Crom Carmichael Discusses the Behavior of Democrats in the Senate and the Lies of Big Tech

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Live from Music Row Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael to the studio to discuss the behavior of Democrats in the Senate and the deceit of Twitter and Facebook.

Leahy: We have a great program for you today. And we are joined in studio by the original all-star panelist. My friend for now over 30 years Crom Carmichael. Good morning Crom.

Carmichael: Good morning Michael.

Leahy: Sacre bleu. Sacre bleu Crom. We are about to be invaded on Monday by a French news crew. They’ll be in the studio with us here. I’ve already warned Katie that the French are coming, the French are coming. It’s a French news crew. They’re doing a documentary about the American election. It’s going to air all over Europe on a channel called Arte. Arte. About two percent of French households watch it on a regular basis. I don’t like a Showtime kind of thing and they want to see how American conservatives are looking at the election.

Carmichael: Now I had I’ve been to France a couple of times and if my memory is correct, very few people in France speak English unless they just faked that they don’t speak English because nobody can give any directions anywhere. I mean, you know, it’s on.

Leahy: Mon ge.

Carmichael: So my question is are they going to do a voiceover? In other words, if they’re here filming us speaking English to each other and their audience can understand what we’re saying.

Leahy: There will be subtitles. Probably.

Carmichael: Maybe it would be kind of like watching a Biden speech. And at the end of it you go, what did he say?

Leahy: We don’t know. We’re trusting them. We don’t know what their subtitles will say. It may say the exact opposite of what we’re going to say. I’m looking forward to those be kind of fun. Now, you know, although you know having a television camera looking at you at 5:05 am in the morning, you know, this is not a pretty sight. But hey.

Carmichael: So they’re going to be here starting at 5:00. They’ll be filming for three hours.

Leahy: That’s what they say. They’re going to follow all the protocols. Well, then I’m going to comb my hair. Both of them.

Leahy: A little preview. 7:15 Jim Roberts that Nashville attorney is going tell us what happened in court yesterday when he asked the judge to force the Davidson County election committee to follow the law to schedule the referendum. I haven’t seen any news report so I suspect that whatever happened was either happening very late or was indeterminant.

Carmichael: I look forward to that.

Leahy: Well, we’ll know a little bit I’d be a bit like I look forward to that 18 days till the election Crom what’s on your mind this morning?

Carmichael: Well, I watched more of the hearings yesterday, and the hearings did not include Amy Coney-Barrett yesterday.

Leahy: Were these victim testimonies?

Carmichael: The first part of it and it was a long part of it. It was the Senators talking to each other. So in other words nobody else was there it was Senators talking to Senators and Dick Durbin opened his deal and said how did we get here? How did we get to this point? And that’s a fair question, by the way now he doesn’t care what the answer is because for him it was a rhetorical question. It wasn’t a question where he actually wanted anybody to give him an answer.

Leahy: They never want anybody to give an answer.

Carmichael: By the way watching especially the Democrats and this is why they’re very few Democrats in elected office who I think do a good job. They’re very few.

Leahy: Tulsi Gabbard probably?

Carmichael: Tulsi Gabbard and she’s leaving. And she bucks the Democrat Party. And if you bucked the Democrat Party, you’re not part of the Democrat Party. This became so apparent as I watched them question Amy Coney-Barrett, they’re not for women.

Leahy: No, they’re for liberal women.

Carmichael: Yeah, and that’s all there for, and in fact, they are even more hostile to a conservative woman than they are a conservative man.

Leahy: Well, that yeah.

Carmichael: And so that is sexist. they’re the same way with black people. They’re demeaning and so it shows. So this thing about this inherent racism and inherent sexism, it is it lives loudly within the Democrat Party because if you’re a woman and you don’t believe like a Democrat, well, then you’re not wholly human. You are not you’re not a full human being. how dare you. How dare you think the way that you think.

As Clarence Thomas said this was a high-tech lynching of an intelligent Black man, who deemed to think for himself. So when Dick Durbin asked that question, I wish that somebody on the Republican side had actually tried to answer it. I don’t know. I don’t know exactly how far back it goes but it may go back farther than Robert Bork, but it started with Bork and what they did there where Ted Kennedy stood up on the Senate floor in that little spot where you can say, whatever you want to. And by law, you cannot be charged with slander. Are you aware of that by the way?

Leahy: I wasn’t aware of that.

Carmichael: There’s one little spot in the Senate that you can stand up there behind a little thing and you can say whatever you want to. and if you’re standing in that spot.

Leahy: It’s the slander immunity spot. I didn’t know that.

Carmichael: Ted Kennedy stood there and slandered Robert Bork. And then they accused of being a drunk. Now for Ted Kennedy to accuse somebody of being a drunk, there’s a certain irony to that because Ted Kennedy is spilled more whiskey than the entire Senate drank. But that’s where it started with what they did to Robert Bork. Then they were successful at that. So then they decided well heck Clarence Thomas is a black guy will just charge him with sexual harassment because everybody will believe that.

Because they’ll believe that any Black person that that’s how black people act so that’s what they did and Joe Biden was chairman of the committee when they did that. And so this is a history. They have a history of doing this type of thing, and then it’s culminated most recently with Brett Kavanaugh. So if they want to know how we’ve reached the point where we have it’s because the two parties stand for so many different things. The Democrats truly want to tell people how they will live.

Leahy: Oh, yeah.

Carmichael: How they will live. They want to tell them what their health care will be and what their earnings will be. What their housing will be what foods they will eat or what vacations they can take if any. Who can take a vacation. That’s why they love the Communist Chinese Party because they want to emulate it. I don’t know if you happen to catch Megyn Kelly’s interview of Mark Cuban.

Leahy: It was a very good interview.

Carmichael: It was a takedown.

Leahy: It totally took him down.

Carmichael: He just came out of there like a wet pile of mud.

Leahy: Why she said aren’t you condemning the violations of human rights in China against Uyghurs where they are basically treating them as slave labor.

Carmichael: Not basically. They are.

Leahy: Then he refused to condemn China for that. I’m going to do business with China, he said. So this is where we are in America. Sell out to the Chinese Communists.

Carmichael: Well if the Democrats. let’s be clear about this. And what we’re learning now about the Biden’s from The New York. Post, has Twitter come back up by the way? Because it went down yesterday right after right after the senator stepped out of the Judiciary Committee and announced that they were subpoenaing Dorsey. And then Josh Hawley said we’re going to also I hope subpoena Mark Zuckerberg to come up here and testify under oath. Because under Section 230 they argue that they are platforms and not a publisher and therefore they can’t be held to the same standard.

Leahy: Well, if there’s a platform then they wouldn’t sensor.

Carmichael: They cannot censor if their platform, and Zuckerberg when he testified a few months ago said that they would not say they would not censor during the election.

Leahy: So except they did.

Carmichael: And the left went crazy. Yeah, the left went crazy when he said he wouldn’t do it. Well, that was just to say that two senators and now it turns out that what he did was he lied under oath? So the question is if you come before the Senate and your subpoenaed and you testify under oath and you and you say things that are false are not just arguably provably false. Is there a penalty for that? I don’t know the answer if there’s a penalty.

Leahy: In theory, there would be a criminal prosecution. But only if your name is Mike Flynn,

Carmichael: But in practice, if you’re not if there is no penalty, then you can come up under oath and say whatever you want to.

Leahy: Was he standing in that spot in the Senate where Ted Kennedy stood?

Carmichael: No he was not. And he’s not a senator. It was an interesting question and then the back and forth between the Senators was astounding. And Amy Klobuchar did here and a little there and a little deal where she’s following the tracks and following the tracks.

Leahy: Following the tracks?

Carmichael: They’re trying to claim that Amy Coney-Barrett is going to overturn the ACA.

Leahy: Yeah, she’s made it pretty clear that she doesn’t have any predetermined views. She’s also talked a lot about severability and how she would apply it.

Listen to the full second hour here:

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  1. William Delzell

    Diane Feinstein blew it yesterday when she not only hugged Republican Lindsey Graham right after the Amy hearings, but did so WITHOUT a mask. Shame on you, Feinstein, you D.I.N.O. (Democrat-In-Name-Only or RIABN–Republican-In-All-But-Name)!! The Progressives should have voted her out of office long ago.