Candidate for Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District, Bob Good Talks About His Ground Game and Having President Trump’s Back


Live from Virginia Wednesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Virginia’s fifth congressional district candidate Bob Good to the show to discuss his campaign and his unwavering support of President Trump’s policies.

Fredericks: Joining us now and we’re also on Facebook Live is Bob Good. Bob Good is running for Congress Fifth District which is a tough race with Dr. Cameron Webb the Democrat there. Bob’s being outspent 15 to 1. Just like everybody is the Democrats getting all the money. Bob Good in the tight race. He is the nominee in the Fifth District. He defeated Denver Riggleman in a convention in may or something. and he is the nominee. Hey, Bob, great to have you back Bob.

Good: Good morning John. Good morning. Thanks for having me.

Fredericks: All right so Bob I’m going to start with this I was absolutely appalled the other day when I saw Denver Riggleman hosting an event with Cameron Webb at his farm, at his distillery. Shaking hands and doing a photo op. I just couldn’t believe it you know I couldn’t believe it, Bob. I almost fell off my chair. I’ve been upset about it for three days then he gets on TV. He blasts president trump. Throws us under the bus. Throws the president under the train.

You know what? The people who supported Denver, Bob like me, supported him because we believed in him. And what I saw in the last three days I’m stunned by it. I’ll never vote for him again. I’m going to tell everybody you know what? If you voted for Denver get over it. He got beat, he’s a sore loser. Now he’s entertaining your opponent. I mean the stakes in this country are so high. We need Bob Good.

I’ll just say this if you voted for Denver you got to vote for Bob now. It’s over. Work for him. Knock on doors. We got to get Bob to Congress. And this whole thing about going on CNN and throwing President Trump under the train after President Trump had his back, Bob. He had his back and campaigned for him. never abandoned him and neither did I. Threw us all under the train. Unbelievable Bob. Unbelievable! And you know what? I’m glad you’re the nominee. I didn’t back you, I backed Denver. I’m glad you’re the nominee and I hope anybody that in that district that backed Denver sees the true colors and votes for Bob Good in 13 days.

Good: Thanks, John. You know I’ll just say this. One of the reasons why I ran a year ago was because I believe very strongly in the president’s policies and I believe very strongly that he needs more people in Congress who will have his back. You know as you said the stakes are so high. And the different visions for the future of our country couldn’t be more clear between what the Biden-Harris agenda is and what the Trump agenda is.

And my opponent is down the line in support of the Biden-Harris radical extreme leftist agenda. So how damaging it would be to have people like him in Congress especially here in Virginia. Especially in this conservative Fifth District that leans our way. And the reason I ran was because I believe in the president’s free-market capitalist policies and what he’s done on the economy. What he’s doing on energy. What he’s doing standing up for America.

What he’s doing in protecting life. What he’s doing and protecting the Second Amendment. Standing up for the constitution and appointing people like Amy Coney Barrett. So I just couldn’t conceive I couldn’t conceive of supporting a Biden-Harris ticket. I couldn’t conceive of supporting somebody like my opponent in this race. And again the stakes are just so high and again the cost is so great for our country with how this election will go.

As you said, I believe the president’s gonna win. I believe he’s in a stronger position than he was four years ago. I believe he’s more popular certainly in my district than he was even four years ago. And so I’m looking for a great victory on November 3 for us to take back the House. You know we’ve got to do that of course. We’ve got to give the president a working majority there. The Dems and my opponent would vote along with them.

The Dems have said if they keep the House they will impeach the president again. Pelosi has already said it she might not even be able to be Speaker again because they might nominate or vote in a more radical person if they were to keep the house like an AOC type. Who by the way is endorsing my opponent also. And who’s supporting my opponent, so my opponent would vote in lockstep with them if he were to win. And it’s so dangerous to the country.

Fredericks: You know Bob Good I’ve heard this all before. I heard it with Spanberger in 2018. I heard it with Elaine Luria in 2018. Getting on my show and telling our listeners just like Cameron Webb did. I’m sure he’s a very nice guy and a wonderful doctor and he seems like a good man. But you know they get on my show they get on other shows and they talk about they’re going to work with President Trump. They’re going to be reflective of the desires in the district.

They’re going to match the philosophy of their constituents. They’re going to work with the president. They’re going to work across the aisle. They get in there and then they do the exact opposite. They vote with Pelosi 100 percent of the time unless they get her permission to vote no on a show vote that doesn’t matter. They vote with AOC. That’s all they’re interested in. Cameron’s going to do the same thing. He’s going to say one thing get there, and as soon as they get there. Look if they want to stay they got to do exactly what the Democrats say. What Pelosi says otherwise they cut off their money Bob.

Good: Absolutely. You’re exactly right it’s the Biden playbook even right now. They think the American people are stupid. Biden is pretending he’s not for fracking when he’s on recorded tape over and over saying he’s for fracking. He’s pretending he’s not for the Green New Deal when he had to say that he was in order to win the nomination. We know he won’t be in charge he’ll be ruled by the people backing my opponent by the Squad members who will dominate the Biden-Harris administration.

God forbid if they were to win again. I’m with you, I don’t think they will win. But exactly, they’ve got to lie to us in order to try to fool people to try to get elected. They run hard left to get the nomination. They speak the truth then, to rally up the base and win the nomination. My opponent did it Biden did it but now in the general election, they’re lying and deceiving hoping the American people aren’t paying attention.

Fredericks: Well, that’s exactly it. They just hope they lull you into sleep. Bob, now you’re being outspent 10 to 15. There’s no question about it at the end of the day. Just to be honest here you’re not going to be able to raise the money that they’re getting from IES, Independent Expenditures, and everything else. But you’re in a Trump district. Trump is going to carry it by five, seven, eight last time he carried it by 12. Perhaps it’ll be that again I haven’t really looked at it. Last
time I saw it we were up by nine. How do you win?

Good: Well you’re right we’re certainly being well outspent. You know I’d like to say we’ve raised while my opponent has received. We’ve raised over a million dollars since we became the nominee. So from our grassroots efforts from real people in Virginia in the district giving us over a million dollars and we’re having our best month so far we’ve raised over $300,000 this month alone. We had our best month ever in October.

We’ve got some help from the party. We’ve got some help from some outside conservative groups. So we’re gonna be able to match him down the stretch pretty closely on the advertising these last two weeks. However, you’re right. He receives millions and millions from the billionaire class. From the Hollywood elite. From the folks outside the district. The Act Blue, the dark money if you will. And so we have been outspent.

But we’re competitive in these final two weeks. We are getting our message out. We are exposing the radical that he is. Tying him to AOC and The Squad members. We’re exposing him on single-payer healthcare. We are exposing him on raising taxes and the Green New Deal. So I think the voters will reject him on November third.

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