Belmont University Says It Will Be ‘100 Percent’ Ready to Host Final U.S. Presidential Debate


The University of Belmont announced Monday that it will be “100 percent” prepared to host the last U.S. presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, Fox 17 reported.

“Twelve months ago, Belmont was selected to host the third and final presidential debate of 2020. With less than three weeks to go, we are fully committed to working with the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) and our health advisors on final preparations and will continue to follow their lead and guidance,” Belmont University President Dr. Bob Fisher said, according to Fox 17.

The third presidential debate will take place on October 22.

Belmont issued this statement on the same day Trump left Walter Reed Hospital after being hospitalized with the coronavirus. The president will continue his recovery from the White House after spending four days in the hospital.

White House physician Sean Conley said in a Tuesday memorandum that the president is not showing any symptoms and that his vital signs remain stable.

The next debate between Trump and Biden is set for October 15 in Miami. The president anticipates going to the debate next Tuesday at the Arsht Center.

“I am looking forward to the debate on the evening of Thursday, October 15th in Miami,” Trump tweeted. “It will be great!”

Kate Bedingfield, Joe Biden’s deputy campaign manager, told ABC’s This Week that the Democratic nominee’s campaign is open to having the second presidential debate next week.

“Obviously, that’s going to depend on a lot of factors here. First and foremost, President Trump’s health, which we – we send him the best, and we are — we are hoping for a speedy and full recovery, as is everybody in this country,” Bedingfield said.

“So our hope is that the debate will go forward on the day that it’s scheduled, but obviously we will be attune to any changes that need to be made,” she added.

For Wednesday’s vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, extra precautions have been added.

According to The New York Post, the candidates will be separated by plexiglass and be distanced 12 feet apart from each other. The debate will take place at the Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City.

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