Steve Bannon: This Is a Different Time and a Different Campaign, We Don’t Need Rallies Right Now

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Live from Virginia Tuesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed former White House strategist for President Trump Steve Bannon to the show to continue advocating for President Trump to maximize his surrogates and get them to spread out to get voters and derail the mainstream media’s super spreader rally narrative.

Fredericks: Joining me now Stephen K. Bannon former White House strategist for President Trump. Also chairman of the Trump campaign 2016 who engineered the victory. Steve great to have you.

Bannon: Thanks for having me on John.

Fredericks: Okay. Mobilization, mobilization, mobilization, and now stop the great blue steel. By the way, we’re trying to get you Steve I just talked to your team and I’m trying to get you to do an event for us on the great blue steel as you did Saturday in Orange. Saturday on October 24th in Chesapeake. I think we’re going to get that worked out and I’m going to encourage everybody when I get this up on Facebook and set you got to check this out. Because steve I thought you’re 45 minutes in Orange for the Young Republican Federation Saturday night and the way you outlined exactly what the democrats are going to do was absolutely stellar and we need to get this message out Steve.

Bannon: Well I’m lucky 24 seven working out with the team and I’d love to. I thought that the event in Orange was fantastic. They’re the right group of people the right size given the pandemic. And we live-streamed it. The Epoch Times showed up the great paper showed up and live-streamed it into Hong Kong Sunday morning. And it got millions of views and then went into mainland China. I think they actually subtitled it and it got tens of millions of views. So people are hungry for this content, and I thought it was a  spectacular event and I will do anything you need Virginia. Look, Virginia’s not on the shortlist, but you know Virginia could definitely be turned. It’s all about just putting elbow grease in it.

Fredericks: So look we’re getting the resources we need. I told them we don’t need TV ads, a waste of time. I’ve challenged my audience for a month, namely anybody in your sphere of influence, that you know work with talk to go to the water cooler with a baseball game that has not made their mind up. Everybody’s made their mind up here in Virginia. You’re going to vote.

It’s either orange man bad or you’re going to vote for Trump. So now we got to get our people out. It’s all about mobilization I just got two million dollars of new lit. We got that I just got 250,000 signs. That’s what we need. We need mobilization. Last time in the campaign I followed the Investors Business Daily tip poll which I thought was the only one that was giving us an accurate gauge of voters. They did their first when it came out Monday shows buying up by 12. Not a good sign. What is going on here?

Bannon: Well I think nationally if you take national and you load in California, Illinois, New York maybe New Jersey in there you’re going to get these national polls. You know I’ve never paid attention in national polls except very early on in primaries. It gives you an indication of name recognition. I think you gotta look at the state by state polls. You gotta do the analysis of the early voting and just focus on what you can control.

And that’s voter turnout right now. Look I disagree, and you know I got great respect for the guys in the campaign. I think Stepien, Jason Miller, Greg Mann, and Steve Cortes and the rest of the team over there is fantastic. And I realize the president has he has very strong opinions about this, but I’m not a fan of the rally yesterday. And I’m not a fan of putting TV ads up. I think TV ads are coming I’m just not buying that low propensity voter.

Low propensity voters mid propensity voters aren’t swayed right now by TV ads, particularly where you’re gonna get outspent five and six to one anyway. So I would like to know what my opinion is and I’d rather have that crowd at Sanford which was amazing and a huge turnout. I’d rather have those guys working phone banks and going door to door or spread them out throughout the rest of Florida.

And people said well they can do that and oh yeah it’s motivational. But you lost a day and right now we don’t have days or weeks or months. You’re within what three weeks now, and it’s time to get on with it. And it’s all about mobilization. It’s all about turnout. It’s all about getting low propensity voters and it’s all about getting low propensity voters to get out and vote. And it to me ought to be a maniacal focus on that and leveraging the president.

I think they got 450 hours until voting or to the end of election day. And I think that every second of his time ought to be completely tied to some sort of digital outreach and leveraging the great surrogates he’s got. In Virginia, John Fredericks is fantastic. You got Corey Lewandowski. Lara Trump. You got Ivanka Trump. You got Don Junior and Kimberly Guilfoyle. You’ve got Rudy Giuliani. I can go on and I can give you 15 fabulous surrogates that I would just put throughout the country in many rallies being the president individually and put a news hook.

Force the mainstream media to cover this. Because yesterday they’re covering the rally as a super spreader event. I mean just go back and look at the MSNBC coverage in the morning and the CNN coverage. It’s a super spreader event, and it’s to do one thing. It’s to try to get the over 60 voters and the over 65-year-old vote to suppress that enthusiasm for President Trump. We should not play into that right now. The rallies were fantastic in ’16 and they were central to the strategy.

This is a different time and a different campaign. And I’m just a huge advocate of we don’t need rallies right now. What we need are touchpoints. And you know this is all about getting people out. Literally, this is a non-glamorous process you have to do right now. And I saw the rally, and yes thought it was great. I thought his ad-libs were better than the speech. And I know he likes it and gets pumped up about it and that’s great.

But I think we gotta get, I think it’s the time to get practical. And I think some of the things, to be honest, have not been practical here. The stimulus thing was a screw up by his team back in July right we should have had the stimulus. And that should have been done and put to bed and we should never allow Biden to get off the hook of not getting on a national stage with him. Although I agree digitally not as good as in-person and particularly for a town hall however, but digitally as you know speaking because I do it all the time, speaking into a camera for these Zoom or Skype things.

You know you’ve got thousands of people on the other side is far tougher for a speaker than sitting in an audience where you see the audience reaction because he drafted off the audience chemistry. And I thought Joe Biden, he fades away very quickly after the third sentence, and the fourth sentence is not related to anything. And I thought that would be helpful, but look these are kind of it is what it is. You got a great campaign. I know stepping in these guys are very smart. You got Justin Clark, and you got just some great people over there. So you know I know they’ve got their shoulder to the wheel.

And look, let’s be honest. The polling is tough, but this is doable. It’s very doable. And particularly it’s very doable to put up a big win on the night of the election because it’s still what the mainstream media does not want to talk about. They want to talk about poll watching, you know how Trump’s trying to suppress folks and all this stuff. What they’re not talking about is that their mainstream media. The Chris Cuomos and the Anderson Coopers the Rachel Maddows and how they have traumatized their base with mass hysteria. So people mail in votes. These are going to have to be certified and this is going to be an election administration nightmare and we’re going to have to see how that plays out.

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