Dr. Christine Hoffman of Job Creators Network Discusses Healthcareforyou.com, Voting Safety, and the Irrational Fear of COVID


Live from Virginia Monday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Dr. Christine Hoffman to the show to discuss COVID safety and voting and what is driving the irrational fear.

Fredericks: Joining us now Dr. Christine Hoffman. Dr. Hoffman, great to have you with us.

Hoffman: Thank you, John. Thank you for having me this morning.

Fredericks: Dr. Hoffman part of our network of medical professionals at the Job Creators Network and what one of our key members also very involved in the Job Creators Network health plan healthcareforyou.com. Go to healthcareforyou.com. Dr. Hoffman, let’s get to the op-ed that you did the other day. One of the reasons that I wanted to have you on is talking about voting safely. Because I know a lot of people are concerned. 60 percent of Democrats say they’re not going to go and vote in person. They’re afraid. They’re voting by mail. If you do choose the early voting and vote in person you said there are some precautions that you could take. Can you elaborate on that?

Hoffman: Absolutely John. We recommend that people if they’re going to go vote in person that they do the same precautions they do when they’re going shopping or to a restaurant or in groups of people that you wear your mask and you safe distance by six feet apart.

Fredericks: And that’s it?

Hoffman: Basically that’s it. I know at our voting booths when I voted last week they had us put on a glove as well. But other places might not do that. But
the basic tenets of being safe are distancing six feet apart and wearing a mask it’s that simple.

Fredericks: It is simple. I mean when I early voted a couple of weeks ago I live in Virginia. When I leave early voted I early vote all the time because obviously, I don’t know where I’m going to be the nature of my work on election day. I could be traveling or depending on where I’m going to have my anchor desk. So I like to get it done. So the only difference is I stood six feet back from someone. And I had a mask. No different than when I go to the line in Walmart. Kroger. The gas station or McDonald’s. I mean there was no difference. (Hoffman chuckles) So why this fear about voting?

Hoffman: They’re just pushing fear-mongering to scare people away and it is absolutely safe. There’s a bioethicist Ezekiel Emanuel who served as a health advisor to the Obama administration and he said voting in person is as safe as going to the grocery store. Which we do on a weekly basis.

Fredericks: But the Democrats have scared everybody into mail-in ballots, and I’ve been saying this since May because with a with 60-70 million mail-in ballots they have an opportunity to engage in stealing elections. Fraud and everything else that you simply can’t do when you vote in person. So it’s part of their warped narrative.

One of the things that you said in your op-ed you said the new infection rate is slowed to its lowest level in part because of herd immunity. The MIT Technology Review acknowledges that it’s begun to act as a break in the spread of the disease. Yet when you say herd immunity the big tech companies will censor you if you are saying that’s false. There is no herd immunity. Also now they’re reporting that cases are going up again. And so that would appear to not be consistent with what you said in your op-ed. Can you expand on that for us?

Hoffman: Sure. At the time I was writing it the bigger states where it was more infectious start to go down. And there are some states that it’s going up as well. But more and more people are getting the disease and as more people get it then fewer people are going to come down with it because they’ve already been in contact with it. That’s the herd immunity.

Fredericks: So basically the herd immunity says if you get it once you’re not going to get it again. And of course, we know now 99.7 percent of people recover, and that percentage is even higher if you’re under 65. We’ve also learned that out of the 220,000 coronavirus deaths that only six percent of those or 12,000 are actually caused by coronavirus only. But yet that’s not reported in the news. All they keep telling you is about the bigger number. So where do we go from here?

Hoffman: We need to go to where we’re living our lives again because the majority of people like you said, if you’re under 65 they recover without any consequences but there is a disproportionate number of people over that age group that does have consequences and tends to have a worse outcome or even die from it. But they usually have an underlying condition and of course, as we get older we have more underlying conditions. But the rest of us, the kids need to get back in school and we need to get out and vote. We need to go on with our lives because it is safe for the majority of us.

Fredericks: Dr. Hoffman, what is driving the fear?

Hoffman: I think it’s false news that they’re not reporting. Right from the beginning, all they kept reporting is oh another case oh another death. What about all the recoveries? I mean they never reported oh we have this many recoveries. That drove me crazy. And when I pounded it into my family and my friends and my patients it’s like yes we have all these people coming down with it but we have even more people recovering from it.

Fredericks: It seems that a lot of us experience when we go out that if like, I always have a mask out of respect for other people. But occasionally you know I’ll go into the gas station something and I’ll simply forget in the car. I forget it. Well the other day I went into the 711 I’m pumping gas and I go in for a bottle of water and I had forgotten to put my mask on. And I opened the door and there’s some lady with a big mask and I mean I thought she was going to hit me. She was like oh my god you don’t have a mask. Get away from me get away and she starts screaming.

Hoffman: Oh my god.

Fredericks: Get away from me! And she was like maybe 25 to 30 years old somewhere in there. I mean certainly not a senior citizen. And I’m just like hey I’m so sorry I’ll go get my mask. How do people have that kind of irrational fear over this?

Hoffman: Again I think a lot of it is that they’ve not been taught in actuality, you have to be in a room a small enclosed area with someone who’s positive for 10 to 15 minutes before you’re going to catch the infection. You’re not going to get it by passing someone in the store. And they have studies that show that and they even have reports of that. It’s been published. But that’s not what’s getting released.

Fredericks: I’ve got a question here from Gene in Chesterfield Virginia. He says Dr. Hoffman, how much longer will nursing homes be on lockdown? Because it’s really sad for so many of our seniors that are in rehab centers or nursing homes and their family can’t visit them except through an outside window

Hoffman: It’s up to the individual areas. I know here in Murfreesboro they’re actually probably about two-three weeks ago they started letting the families come in contact with their loved ones again. So it is very sad and very heart disheartening but it’s up to the individual areas that are going to decide when they’re going to allow that to happen.

Fredericks: So basically the states and the counties and the cities where wherever it is?

Hoffman: That or the individual nursing homes too.

Fredericks: This is the John Frederick’s Radio Network and we’re with Dr. Christine Hoffman part of the Job Creators Network. She’s from the Memphis, Tennessee area and she’s part of the Job Creators Network conglomerate that we have. Small business owners’ small doctor. Not a small doctor but a small business owner and has her own practice.

Dr. Hoffman, the Job Creators Network has put together a very comprehensive health care plan called healthcareforyou.com and you can go to healthcareforyou.com. A lot of talks now about pre-existing conditions. The Democrats were able to win a majority in the House in 2018 on one issue, Obamacare. And the Republicans are trying to underpin it. Now they’re trying to do the same thing in 2020. What is it about the plan that you guys have signed on to? The plan that I just mentioned. Go to healthcareforyou.com. How does that plan protect people from losing coverage if they have a pre-existing condition?

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