Crom Carmichael Questions Why Do Intelligent People Remain Democrats

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Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio.

At the end of the second hour, Carmichael reviewed the top fiscally responsible governors which were all republicans and the worst which were Democrats, and begged the question, why do intelligent people remain Democrats?

Leahy: Do you have any more Democrat escapades to report to us as we are 27 days away from the election?

Carmichael: Michael, I don’t know that I would put this under the category of escapades. It’s just poor policy choices and bad judgment, but in Michigan, the sate Supreme Court in Michigan unanimously ruled that governor Gretchen Whitmer…

Leahy: A Democrat

Carmichael: A Democrat has overstepped her constitutional bounds with all of her shutdown restrictions after April 30. This is a prime time a long time ago. And the attorney general who’s also a Democrat.

Leahy: Yeah far left.

Carmichael: Far-left Democrat her late her last name is Nessel. Nessel as rhymes with weasel. But anyway she tweeted the announcement just days after she said that she will no longer prosecute. You think? I mean, here’s the attorney general who has to announce that she’s no longer going to prosecute people who are violating laws that are that the court said are unconstitutional or regulations. But she went on to say it’s the attorney general’s hope that people continue to abide by the measures that Governor Whitmer put in place. In other words, he’s hoping that the people will still abide by unconstitutional laws.

Leahy: Yeah, unconstitutional. Not even laws. Orders.

Carmichael: Press Secretary Ryan Javy said in a statement if it wasn’t for governor, the governor’s actions countless more of our friend’s family and neighbors would have been lost to COVID. Now as they’re in a related story to that in August, the Justice Department asked for murder turnover data on coronavirus deaths.

Leahy: And did she?

Carmichael: That occurred in nursing homes as a state order that required facilities required them to readmit patients with COVID. So there’s a disconnect in Nessel’s brain by saying that her policies have helped save people when in fact her policies helped kill people.

Leahy: Well, it’s there’s not a disconnect in her brain it’s she’s actually behaving like most Democrats these days.

Carmichael: That’s unfortunate by misrepresenting the truth. And I apologize for my mistake. You were exactly right. (Leahy laughs) Now in Illinois you have Governor Pritsker the Scion if that’s the right word.

Leahy: Scion. Alright, the hotel magnate.

Carmichael: The hotel magnate.

Leahy: He didn’t build it here inherited it.

Carmichael: Yeah, and so then he bought the governor’s mansion. And by the way, when the media likes to refer to Trump as clinically obese, which is probably incorrect.

Leahy: He’s overweight.

Carmichael: He’s overweight but he’s not clinically out of he’s clinically obese. However, Governor Pritzker certainly is.

Leahy: At least to a non-doctor. If he’s not clearly overweight and obese then I’m going to have to return our medical license.

Carmichael: The only thing that saves Illinois from utter collapse is the institutional constraint against raising taxes on those who are successful in their incomes. But Democrats this November are pushing to change that. And right now there’s a flat tax in Illinois of 4.95 percent.

Leahy: Their state income tax.

Carmichael: State income tax in Illinois. He wants to raise it to eight percent. And by the way, that’s just for openers. After that, the state of Illinois is in such terrible fiscal health the choice that they have to make is cutting spending which hurts their constituency which is government employees and government retirees. That’s who they’d have to actually hurt or they’re going to hurt the hard-working people of Illinois who then will have a choice of staying or moving. And many of them will move.

Leahy: Just let me just interject we can talk more about this later. But there’s a phenomenon going on in Tennessee. People from Illinois are fleeing Illinois sure and coming to Tennessee as our people from the state of California. The state of Oregon and the state of Washington.

Carmichael: Washington?

Leahy: Yeah.

Carmichael: Yeah, that’s interesting because Washington has no income tax.

Leahy: They’re getting out of Washington and coming into Nashville. I talked to several people who handle these things.

Carmichael: In a related story and related to all the things we’re talking about here, the Cato Institute reports on its latest effort to grade governor’s based on just one thing. Their fiscal handling of money. It’s just that one category. How are they handling money? The four governors who are awarded in A are all Republicans.

Leahy: That’s a shock to me.

Carmichael: Chris Sununu of New Hampshire. Kim Reynolds of Iowa. Pete Ricketts of Nebraska. And Mark Gordon of Wyoming.

Leahy: Okay.

Carmichael: I really am actually a little surprised that our governor is not in there because I know our state is very well managed because we built up a huge rainy day fund for something like this. The seven governors who are awarded an F are all Democrats.

Leahy: I am shocked. I’m shocked by that Crom.

Carmichael: But you know for our listeners if you care about institutional constraints and you care about the things that that automatically, I don’t know how somebody quite frankly I really struggle with how somebody remains a Democrat in Nashville today. With looking at the way our city trying to be operated. Governor Ralph Northam.

Leahy: Mr. Blackface

Carmichael: Andrew Cuomo of New York. Gretchen Whitmer. Phil Murphy of New Jersey.

Leahy: Oh, he’s a real dictator.

Carmichael: J.B. Pritzker of Illinois. Kate Brown of Burnham up, Oregon (Leahy laughs) and Jay Inslee and just knock it down, Washington.

Leahy: I like those nicknames Crom. You just made him up on the Fly

Carmichael: It’s very unfortunate that they apply it, isn’t it?

Leahy: Burn ’em down Brown of Oregon.

Carmichael: But anyway, so what you have is the pattern. So I am interested Michael, why do people why do people with all of these facts in front of them because what we’ve said all along is there three levels. There are three levels here. Knowledge, which is the facts. Understanding which means what they mean. And wisdom as is in what to do about it. Why do intelligent people remain Democrats?

Leahy: Well because they lack common sense and they’ve been subjected to decades of propaganda through K-12 public education and through public colleges. That’s why. it’s very simple. and they’re not open-minded. It’s the closing of the American mind. Closing it shut like a steel trap and not allowing any evidence to the contrary of their secular Democrat quasi-Marxist religiosity to get in. Do you like that?

Carmichael: Well, I could accept that for somebody who’s young. But after they’re in their 50s? No.

Listen to the full second hour here:

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