Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District Candidate Bob Good Says Nothing Will Unite You Like the Threat of Marxism


Live from Virginia Tuesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Virginia’s fifth district congressional candidate Bob Good to the show to talk about his campaign for Congress and the radical agenda of his opponent Cameron Webb.

Fredericks: Joining us now running for Congress is a fifth district Republican. This is the seat that Denver Riggleman held. He defeated Denver in a convention and he is the nominee Bob Good. Bob, welcome to the show.

Good: Hey John, great to be with you. And thanks for having me. If anything shows how important this election is it’s you and I being together on the radio this morning.

Fredericks: Well listen, Bob, we’ve had our differences and I want to start by addressing that upfront. We were very nasty. We being myself, my company, my political action committee Make Virginia Great Again. We were downright hostile to you during the campaign. We were mean, nasty, and not my best foot forward. A lot of the things that we said in the heat of the campaign I wish I could take back. But we were for Denver.

And you know a lot of the things that we did. We raised money in our PACs specifically to beat you. And so we didn’t have a lot on you opposition wise. I think you had a parking ticket when you were 19 or something. It was just not a lot there Bob. (Good chuckles) We have nothing to go on. Look I was nasty and I’m sorry for that Bob. No excuses for it. I’d ask now that we’d be able to turn the page because you’re the nominee. We have to get you elected to Congress.

You won the convention. And you won it handily. It wasn’t even close. I mean you got 58 percent. You beat an incumbent who outspent you five to one and got 58 percent. So, you’re the clear winner and we need you in Congress. President Trump needs you in Congress. And we need you to win the fifth district. So I hope you’ll accept my apology for that if we can move on together.

Good: John, thanks for your graciousness. I appreciate it what you had to say when we were together on Saturday at the pig roast there in Greene County and I appreciate it. You did a great job of expressing how we got to move forward together. And as you kind of said and as others have noted nothing will unite you like the threat of Marxism. And that’s really what we’re facing in my race. As well as the race nationally. And as you alluded to yeah I was disappointed in some of the what I felt were very dishonest attacks in the past during the campaign.

And I appreciate what you’ve said on that. But i will tell you, you and the folks who were on the other side if you will during the nomination process, you certainly got me battle-tested and ready for the general election. And I appreciate it. I appreciate the big picture that you have about that we’ve got to move forward together. We’ve got to defeat this threat that’s on the horizon. And you and I both know as many have said it’s the most important election of our lifetime. And so much is at stake. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

Fredericks: Well Bob I will certainly take credit for preparing you for battle in the fall. (Laughter) No question about that. I single-handedly did that. So when you win you probably remember me and said you know Frederick’s as much as I was mad at him because he couldn’t find anything except for a parking ticket on me at least he did prepare me for battle.

So you got that. But here’s the deal. Anybody that’s listening to me now in the fifth district honestly, if you voted for Denver and you’re upset I get it. I was also. But it’s over. The day Bob won you gotta turn the page. And here’s my message to anybody that voted for Denver and is thinking about I’m gonna skip the congressional race or I’m gonna sit this out or this or that. Look, Bob won. Get over it. Okay?

He’s the nominee. And we have now a binary choice. We have Bob Good or we have Cameron Webb who is going to come on my show and do exactly what Abigail Spanberger did. And exactly what Elaine Warrior did. And say I’m going to vote my conscience and I’m going to vote with the district I’m going to represent the people. I’m going to be different. I’m going to stand up. And then they’re going to get there and they’re going to vote with AOC and Pelosi and do exactly what they say just like Spanberger did. Bob am i right?

Good: No question about it. If my opponent were to win after voting the first vote he would cast would be for Pelosi or maybe even somebody more extreme than the Speaker like AOC. Then the second thing he would vote for if the Dems controlled the House and President Trump wins as I believe he will he would vote to impeach the president because the Dems are already threatening to do that again. They’ve already threatened to undo the election if President Trump wins.

And you’re right John, this is truly an election is on a referendum if you will. Is America good or is America bad? Do we want to preserve the things that make this the greatest nation in the world and continue to build on those? Continue to move forward to what the president has done? Or do we want to tear down the country and destroy it and remake it in a Marxist-socialist image? That is truly what is on the ballot.

Fredericks: Well bob tell me about your campaign and your financial resources. Are you going to be competitive? How does it stand now in the fifth district?

Good: We’ve raised about a million dollars on our own if you will since we became the nominee a little over three months ago. We’re also getting some help from the party. We’re getting some help from some outside entities. And so we’re going to have a couple of million bucks to spend on this race to make sure we win it. We’re on TV with a number of ads. My opponent got a head start as you know. The Dems just have the money rolling in.

And originally you know the convention was supposed to be April 25th which would have given us time. That was by design and it was as early as possible that the district committee had decided. So we’ve had a 60-day advantage almost over the democrat nominee whoever moved forward from the convention. We lost that advantage with the delay of the convention until June 13. So we got out of the gate behind financially as a nominee and the Dems, the money just rolls in. Just like it did after Ginsburg passed away. You know the Dems raised hundreds of millions of dollars immediately to fight the Supreme Court nomination battle. Republicans didn’t respond that way. But we’re going to have a minimum of a couple of million bucks to spend on the race.

We’re on TV with several ads right now. And we are going to be successful in exposing the differences between me and my opponent. And because his positions are totally out of step with majority voters in the fifth district he’s going to be rejected on November third. They’re going to vote for us because they know that I’m going to continue the policies of the president to support him and apply conservative economic principles. Conservative principles on improving healthcare. Conservative principles on safely reopening the economy. Supporting law enforcement instead of defunding the police which my opponent has advocated for. So we expect to prevail. And we’ll have the resources to do it.

Fredericks:  The Democratic nominee Dr. Cameron Webb is saying that he’s going to be Independent and he’s going to vote with the district and not with Pelosi. But you’re indicating that Dr. Webb doesn’t have great credentials. Says he’s not going to be a Pelosi sycophant. Why do you think that’s not

Good: Well if you look at the positions that he had to advocate for and had to you know to express in order to become the nominee he dominated the Democrat primary with some 66 percent of the vote in a four-person field because he was the most radical, most leftist and most socialist of the group. We know who votes who the base vote is in a Democrat primary.

There’s a reason why pre-nomination that he was the only one endorsed by the Squad, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren. As we both know Kamala was rated the most liberal progressive senator in the Senate which is hard to do with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. But my opponent is against the border wall. He’s for single-payer healthcare. He’s for free college for everybody. He’s for the Green New Deal. He’s for returning to the Paris Climate Accord.

He’s for repealing the Trump tax cuts. He’s for reversing the de-regulation that the president has implemented. He’s for defunding the police. He’s advocated for and in past in Charlottesville eliminating school resource officers. He’s marched with the radical BLM organization. He’s knelt with them. He’s reposted their social media slogan of ‘no justice no peace.’ He is a radical leftist like the whole Democrat Party. You can’t get nominated today without adhering to that agenda…

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