Virginia’s Second District Candidate Scott Taylor Talks Debate with Opponent Luria and Her Backfiring Smear Ads


Live from Virginia Friday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed Virginia House of Delegates member Scott Taylor to the show to discuss his debate against opponent and incumbent Elaine Luria Thursday night.

Fredericks: The John Fredericks Radio Network, good to have you with us. We’re live at the beach here in Virginia Beach. We’re going to be leading a Trump rally tomorrow. It’s going to start at 9:30 a.m at Virginia Beach Republican party headquarters on Virginia Beach Boulevard. Scott Taylor will be there. Kirk Cox will be there. Please come out and support the president and the Republicans. We need as many rallies as we can to get people fired up. Joining me now live at the oceanfront Marriott is Scott Taylor who is running for Congress in Virginia’s Second District. Scott, thanks for staying for another segment.

Taylor: John great to be with you. You have a fantastic view. I could see you setting up office here quite often.

Fredericks: Yeah you like it? Yeah it worked out, didn’t it? Yeah, because you know you get the off-season rate you know. This is pretty good. Got to spend a couple of days down here. All right Scott Taylor we’re going to get the polls and all that, but I got to get to your debate yesterday the chamber of commerce debate that Anne and I came down. My wife is a big fan of yours and I came down to see you. So the first thing is I forgot to say this to everybody. Chris Saxman was the moderator. I thought Saxon did a fabulous job.

Taylor: I thought he did. I thought he was tough and fair. And he cut me off a couple of times, but he should have because I was I mean, I was speaking out of line. I thought he did a good job.

Fredericks: I thought you annihilated Elaine Luria in that debate. I mean it was a combination of you were really good you had all the issues. She was dreadful and she had no answers. It was all like political double talk it. There was one thing you pointed out she kept saying all these bills that she did. And you’re like these are the same bills that go through every single.

Taylor: The exact same language.

Fredericks: The same language. All you did was vote for it like you know 428 other people.

Taylor: Yeah sure. Look I think you know she has a history now of claiming credit for things and embellishing and claiming credit that she didn’t do personally. She was talking about the COLA allowance for VA disability which would be an example. And she’s like oh well this is my bill I fought for it and wrote for it. It is the exact same bill that passed twice each year when I was in Congress by Rep. Bost.

It was his bill! It’s the same thing. She just put her name on it. That is not the same thing as finding a problem and from inception writing a bill solving a problem getting things done as I’ve done with the Ashanti Alert Act or VA Accountability. I think yesterday showed it was crystal clear why Elaine Luria tried to not debate at all. And the only reason why she debated was that we had tremendous community pressure on her.

And then she tried to push it all the way towards the closest to election day as possible. Because she doesn’t have a lot of substance on the issues. It’s a lot of rhetoric. There’s no reality there. There’s no accomplishment. She’s absent. And then of course you know she got called out for investing in China. Think about this for second listeners out there. A U.S. congresswoman invested in Chinese manufacturing. Especially right now. It’s insane.

Like she bet on China and not on America. And the fact that she finally admitted it, I mean we were all over of course the right to work she admits that she wants to repeal the right to work law in Virginia which is the cornerstone of our competitive business climate. And furthermore, if you’re out there listening and you’re a worker, what that means is what it means is she would force you to give up the hard-earned money that you make to a union whether you agree with the union, with their political donations to you know people like her that send out nasty ads or not. So not giving you the choice to join a union if you so choose. Which I support. But forcing you in a union and forcing you to give your money to a union whether you want to or not, to me that’s theft. And trying to mandate it from the federal level it’s crazy. Crazy.

Fredericks: Well that was her position and so you know repealing the right to work in Virginia. Hurts workers. Hurts businesses. It hurts everything and it hurts our ability to attract new business and new jobs that come in. When you pressed her on China you pressed her three times she had no answer. Finally,  her only rebuttal was well if you want to talk about finance.

Taylor: She’s like, you have a bankruptcy. That is a lie and that’s verifiable. I don’t have any bankruptcy at all.

Fredericks: You never claimed bankruptcy. Never. Not one time.

Taylor: I don’t know I mean Elaine Luria has this whole campaign and has just straight up lied about stuff and just attacked and had a nasty smear campaign in Virginia. There’s a reason for that. It’s because she’s ineffective. She’s absent. She’s unaccountable. She doesn’t want to talk about her record or lack thereof. So they just smear. Period. So my sister wrote something on Facebook. Of course, my family is way more upset about this than I am. People who care about you. And she’s I mean my sister’s she’s a very sweet lady but she’s super tough.

Trust me I’ve seen her in action before. And she’s like how can she just sit there and lie about you? How can how is she able to just do that? And you know the reality is and I’ve said this to a lot of people who ask the same question to me. If Elaine Luria sent ads or talked like she does about me to a private citizen they would sue her for millions of dollars. Millions of dollars. But as you know John if you’re a public figure it’s a higher burden you can say whatever the hell you want you know?

Fredericks: Right but I think some of the negative ads she has her backfiring. And I was talking about it to somebody the other day who reminded me of this that she said it. She was a female she said you know it kind of reminds me of the last eight days of the Randy Forbes campaign.

Taylor: Oh God, yeah.

Fredericks: Where you know they got a polling number they were in trouble so LaCivita launched this barrage of just negative ads. And you know they had all the money to spend obviously and you’re now spent 15 to one. And the person said the reason Taylor they won their highest by 10 instead of three or four is because they backfired. It gets to the point of diminishing returns. And she’s now got some guy now that said he had COVID and then you’re at a fundraiser and a couple of people don’t have masks on. And you know I saw that and I’m like oh I don’t want to be with that guy. I want to be by Taylor’s people that are having fun. (Taylor laughs) 

Taylor: They are all smiling and that guy is like whining.

Fredericks: That girl is smiling and that guy is whining and I’m like I want to go to that party.

Taylor: Totally. And by the way that party you know that was when we won a lecture that was when we won the primary election like that’s you know what they’re talking about. And everyone’s sitting at a table in a restaurant adhering to the governor’s executive order at the time which was in June. So there’s like nothing that’s wrong there either. And as you said like the video. And this is one of the things I think that Elaine Luria has done very poorly over this whole race with their negative ads is, a lot of times when you do a negative ad you like you make somebody look terrible.

But like the footage is actually good. It makes us look good. And that guy’s just sitting there whining. Like who wants to hang out with that guy whining? (Fredericks laughs) you know I mean the reality is and furthermore I’m the one who helped bring 200 tons of PPE to this area and supplied the whole hospital. So the same guy that’s whining in that video so that he didn’t give COVID to the first responders, they were wearing PPE that I helped supply. (Laughs) You know?

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