Crom Carmichael and Caller Faith Get the Conversation Started About Voter Fraud and Mail-In Voting


Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio and took a call from Faith to start the conversation about mail-in voting and voter fraud.

Leahy: We are joined now by Faith who has patiently waited and wants to weigh in on people over the age of 65 that this time around many polls are saying that that group that demographic is favoring Joe Biden by some amount over Donald Trump. Hey there Faith you are on The Tennessee Star Report. Good morning.

Caller Faith: Good morning guys. How are you doing this morning? You know, I heard a story or read a story last week. I’m trying to remember the source. It might have been Gateway Pundit, but they were talking about how the Democrats had gone into the nursing homes to register voters and that they were pulling the same tricks they are using dead voters to register them as Democrats. And that a lot of the elderly were not capable and they were gently leading them along the way to fill out their registration and that they would be going in during the voting to carry them to the polls if necessary to help them cast their vote etcetera, etcetera.

Leahy: Well Faith. Thank you for your call.

Faith: Is it ever going to stop?

Carmichael: That’s a great voice by the way. Wonderful voice.

Leahy: A great radio voice.

Carmichael: You grant a great radio voice keep talking about just about anything. She makes a very good point that the Democrats are trying to abusing the system. But she makes a very good point. The Democrats are trying to I called abusing the system. I also think the polls since I think polls are generally considerably off in this cycle.

I think a lot of that is the polling is really just bad polling and the news media trying to tilt and to convince senior citizens who are not in nursing homes. Now what she’s saying is exactly true they are going into nursing homes and they’re trying to take advantage of that situation. But here’s something else that’s kind of interesting.

That’s a little bit along the lines of what Faith was talking about. But in Georgia, they now do early voting. I mean, they just started early voting. And the lines are incredibly long and the Democrats have said long lines in early voting is proof that Republicans are engaged in voter suppression.

Leahy: Okay, so that seems to be a bizarro world exact opposite.

Carmichael: Yes, somebody needs to mansplain that to me. (Laughter) I love that word.

Leahy: Mansplaining.

Carmichael: I find ya between now and the election will be will ask for people to mansplain. How can that possibly be? How can lines for early voting possibly be voter suppression?

Leahy: I think Faith is still on the line. Okay, Faith and Faith Can you mansplain to us what this means in Georgia (Faith laughs) where people waiting to vote being an example of voter suppression?

Faith: Look I have reached the point where I believe the Democrats are just so nuts now. I mean they have not been able to succeed for so long in their efforts to bring down the duly elected president. And I think they’re deluding themselves into thinking Biden has a chance in hell, excuse my French, forever being elected. And if they think those voters are out there well bless their little hearts. (Laughter)

Carmichael: The bless your heart line. Good Faith.

Leahy: She got two things. A twofer. You got mansplaining and you got bless their heart. Faith you are the caller of the day on The Tennessee Star Report. Thanks for your call Faith. And please call back. Crom, you know, our listeners are really sharp.

Carmichael: Yes. I like to talk about what’s going on in other races because some of it is just so fascinating. In Texas, you have the state Senator says the Texas Democrats have a problem with African-Americans. Now here’s what happened in Texas. You had a Black state Senator who wanted to run for the U.S. Senate. And you had a White person who wanted to run. Chuck Schumer backed the White person.

Leahy: Hold it. This is a pattern

Carmichael: Oh, yes.

Leahy: He did the same thing in North Carolina with Cal, what’s her nickname. He’s got some mansplaining to do.

Carmichael: Yeah, he’s got some mansplaining to do. (Laughter) He’s yeah, he sure does. Yes, and so the primary challenger whose name is Royce West refuses to back the White Democrat nominee claiming that the White Democrat nominee is a racist. Now, Chuck Schumer, you could certainly make that claim because in choice after choice where he has a choice to pick to support a qualified Black person in the primary instead chooses a White person because he thinks that the White person, by the way, this is racism.

He thinks the White person in that particular state, here’s this here’s his New York guy who has opinions about North Carolina voters in Texas voters that he is then imposing his will which by the way gets right back to the Supreme Court thing in a kind of an overarching way. So so in Texas, I think that this is going to bode well but bode poorly for the Democrat nominee.

Also in Texas, you have a Democrat running for the running for Congress for a House seat who has been unearthed that he signed a letter defending Bill Ayers back when it was well known that Bill Ayers was a terrorist. And so he actually defended he defended it and in this day and time, this is not a great thing for this guy. He defended blowing up buildings for a cause. And then lastly we have Joe Collins. Have you heard about Joe Collins?

Leahy: Who is Joe Collins?

Carmichael: Joe Collins is running against Maxine Waters. Joe is Black. He’s a military veteran and he has got a video a YouTube video with three million views.

Leahy: And what’s in that video?

Carmichael: It shows Maxine Waters, six $6 million mansion where she lives that is not in the district.

Leahy: She doesn’t live in delivering the district.

Carmichael: She lives miles away. Really four miles away from the district which is in deplorable terrible shape.

Leahy: And she lives in a $6 million house.

Carmichael: She lives in a $6 million house.

Leahy: What has he done throughout her life?

Carmichael: All she did is done great things for her. She has done nothing but politician she has done her husband’s in often some kind of thinking bank situation. But she’s made tens of millions of dollars she and her family at the expense or I shouldn’t say at the necessarily that expands but she has completely neglected the constituents that send her to the House. And so and so I am hoping that Joe Collins pulls a surprise upset.

But let me just say this. This is the beginning of what you’re going to see with a Trump second administration. You’re going to see Black and the number of Black and Hispanic people who run as Republicans skyrocket because Trump actually does care about the well-being of every American regardless of color and regardless of sex. He wants the economy to do well and he cares. Maxine Waters is a perfect example. A perfect example of a Democrat, by the way, so is Elijah Cummings from Baltimore.

Leahy: The late Elijah Cummings.

Carmichael: Yes. And he was he didn’t he did great for himself and for his family. and his district in Baltimore was just as bad as South LA.

Leahy: Now, I will point out Crom that according to the Constitution you can live outside of your congressional district as long as you are a resident of that state, so there’s nothing illegal there.

Carmichael: I’m not claiming it’s illegal.

Leahy: It’s bad politics.

Carmichael: I’m simply saying that she lives in a $6 million home in a wonderful neighborhood and that is not in her district at her district is doing terrible.

Leahy: Well, why should she live in her district, even though she represents it right?

Carmichael: If she lived in her district she might care more about the people that she represents. She doesn’t have to care about the people she represents for her own personal well-being.

Leahy: But let me just pose this question to you, Crom. This Republican candidate challenging her, realistically what chances does he have of winning in that heavily Democratic district?

Carmichael: I have no idea. I have no idea. but he is a very personable guy. He lives in the district and you just don’t know in this day and time Michael, I don’t think the guy has much of a chance, but he might beat her next time. He might be her next time because he is he is a sharp young man. I’ve seen him interviewed and he says I live in my district and I will continue to live in my district. This is where I grew up and I care about the people here. Not the people in the fancy-schmancy neighborhood of Maxine Waters.

Leahy: On election night, November 3, 20 days from today after we see the presidential come and asked after we see who’s going to run the Senate we will look at the House races and we’ll see how this guy did.

Carmichael: Yeah now in California, the problem that he has is that Newsom has sent out 21 million mail-out ballots.

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