Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act Trial Date Set


The dispute concerning the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act will go to trial October 26 through October 28, per the orders of Davidson County Chancery Court Judge Ellen Hobbs Lyle.

This, according to Nashville attorney Jim Roberts. As reported, Roberts is fighting the Davidson County Election Commission to get the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act referendum on the December 5 ballot. He said Commission members are playing unfair games with him and the public.

“Things are about to get real exciting for lack of a better term,” Roberts told The Tennessee Star Saturday.

“You should be angry that the Metro Government is going to such incredible lengths to keep this off the ballot.”

As reported, The Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act referendum, if approved, would roll back Nashville Mayor John Cooper’s 34 to 37 percent tax increase.

As reported last month, members of the Davidson County Election Commission voted to neither approve nor reject the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act. They instead passed the matter on to a chancery court to guide them on how to proceed, and also moved the “conditional” date of the election from December 5 to December 15.

“We really do see this as a conspiracy to violate the civil rights of the voters of Davidson County,” Roberts said Saturday.

“It is a civil rights violation [concerning] people’s First Amendment right to vote and First Amendment right to speak out on what this petition is. It is being suppressed by this government for no reason other than they are just scared of it.”

Davidson County Election Commissioner Jeff Roberts, in an email to The Star, said he had no comment and that early voting for the November 3 election was monopolizing his time.

Roberts, meanwhile, said he plans to subpoena Metro Legal Director Bob Cooper in the case.

As reported, members of the Davidson County Election Commission met privately last month. At least one of the five commission members refused to say what they discussed, even though it was government business. Roberts, at the time said he suspected commission members met to discuss ways to undermine the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act.

“We will subpoena Bob Cooper because we believe the secret meetings that were held were done to thwart the citizens’ civil rights,” Roberts said Saturday.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Courthouse in Nashville” by Nicolas Henderson. CC2.0.








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3 Thoughts to “Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act Trial Date Set”

  1. Bubba N.

    I expect the judge to ignore law and rule in favor of the mayor. That is how tyranny works.

  2. Julie

    Expect more efforts to erode our freedoms while the Democrats implement their leftist policies including high taxes. This is partly due to a local media that is all too happy to cover the narratives provided with no push back or probing questions. Journalists do not hold Democrats accountable and are no longer real journalists.

  3. rick

    If the citizens are allowed a vote in Communist Nashville the “_ _it city” it will be amazing with Commie Cooper as the Mayor and his pocket full of commie minions. Goober Jim his commie brother I am sure is helping.. Look where Nashville is headed with his police chief focused on being a “Mask Nazis” and stopping Christian gatherings if they don’t have the correct permit from Commie Cooper while ignoring the increasing crime rate. Typical Nazis Democratic Mayor, taxes and crime go up, but your right to vote is denied by the ruling communist party! This judge will rule with the commie mayor to stay in the good graces of the ruling class. The citizens civil rights be damned!!