Steve Cortes: ‘The Battle We’re Fighting Is Trump and the Deplorables vs. The Credentialed Crony Powerful Money Interests and Big Tech’


Live from Virginia Friday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Senior Strategic Advisor to the Trump-Pence 2020 campaign, Steve Cortes to the show.

During the show, Cortes weighed in on The New York Post story about Biden family emails and how no one in the mainstream media questioned them. He added that Twitter and Facebook’s censorship of the story and blocking of official accounts was blatant election interference.

Fredericks: Joining us now Steve Cortes who is the senior strategic advisor Trump-Pence 2020. Steve, great to have you

Cortes: Hey good morning thanks for having me.

Fredericks: Steve, I got to tell you. I did a piece on this Post story the other day. I’m absolutely flabbergasted that it’s in The New York Post and we’ve got emails that were sent to the FBI and the fake news media and Twitter and Facebook refused to carry it. In fact, if you dare put a link to the story in The New York Post. A 150-year-old paper and you get your Twitter account shut down. Steve, what the hell is going on here?

Cortes: Listen this is actually scary you know and I use that word cautiously. But it is. It’s scary that this can happen in America in 2020. But this is the reality. It’s the reality of the power of these Big Tech oligarchs and the monopolies that we’ve unfortunately allowed them to create. We have to do a lot about that I think in Trump’s second term.

But regardless for the near term and for the next couple of weeks into this, the reality is The New York Post put forth very strong evidence. And no one from the Biden camp by the way, not Joe not Hunter, and not the campaign. No one has doubted the veracity of these emails. It would be easy for them to do say okay so you know what these are fake or these are not authentic somehow. No one has said that. So we can only assume that they are legitimate emails.

And if they are and The New York Post has a sterling reputation. If they are then it is a damning story. It paints a grim picture of what the sitting Vice President of the United States was aware of in terms of his son’s shady overseas business dealings. And this is beyond John just your sort of regular standard grift. okay? This takes it to a whole new level because we’re literally talking about millions and millions of dollars flowing into hunter Biden’s bank account with the awareness of his father who is the sitting vice president again at the time not just from anywhere.

You know this wasn’t like a Canadian telecom company that was looking for some influence in Washington D.C. This is Moscow and Beijing. These are the two most dangerous adversaries of the United States. There are only two countries in the world that we know of that have ICBM’s in silos targeted at American cities. It’s Russia and China. And these were the two countries that were funneling massive sums of money to Hunter Biden to gain influence and access.

And again this is critical. Hunter wasn’t just some wayward son some dilettante off selling access around the world unbeknownst to his father. We now know conclusively that his father had full awareness. And in fact, may have been involved to some degree. We know that hunter Biden did arrange a meeting with a Ukrainian oligarch. One of the heads of Burisma to come and meet the then Vice President of the United States.

We know that because in the email he profusely thanks, Hunter Biden. You know all of us wondered why did Burisma want to pay Hunter Biden? Somebody with no experience at all in the energy industry? Why do they want to pay him 50 or perhaps some reports to even $80,000 a month for ‘consulting?’

Well, now we know why. Because they got direct access to his father the Vice President of the United States. And the fact John that ABC last night had Joe Biden live on a stage for 90 minutes and didn’t even mention this story, that is just complete journalistic malpractice. It’s a total dereliction of duty. It’s a failure to be even remotely a patriot. I mean you have to ask him this question. And yet George Stephanopoulos just pretended like oh the story never happened.

Fredericks: Yeah and the way the fake news media is portraying it calling it an unverified discredited story. Why don’t they do that with the story in The Atlantic about the president disparaging our dead soldiers in France? Those are unnamed sources. That was not verified. In fact, there were 25 people that were with him who all disputed that he never said that at any time. Why does The Atlantic story get all over the fake news day after day after day and the president is asked those questions? Yet this story which is totally verified because you have emails gets buried and censored.

Cortes: No listen it’s despicable. It really is. And again listen if these emails are fake well come forward and tell us that. It would be very easy to say you know what those aren’t my emails. Or this has been somehow doctored. No one has said that. And I think that the silence on that issue is pretty deafening right because it tells us that they are real. These are real emails.

Fredericks: That’s the other thing. Why did they simply come out and deny it? And why is the fake news asking for a blanket denial? In fact what they said is, to be honest here Steve was the opposite. Because the talking points they put out on the first day was said, well we checked back on the schedule and there was no meeting on his official meeting visit. Then it comes out that he’s got a bunch of meetings that aren’t on the schedule like everybody does.

Cortes: Of course.

Fredericks: Then it comes out that he did meet the guy. So then so they changed his story from he never met him to well it was only a cursory meeting. Which means it was a short meeting. So they went from he didn’t meet him at all to well it was only for a couple of minutes. So now we’re debating the time of the meeting. I mean are you kidding me? And nobody picks this up!

Cortes: They’re already backtracking on it. And by the way, as if the Vice President of the United States would put on his schedule meeting with Ukrainian oligarch at the behest of my crackhead son. like no, okay you don’t put that on your schedule if you’re gonna meet with him. Clearly. But here’s the other thing, so as bad as all that information is and it’s terrible regarding the Biden’s which I believe and I don’t think the exaggerations say this, they are a crime

In a sophisticated and sustained way, they have sold access all over the world and again particularly to the enemies of the United States. And they’ve been doing it for decades. But as bad as that is maybe even worse is the suppression of the story by these social media giants. By Twitter and Facebook specifically. I mean think about this. So you could as you mentioned you could not share the link.

I mean you literally could not copy and paste the link and share it on your social media platform. And that was true of everybody. Just regular Americans and all the way up to the Trump campaign. Now consider this also. The Trump campaign, our official Twitter accounts were suspended only for sharing this information from The New York Post. You know that is outright election interference.

When the President of the United States has his official campaign sites suspended by social media companies that is open election interference. By the way, though it was the White House itself too. Kayleigh McEnany, our press secretary had her account suspended. They are intervening in a way that is so brazen and so bold that they’re not even trying anymore to hide their tracks about how open their preference is for Joe Biden to be President of the United States.

And you know to the listeners out there they might say well why do they want Biden so badly? Giant corporate interests and all the powerful moneyed interests in this country, whether it’s a corporate media or Big Tech or hedge fund titans all of them want Joe Biden to win because they want to retreat to a place of economic globalism.

They want to retreat to a place of economic submission to China because it serves their interests. Even though it crushes American workers. they can’t stand our America first movement. So it’s Trump and the deplorable against all of these powerful interests. Now we are going to prevail okay because the vote of one of your listeners in Virginia matters just as much as Mike Bloomberg’s vote. Thank goodness. We are going to prevail but we have to realize the battle that we’re in and the battle we’re fighting. It really is trump and the deplorables versus the credentialed crony powerful money interests including Big Tech.

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