everybody and say what we believe in and fight for it. And that’s why I was here over a year early want to do the right thing.

Fredericks: That has been the one thing aggravating a lot of us which is that the Republicans in Richmond really don’t fight anything. They’ve been very silent. And I mean one of the things that Amanda Chase said’ and she’s the favorite right now running for governor. She’s the favorite to be the nominee. It’s not a done deal. Long time to go. A lot of people going to get into the race. But she’s the favorite. She said we needed to change the Virginia GOP logo from an elephant to crickets. So you have to fight. And I believe that’s, you know, part of the message.

Tim, When we’re knocking on doors, one of the things that we’re hearing is people are very upset and concerned about the special session that’s going on in perpetuity. Because everybody remembers that in Virginia a special session is either for a veto session, or it’s to redo a budget. There’s a crisis. It’s a couple of days. It’s a week max. Everybody gets out. Now, it’s just going on like Congress. They’re never going to end it. And the governor’s got all these powers. They won’t even talk about that. And so a lot of people that doors that we’re talking to are saying like, why are we there in a special session talking about defunding cops? What is your response to that?

Hugo: Absolutely it’s outrageous that were coming to fund employees and they’re talking about taking away the tools from police that they need to do. Are there things proactive we can do to make changes to improve police? Sure. But defunding the police and taking away the tools from the police and basically telling the police, you know, we don’t want you going into neighborhoods.

That’s outrageous. And John somebody’s going to get hurt. And it might be, I hope it’s not your family. I hope it’s not my family. I hope it’s not anybody’s family. But somebody’s going to get hurt because when you see what’s happening in New York, Minneapolis, and Seattle with the police. Crime is going up. And I just ask everybody, if you have a chance, go to Richmond and drive down Broad Street and read the graffiti.

Fredericks: It’s disgusting.

Hugo: Two miles up and down Broad Street. You know, what has the mayor done? Nothing. He’s left it there and it’s a symbol of what they think about the police. And it’s a symbol of what they think about the people. And I think that’s kind of the thing that we’ve got to say enough is enough. And if I’ve got one motto that I’m going to talk about the next 12, 13, 14 months. It’s enough is enough.

We’ve had too much. We got buyer’s remorse. Enough is enough. We are going to stop this going to the left. We are going to come back to the common sense conservatism. Talk about things that people care about and that’s taking care of law enforcement, our families, and our jobs. And not all this stuff that’s gone so far to the left with Bernie Sanders and everybody else. It’s not Bill Clinton’s party anymore. It’s AOC’s party of the Democrats and I think that’s the problem.

Fredericks: Exactly.

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