Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis Complains the Electoral College Hurts America


U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) complained this week about the U.S. Electoral College, one week before next week’s presidential election.

Cohen, on Twitter, said the Electoral College causes low voter turnout and called to abolish it.

“People say we need the Electoral College because it prevents big states from overpowering small#rural communities. The 2020 election proves that’s just not true. Almost all campaign activities are centered in just six states with significant rural populations,” Cohen wrote.

Cohen also said that the Electoral College “doesn’t privilege urban centers — it arbitrarily heightens the votes of #SwingStates.”

“This means candidates don’t take time to visit the MAJORITY of communities. No wonder half the country doesn’t vote,” Cohen wrote.

“No wonder pple feel their voice doesn’t count. This is NOT democracy.”

As The Tennessee Star reported last year, Cohen said our nation’s Electoral College was “conceived in sin” and invented to keep black people down.

In a separate article at the time, Breitbart quoted Cohen as saying “the country is different than it was when the Constitution was drafted.”

“When the Constitution was drafted, a lot of it had to do with slavery. The slave states wanted equal representation in the Senate because they wanted to keep slavery. The slave states wanted to have an Electoral College where the members that they had in Congress counted towards the vote for president, where the slaves counted as two-thirds and in the popular vote they would count as zero,” Cohen reportedly said.

“So the slave states didn’t want a popular election because their slaves wouldn’t count toward voting and the slave states would have less votes. This is all conceived in sin and perpetuating slavery on the American people and on the African-American people directly.”

Also as The Star reported last year,  Cohen, a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, has introduced a bill to eliminate the Electoral College used to select U.S. presidents.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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21 Thoughts to “Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis Complains the Electoral College Hurts America”

  1. Ron Welch

    One can search our founders’ quotes on democracy and see that they despised and disdained it as a form of government. So Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution states that the “United States SHALL guarantee to every State in this a republican form if government…” Part of that is that the States elect the President in 50 separate elections in a representative way. The States established the Federal Government and delegated its powers so the chief executive is elected by them, free States and their free People. The vote of each citizen also has a greater effect in that system.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Just another instance proving that the Founding Fathers were a lot smarter than Cohen. No insult intended to the Founding Fathers in comparing them to him.

  3. Phil Lassiter

    I realize Speaker Sexton is an approachable guest for your show, but would you please ask him why he led an attempt to make Tennessee one of the first states to do away with the electoral college? Of Cohen thinks it’s terrible and Republican leadership this it’s terrible, maybe we should look at it?

    1. Kalee

      YES!! Please, someone, ask TN House Speaker Cameron Sexton WHY he led an attempt to give away Tennessee’s 11 electoral college votes to the candidate with the most popular votes!

      He’s a banker. He should be able to do the math and understand why it’s the worst idea since sin.

      The fact that Sexton is in agreement with Cohen on the Electoral College should explain a lot about the man.

  4. bluebird

    Cohen hasn’t a clue about why we have an Electoral College. He has once again demonstrated his incredible ignorance.

  5. james b

    it is crazy liberals like this crazy kfc hack that hurt this american.

  6. Traditional Thinker

    We are nearing halloween people. I was expecting the “It” clown character to resurface from the drain pipes around this time. I wonder if the electoral college would be so hurtful if a liberal was president?

  7. Steve Cohen is Tennessee’s worst cancer.

  8. JB Taylor

    It’s time to remove every democrat from office. Vote them out as they are intent on Destroying America.

  9. Karen Bracken

    I truly hope the voters in Memphis vote this embarrassing scourge on TN out of office. He has done nothing for the people of Memphis.

    1. Belita J Vowell

      Applause coming from most of Memphis!!!

  10. John

    Steve Cohen should be immediately removed from office just like his communist buddy John Cooper. Cohen has been known for his anti Semitic rhetoric despite himself being a Jew🤔. Sounds to me like he has a George Soros mentality and financial backing.

  11. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    What a sinister looking man.

  12. Trevor

    Steve Cohen is a Joke! He is why we need term limits by elected politicians. Where is Congressman Jim Cooper on this question? Cooper is always silent on radical matters. Please ask him does he support doing away with the electoral college system?

  13. Russ Crouch

    Steve Cohen is an embarrassment to the state of Tennessee. Everything he puts out is a one way, no law considered thought. The wellness of the people that elect him does not matter.

  14. Gordon Shumway

    cohen is a commie rat. we need to sell memphis to arkansas.

  15. Randy

    It is difficult for Cohen and his ilk to further their agenda in Tennessee. If New York and California are ever controlled by Conservatives his tuned would be decidedly different. Cohen wants to relevant but isn’t.

  16. Bubba N.

    The electoral college is doing exactly as intended. I guess this drunken commie phony from Memfrica was deep into his vodka during civics class.

    I have no idea why black people in Memphis vote for this fraud.

  17. Mary

    How do idiots like this get elected?

  18. John Bumpus

    “Rep. Steve Cohen of Memphis Complains the Electoral College Hurts America”

    What a left-wing ‘goof ball.’ If this guy gets his way, California and New York will elect our President exclusively and in perpetuity. The rest of us will be consigned merely to the role of ‘Official U. S. Taxpayers.’

    1. Kevin

      Exactly! But isn’t this just more of the same BS that the Democratic Party has peddled for the last 200+ years? The Democrats and Cohen believe that all of us “chumps” are nothing but “slaves” for them!

      That’s why this “chump” is for Trump!