Corey Lewandowski Gives Updates on the Campaign Trail as Trump Surges in Full Force and Biden Hides in Basement


Live from Virginia Wednesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Senior Advisor for Trump-Pence 2020, Corey Lewandowski to the show to discuss the Trump campaign and the enthusiasm that he’s seeing on the ground.

Fredericks: Joining me now, Corey Lewandowski. Senior advisor for Trump-Pence 2020 and author of a new book. He’s now in The New York Times three-time best-selling author. Got to get that. I just read that. Fantastic. He’s also one of the key surrogates now for the Trump reelect campaign. Hey Corey, great to have you, man.

Lewandowski: Good morning John. Great to be back on with you.

Fredericks: Corey look, the 2016 dream team is coming back together. The president is reaching out to yourself and Dave Bossie and others bringing you guys back. We were talking a little bit last night it seems like things are starting to move in our direction. The president is surging. Give us an update Corey on what’s going on in the trail.

Lewandowski: Well John like I’ve been on the trail a lot. I’m on my way to Tampa, Florida right now to go down and make sure that we can continue to remind the people of Florida what this president’s been able to do over the last four years. And that’s providing a series of great jobs for them and the lowest unemployment rate that the state had ever seen, but look, I’m on the trail a lot.

And this notion now that you know Cory and Dave are back, it’s kind of funny John. Because I never thought we left to be honest with you. Maybe some people wanted to kill us off but you know maybe we like cockroaches. We just keep on coming back. I’m not sure. But the truth is John you know we’ve been fighting for Donald Trump since before he came down that escalator.

Dave even before me. Me turning the lights on in the building and fighting every day because this President fights for us. And so I don’t know. I think I’ve been in 23 or 24 states now traveling for this president and talking on his behalf to surrogates. And you know we’re even doing a little fundraiser up in New Hampshire next week for the president. He won’t be there but I will. We’ve already raised over $50,000. And when people are voting, the first thing they’re voting with is their wallets.

Fredericks: Right.

Lewandowski: And they know that if they want to have more economic prosperity more economic security than their only options to support Donald Trump and Mike Pence for four more years. And I’m seeing that everywhere John. I mean the enthusiasm of our supporters is higher than it has ever been. And I travel this country. I’m in Texas this morning. I’m on my way to Tampa. And then I’ll be in Arizona tomorrow. And it is just everywhere. You see with the rallies, but I’m seeing on the ground. And I know the other surrogates are too. I talked to Eric and Donnie and everybody else who’s out there and they’re telling me the crowds are bigger for them than ever before too.

Fredericks: This enthusiasm that we have, Biden does a campaign stop and when he does when he gets five or six people. He didn’t want Arizona and he didn’t get any. Now he’s put a lid on his campaign Cory. He did it on Sunday. He went out for ice cream with his granddaughter and the media asked him what flavor he got. I mean this is the kind of question he is getting. How can you be two weeks out and put a lid to the media on your campaign for five days? Who does this?

Lewandowski: What he’s doing is it’s called preventative defense. He’s running the four corners drill if you’re a sports guy.

Fredericks: Right.

Lewandowski: So if you’re a basketball guy all he’s doing is passing the ball around. There’s no offense at all he’s strictly on defense. And that’s what he has been for the last 47 years. He’s not been someone who’s out fighting for America. He’s been on the defense. He’s been a politician who sat in Washington D.C. who didn’t solve our problems.

And now he’s trying to convince the American people that if they elect him president he’s going to do exactly what you’re seeing right now which is he’s not going to go out and work hard every day like Donald Trump. Some people don’t like the way the president speaks. Some people don’t even like the president’s policies but there is nobody John, his best friend or his biggest nemesis who says this guy doesn’t work hard. Because he’s an absolute utter machine.

The converse of that is Joe Biden. Who thinks that Joe Biden is out working as hard as humanly possible to ask for your vote? That real tough question of what kind of ice cream flavor did you get? That’s really journalistic malpractice is what that is. I’m not surprised by it because we’ve been seeing it every day. The questions Donald Trump gets are relentless. And that’s why we want a fighter. The American people want a fighter. And they love Donald Trump for his fight.

Fredericks: Cory, the fake news polls that keep coming out from the mainstream media. This so-called media narrative polls got one just out today in USA Today. It says Biden’s up by seven in Pennsylvania. Everybody that I talked to in Pennsylvania is telling me that Trump has moved ahead. How do they continue to get away with this stuff?

Lewandowski: Hey John because they have no check. Nobody is checking them. And hey, by the way, let Sleepy Joe think he’s ahead by seven. Let Sleepy Joe stay in his basement every day right? This is what Crooked Hillary did four years ago if you remember. She said hey I don’t have to go to Pennsylvania. It’s all wrapped up. I don’t have to go to Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Ohio. And you know what she did? She lost.

And Joe Biden is going to lose this election because people don’t want somebody’s going to sit in their basement. But the polls are there and we’re hearing oh there are 35 million people that have already voted. Great. I’m glad they’ve already voted John because they’re voting for Donald Trump. And our people are going to show up. They’re super enthusiastic. And hey if Joe wants to take these polls as a sign that he can stay in his basement. Best of luck to him.

Fredericks: We’re with Corey Lewandowski who is the senior advisor to the Trump-Pence 2020. The president is getting the 2016 dream team back together. Corey Lewandowski and Dave Bossie, and others are the big names. Corey, let’s get to Joe Biden’s email scandal and the email situation with his son Hunter. This laptop now turned over to the FBI. The Democrats are still going out there on TV saying it’s a Russian disinformation campaign yet our intelligence people are saying no, they have no evidence of that. And it looks more and more clear like this was Hunter Biden’s computer and there was pay to play on it.  And there was a shakedown. And Hunter Biden was the bag man. And we got 13 days to go. Is any of this gonna come out Corey? And does it matter?

Lewandowski: John it should matter. It should matter because this has been a family that has sold access to people in power for the last 50 years. Whether it was Hunter Biden selling access to his father. Whether it’s Joe Biden’s brother selling access to him. They’ve continuously done this. That’s number one. Number two John, again I go back to where’s the journalistic integrity that we’re supposed to have?

What we heard from Facebook and the Twitter of the world was we can’t let you share a story published in the fourth-largest newspaper in America. By the way, the same exact publication that also owns The Wall Street Journal and Fox News, Rupert Murdoch. We can’t publish that because the information that may have been obtained you know was leaked. Okay well, then how about Trump’s tax returns?

When it when it’s against Donald Trump it’s always no problem to go and disparage him. And here’s the thing John. And this is the part that I think the American people are missing and it’s the parts it should be the scariest. We now know unequivocally, unequivocally that the Russian hoax against Donald Trump was a complete farce made up by Hillary Clinton. But more than that John, we know that Barack Obama and Joe Biden knew it was a farce.

They absolutely knew it. They never came forward during all these hearings. They didn’t come forward during this impeachment stuff and say hey you know what guys? We know the truth. None of this really happened. This was all Hillary Clinton. And now that we actually have evidence that Hunter Biden was trying to sell his influence, they’re saying well it must be the Russians again.

And Adam Schiff is saying well this is just a disinformation campaign. But what did the DNI do? That John Ratcliffe came out and said this is not a Russian disinformation campaign. The intelligence community is unified on this and we’re unified on the fact that this is an authentic series of emails from a computer that you’ve traced directly back to Hunter Biden. And the craziest part John, and I know I’m going on a long time on this issue. The FBI had this information for over a year and they haven’t done anything about it.

Fredericks: Why?

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