Rally Against Nashville Mayor John Cooper Scheduled for Monday


Organizers have scheduled a rally against Nashville Mayor John Cooper between 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 12, at Nashville’s Public Square, located at 1 Public Square.

This, according to a Facebook group called “Stop Mayor Cooper.”

The group says the event will include music and art, a food truck, and opportunities for people to sign a petition against Cooper.

“Please email Governor Lee and let your voice be heard about Mayor Cooper. He and his administration’s misrepresentation and misreporting of  Covid statistics are politically motivated and may have violated state and federal laws,” the group posted; adding:

Cooper owns a real estate business and he is purposely crushing our economy so property and business values plummet. The allows his business partners to buy everything with pennies on the dollar. He must be stopped.

Two people are listed at the administrators of the Stop Mayor Cooper group, which to date has over 1500 members. One of them, Frank E Platt, describes himself as a self-employed Nashville resident. The other admin, Brooke Siebel, lives in Brentwood.

As The Tennessee Star reported Tuesday, members of the group Nashville Citizens for Fair & Transparent Government, said on the website RestoreNashville.org, that they advised Cooper “to cut below costs before taxing Nashville citizens, and he did not.”

As reported, Nashville Citizens for Fair & Transparent Government fought Cooper’s 32 percent property tax increase in May.

Cooper, the website said, demonstrated poor fiscal stewardship, showed indifference to children and young families, and destroyed businesses and jobs.

Among only some of the things Nashville Citizens for Fair & Transparent Government said of Cooper:

• “He promised to address Nashville’s long financial problems. Yet as mayor, when it was time to create a budget, he made no cuts to the budget and plans to spend the unexpected sales tax revenue.”

• “He then passed an exorbitant 34 percent (37 percent) property tax increase. Renters now pay an additional $150/month ($1,800/yr) and homeowners pay an additional $750/yr on a $300k home.”

• “He is now threatening to sue the Election Commission if they put the Tax Payer Protection Act on the ballot as 30,000 voters demanded. Having no choice, the EC has now sued Nashville citizens.”

As for school closures, the website, quoting unidentified pediatricians, say schools should open.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “John Cooper” by John Cooper.





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7 Thoughts to “Rally Against Nashville Mayor John Cooper Scheduled for Monday”

  1. LM

    The COVID scamdemic madness has to be stopped . Yes , it IS politicized – SO WHAT?! Since when were medicine and healthcare not politicized in the U.S. – where healthcare is a commodity – not a socialized right?? Go ahead – make healthcare free and a right for everybody – see how fast you get your cancer treatment – see how quick you get to sue the Dr. , nurse , or hospital for malpractice ! Stop the ineffective mask wearing stupidity – stop the useless , destructive lockdowns ! Enough is enough ! Trump 2020!

  2. Megan Barry

    Not my mayor!

  3. Julie

    Please make sure to get the word out about this rally including posting to Facebook. People are going to have to make an effort to push back since Cooper doesn’t feel he should be accountable to the voters. We are also seeing more of an authoritarian drift with the Democrat party so I would expect this to get worse particularly if Biden wins in November (although I don’t think he will).

  4. Beatrice Shaw

    I guess we will see how many unemployed freeloaders oppose Mayor Cooper at the rally during work hours. Cooper has done a very good job….especially when compared to Trump. BYE DON 2020

    1. Overtaxed Nashvillian

      Defund Cooper!

    2. Bud Bowen

      Guess you don’t have a 401K? This president has made me money and I feel safe. Gawd knows what will happen if he does not get re-elected. Go back and check your tax returns-you made more money with Republicans. Question yourself has anyone ever gotten a job from a person on welfare?

    3. Wes

      34% property tax…lying about virus infection numbers…promoting BLM terrorists…harrassing Business owners. Ooh yeah Chicken coop is doing a wonderful job for Nashville..
      More like a dumpster fire just like the last democrat mayor.