Backup Plan in Place in Case Judge Rules Against Taxpayers on Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act


Attorneys submitted their final arguments Tuesday at the trial debating the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act, and the attorney representing taxpayers said he has a backup plan in case the judge rules against them.

This, according to Nashville attorney Jim Roberts Tuesday.

As reported, Roberts is fighting the Davidson County Election Commission to get the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act referendum on the December 5 ballot.

The Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act referendum, if approved, would roll back Nashville Mayor John Cooper’s 34 to 37 percent tax increase.

“The question in my mind is if they [court officials] find some newfound technicality to keep it off the ballot then what is our next step? I have talked to several different people about this. There is the appeal. But we also might just fall back and redo it, just whatever tiny little technical nitpickings they come up with. We fix those and come back and do it again,” Roberts said.

“Now we [will] know what they think is wrong with it, every little complaint that they have. We will fix every single one of them, and we will come back and mail out 100,000 petitions and have it on the ballot in 30 days.”

Roberts told The Tennessee Star Monday that two witnesses testified at the trial Monday — Davidson County Election Administrator Jeff Roberts and former Metro Nashville Council member Duane Dominy.

Roberts said that Davidson County Chancery Court Judge Ellen Hobbs Lyle will issue a ruling by Tuesday, November 3.

As reported last month, members of the Davidson County Election Commission voted to neither approve nor reject the Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act. They instead passed the matter on to a chancery court to guide them on how to proceed. They also moved the “conditional” date of the election from December 5 to December 15.

Roberts, on Tuesday, said members of the Election Commission seem indifferent to the plight of taxpayers.

“They don’t seem to have any concerns at all about what is happening to the taxpayers,” Roberts said.

“They really treat this idea that the citizens are being harmed by this tax increase as a ludicrous position to have. They are disregarding what the people want, and it is really unbelievable.”

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One Thought to “Backup Plan in Place in Case Judge Rules Against Taxpayers on Nashville Taxpayer Protection Act”

  1. Kevin

    The hatred for Cooper continues to build and Cooper’s plan, handed down through his brother from Pelosi, is backfiring!

    Just the other day, while working at an early voting location, we overheard an older black man sitting in a park, making phone calls to friends. He was imploring and seemingly having success convincing his friends to vote for President Trump!