Former Trump Deputy National Security K. T. McFarland Details Her Experience with the Swamp and Trump’s Decision to Deny a Virtual Debate


Live from Virginia Thursday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream – host Fredericks welcomed former Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland to the show to talk about her fight with the swamp and Trump’s decision to not participate in a virtual debate.

Fredericks: Joining us now is K.T. McFarland and she has been a political commentator. She also served as Deputy National Security Advisor under Michael Flynn for the first four months of the Trump administration. She didn’t get along with H.R. McMaster of disguise. And she’s been doing a lot of different things. And she’s very very well dialed in. And she’s with us now. K.T. McFarland great to have you with us.

McFarland: It’s a pleasure. Do I call you Godzilla?

Fredericks: Well yes you can call me the Godzilla of truth because that’s what we do here. We’re trucking it all the time. (Chuckles) That’s why I was excited to have you on K.T. I tell you what you’ve been through the wringer on some stuff. You know what? I mean the fake news basically the way they’ve portrayed you I mean what is up with that? You’re such a nice person. You got so much knowledge. You’ve been successful everywhere you go. The fake news basically has just raked you over the coals. What is up with that?

McFarland: Well it wasn’t really about me it was about President Trump. And it was about the same with Michael Flynn. it wasn’t really about Michael Flynn. It was about President Trump. And they were trying to find a way that they could get to President Trump. And we now know that it’s absolutely fraught the entire Russia investigation. The entire FBI and CIA Department of Justice. The west wing of the White House. It was all fraud.

It was made up by the Hillary Clinton campaign to divert attention from her own problems. So they created this myth, this fantasy, and then they made all the pieces fit together so that the government could pursue it. I mean it’s the biggest scandal in American political history because it is one political party working with the deep state to try to take out a president. A duly elected president of the American people. So to me, this isn’t Republican or Democrat.

This is who’s really in charge of America. Is it the ruling class in Washington D.C.? The self-appointed unelected unelectable unaccountable people and accountable only to themselves? Or is it the rest of the country? And I was a big fish, a big pelt that they tried to tap to the wall. And I wouldn’t do it. I mean they basically threatened me. They didn’t say it in these words because they’re way too smart.

But the implication was if I gave them President Trump and if I said that President Trump did things which he did not do they might go easier on me. And in the end, I was really tempted because it was tough. You know when I’m now getting like the 10th subpoena and I have you know hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees and they’re accusing me of stuff that I didn’t commit.

And I was really tempted but my wonderful husband and my great lawyer both said look you can’t lie. You’ve just got to tell the truth no matter where it leads for you. So yeah they destroyed my career. But they didn’t get President Trump because he had done nothing wrong. In fact, he had done everything right. And to me, it’s just a perfect example of how Donald Trump was elected to drain the swamp. And who are these guys? They are the swamp.

Fredericks: So they fought back. So what happens to K.T. McFarland? You were in a position where you were able to have legal representation and a position in life where you could afford that. What happens to people that don’t have those resources that go through what they put you through? And they have to plea out?

McFarland: They had to plea out. This is the dirty little secret that nobody talks about which is that the FBI and the Department of Justice realize that if they have somebody in their sights for their political purposes they realize that even if they can’t catch you on a crime they can bankrupt you. And that they know that’s just as powerful because people lose their homes. They have to give up their kid’s college education funds. You pay for that out of your own personal pocket. And it could be half a million or millions of dollars to defend yourself.

Fredericks: I mean it’s just unbelievable. Now Gina Haspel. This is bothersome to a lot of people. And I like Gina Haspel and the Trump appointee obviously. But she says well I’m not going to release these documents. I’m uncomfortable releasing these because it could soil the reputation of the agency. What about soiling the reputation of innocent people? What about being accountable to the people that pay or like us the taxpayer? What about this is our government not theirs? When you look at what John Ratcliffe has done over at DNI some of these documents coming out K.T., are we ever going to see anything?

McFarland: I talked to the president yesterday and we talk frequently and he said look I’m just going to release it all because every agency whether it’s the CIA or the FBI or the Department of jJustice they all say, oh you can’t release that document that’s going to endanger national security. Well, that’s the excuse they use to cover up their own incompetence or malfeasance.

And so the president said I’m just going to let it all out. And I think he’s right. Unless it’s got some nuclear code then I think the American people need to know because 86 percent of the population has no confidence in these departments. That’s got to be fixed. And the good people who work there, their reputations have been dragged through the mud. So I think it’s time for a big purge. And I think the way you do it is let it all out. I mean you know what’s the best disinfectant sunlight.

Fredericks: So when you talk to the president yesterday were you confident that he was going to move in that direction K.T.?

McFarland: Yeah and I think he feels great. He sounds very robust and energetic and committed. He was just on Maria Bartiromo’s show a little while ago. He’s mad that the departments are dragging their feet and they’re slow-walking this. But the other thing I got from him is he’s not done fighting. He’s just only begun to fight. So I was really energized when I talked to him.

And he pointed something out when we talked. He said you know look my followers are really really energized they’re all going to vote. The other guy not so much. So I think that that’s another really telling indication that no matter what the media is saying Trump’s got a huge amount of support and a lot of silence support of people who don’t want to say it because they don’t want to be called names. But they’re going to go to the polls and vote for Donald Trump.

Fredericks:  John Frederick’s radio network we are with K.T. McFarland. She was the president’s first Deputy National Security Adviser. She also helped the president turn his campaign promises into an America first foreign policy which you’re seeing now. Prior to that, she was a Fox News national security analyst. Now she’s also an author. She wrote the book, Revolution Trump Washington and “We the People.” And you want to be able to pick that up.

So K.T., let’s get to politics and the debate. The commission changing it to virtual because of Trump’s testing positive for COVID although he’ll be outside the window in a week and likely to test negative. So they want to do it virtually. And the president is saying I’m not going to participate in that. That’s not a real debate. Biden will get earphones, earplugs, headphones, and teleprompters. They’ll be passing him stuff. I’m not doing that. Right move? Wrong move K.T.?

McFarland: Right move absolutely. Look if President Trump is testing negative which he presumably will then why not have the debate? They can be five feet apart. Ten feet apart. Thirty feet apart. But you’ve got to be in the same place. I’ve known every president since Nixon and known some of them extremely well. And the thing you got to know about a president is that he’s gotta have strength.

He’s gotta have guts. He’s gotta have that stick to it ness. Is he going to be tough enough in this case, the violence in the cities? The recession. The pandemic. And standing up to China and standing up to Russia. You need a strong tough leader. And to me I don’t really care what Trump says, I don’t really like a lot of it. But he gets the job done. I want to see Joe Biden stand up to him. Joe Biden is an amiable and nice man but he’s a weak man. And I think the American people need to see that.

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