Commentary: The Biden Family Scandal Is Monumental; It’s the October Surprise Joe Biden Just Wants to Go Away

by Julie Strauss Levin


Let’s get right to the bottom line:  Recent news raises serious questions as to whether Joe Biden broke the public’s trust, exploited his position as a public official, and financially enriched the Biden family significantly from foreign business partners in China, the Ukraine, and Russia.

Before we jump into what we now know, how about a little refresher on Biden’s statement last September to Fox’s Peter Doocy when he asked of Biden, “how many times have you spoken to your son about his overseas business dealings?” Biden’s indignant response? “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”  Wow.  Seems Joe didn’t get the memo, “never say never” because, in fact, Biden well knew about his son Hunter’s business dealings.  Indeed, it seems Papa Biden wasn’t wading, he was actually knee deep, in Hunter’s business affairs and also may have had some of his own going on.

Fast forward from last September to weeks ago when we learned the following:  Last year, Hunter Biden dropped off his laptop at a computer repair shop in Delaware, signed a receipt (appears to be the same signature Hunter used in his paternity suit papers).  He failed to retrieve the laptop, and the repair shop owner turned the laptop over to the FBI.  The FBI confirmed the emails are Hunter’s, and Hunter’s attorney later asked for the laptop.  Joe Biden himself has failed to unequivocally deny that the emails belong to his son.  Well then, as we say in the law, res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself.

Of course, the media and Big Tech immediately censored this story because they want Biden to win the election. They also believe they are in charge.  Their Soviet-style tactics to censor this scandal reinforces the need to expose the Biden family activities.  And in the typical Biden style of “the best defense is an offense,” the one reporter who had the guts (or gall) to ask Biden about the subject was met with the following, “I have no response.  It’s another smear campaign, right up your alley, those are the questions you always ask.”

Thank goodness there are real journalists like Peter Schweizer, John Solomon and others who are diligently doing the investigative work the Democrat party media simply refuses to do.

How insulting (and pathetic) that the man who wants to be the next President of the United States, the leader of the free world, is taking cover and doesn’t think he has an obligation to answer serious questions the American people have about this scandal.  And an obligation he does indeed have.  So, here are just a few questions because as every day passes, more scandalous information is being revealed and it’s a bit challenging to keep up with the explosive developments.

Joe, the FBI has Hunter’s laptop with 40,000 emails on it.  Some of the emails describe your son’s activities in China, Russia, and the Ukraine where he made millions of dollars from various business deals.  You’re referenced in some emails about assisting him in meetings and there’s even one referring to you as “the big guy” who will get ten percent of a business deal worth millions.  Another email mentions you being involved in a meeting with Burisma executives, the same Burisma that paid your son $83,000 a month to sit on its Board.  Perhaps the following April 17, 2015 email of gratitude from Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi to your son will refresh your recollection. “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure.”  And then there was an earlier May 2014 Pozharskyi email seeking Hunter’s “advice on how you [Hunter] could use your influence” on behalf of Burisma.

The American people are very concerned that as a public official you and your family misused your office for financial and other personal enrichment.  Joe, we need you to explain to the American people what has been going on with your son’s business deals and how the Biden family profited from them.

And, Joe, what about the email dating back to 2011 that shows that your son provided access to the White House to a group called the China Entrepreneur Club that included Chinese billionaires and Chinese Communist Party loyalists and that you met with them, too.  Explain why it was okay for your son to give them access especially since your son was doing business in China.

Joe, speaking of China, your son Hunter accompanied you to China on Air Force Two in 2013. You met with your son’s Chinese partners, and ten days later, your son’s company signed a deal with the Bank of China and created a $1 billion investment fund.

You need to explain this to the public rather than simply dismiss this and pretend it is a smear.  It is fact.

And yesterday, Joe, we learned about another bombshell email that is quite damning about the Biden family, to say the least.  Specifically, whistleblower Tony Bobulinski, who was CEO of SinoHawk Holdings,  an entity run by Biden family members in partnership with CEFC Energy, a Chinese energy company now defunct and bankrupt, spoke about a 2017 email that reveals the offer by the Chinese company to wire $10 million into an account, $5 million of which was a loan to “BD family … interest-free.”  The “BD family” refers to the Biden family.   Less than two weeks later, $5 million was wired from China to a Delaware LLC.

Earlier, Mr. Bobulinski said he had heard you say that you had never spoken to Hunter about his business.  Mr. Bobulinski corrected that, Joe, saying, “I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true because it wasn’t just Hunter’s business.  They said they were putting the Biden family name and its legacy on the line.”

And then yesterday evening Mr. Bobulinski revealed in a press conference that when discussing business, you were referred to as the “Chairman” or the “Big Guy,” and that you, Joe, were not to be mentioned in writing.  The Bidens, Mr. Bobulinski said, were “paranoid” about keeping your name secret.   Joe, according to Mr. Bobulinski, these were not Hunter Biden business deals.  These were Biden family deals.   The American people need you to come clean and explain this Biden family deal.

Joe, we have yet another question about your ethical responsibilities:  Why didn’t you tell your son Hunter that because you were Vice President, he had to be very careful and take extra precautions to never, ever engage in any business with any foreign governments, foreign entities or otherwise do anything else that would have even the appearance of impropriety because that would compromise the office of the Vice Presidency and pose a huge national security risk to the United States of America?   Why is it that you never said that to Hunter?

These questions only skim the surface about whether Joe Biden and others in the Biden family engaged in corruption.  Indeed, this is clearly a scandal of huge proportions which, if true, involve potential violations of multiple laws, such as money laundering, tax evasion, failure to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA), and who knows what else.  Only time will tell, but we don’t have a lot of time with the election looming in less than two weeks.

Joe, his family, and the entire Democrat world want this to just go away.  They’re counting on winning and then they surely will make it go away.  But Joe Biden has the obligation to level with the American people, and we have the right to know the truth and know it now.


– – –

Julie Strauss Levin is an attorney and concerned American





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75 Thoughts to “Commentary: The Biden Family Scandal Is Monumental; It’s the October Surprise Joe Biden Just Wants to Go Away”

  1. Jerry

    No one wanted Joe for President for 47 years. I wonder what makes him think we want him this year?

  2. Ernest R. Clark

    Joe Biden is calling for a Mask Mandate but he wants a mask that covers all his illegal and criminal activities. Joe Biden is nothing but a lying and deceitful politician. He does not have the stamina, the intelligence, and the high and honest character required to be President of our great and wonderful country. Go Home Joe! Such corruption!

  3. Stephen Waterman

    “Power corrupts, absolutely!” Does anyone know the source of this quote? I thought it was flippant years ago, and then I ran into some power. It was dicey, but I can see how easy it would be to slide into questionable activity. That’s to say that not much surprises me these days.

    We know that the information is flying back and forth, some of it is clearly bologna, some makes some sense, it some we’re not sure exactly where it’s coming from. So rather than make a detective styled conclusion, I seem to be going on feeling and heart more than in the past.

    This is an exaggeration, but it seems like we have one bad guy and another really bad guy. My work brings me in contact with some of the shadiest people you can imagine, but oddly, my sense of who I can trust and who not to trust have failed me only once out of dozens of opportunities. I’m more comfortable dealing with crooks I can depend on.

    Referencing feelings and intuition are new to me, so I have little experience. But, boy, they’re pretty clear in this situation. Who do you trust?

    Who lives by a clear moral code? Who has people around him going to jail and who doesn’t? It takes a genius to figure out that the FBI, CIA, military intelligence, main media, IRS, 87 military brass all think alike and have conspired to take over. That’s one hell of a conspiracy. That’s a lot of bad boys.

    Poor Donald. I’m glad they’re not all ganging up on me.

    1. Michael Childs

      Sir John Dalberg-Acton, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

  4. This post is full of comments from useless delusional people trying to justify their miserable existence… you first need to educate yourself and learn to think for yourself instead of being brainwashed by the media… A good place to start is Go and read you ignorant mass…

    1. Ernest R. Clark

      Every loyal American Citizen who loves our country are of the opinion that Joe Biden and his entire family are corrupt. Joe Biden in his 47 years of having his name on the U.S. Government Payroll and drawing a check did nothing to earn taxpayer dollars. He used his VP position to corrupt the position by personally doing business with foreign countries and making huge sums of money with these deals. He traveled to foreign countries with his son and engaged in many illegal activities. His good friend Hillary Clinton did the same by collecting millions of dollars from foreign governments payable to the Clinton Foundation. One example is she collected $ 10 Million dollars from Ukraine. Such corruption should completely eliminate Joe Biden from ever being on the government payroll. He should be in prison along with Hillary Clinton along with many others. So corrupt!

      1. Christins Alvarez

        Yes I agree I think this is a long well plotted plan involving many people high up . I pray for our countries freedom and for the citizens to not stand still like they did in Venezuela….

      2. jimmy wambat

        And now all you die hard Republican will always be seen as the crazy person wearing the furry helmet with horns sticking out. All bc you just lie lie lie and now democracy has come home to roost and you will all be beaten in your primaries, at least those who did not vote to impeach!

  5. Sharon Evans

    I pray for my fellow Americans that are feeling such pain at this time. Let us come together so we can heal this country.

  6. Proudly Unaffiliated

    Q+ sent me and I’ll be voting TRUMP on Monday!

  7. Beth Api8

    Trump… liar, most corrupt president ever, taking the whole family to work in the white house ( preparing for total dictatorship????). I am so tired of DT lies!!! Enough is enough. People in USA, you either let your country go down with another 4 years Trump or make the change by voting !

    1. dave

      wake up you lune!

    2. Carol Davis

      You have c =you mind to the corruption.

    3. Richard Moulton

      Been watching the foaming-at-the-mouth mainstream media much? You know they have an agenda: Get rid of Trump. So all they do is lie. Sounds like you have caught TDS from them. It doesn’t become you.

    4. Stephen Rajczyk

      None of the Trump family receives a salary… unlike the Biden’s who use their position to enrich themselves – just like the Clintons with their foundation. !!! Wake up , your hatred has BLINDED you to the truth !!!

    5. Claudette

      Your mind has been corrupted! The Trump family are a team. Are educated and forfeited much to SERVE their Country. Were examined thoroughly prior to the election. No corruption nor collusion’s. Where is your proof otherwise! Watching TV news is “garbage in, garbage out” in non-thinking minds. Only when you can think for yourself and research will you KNOW the truth. From my own research I have found, neither person is perfect, they are human. However, one has served the people for 47 years with promises NEVER KEPT. The other has served the people for 3 1/2 years, kept promises while unjustly treated by a corrupt House, DOJ, FBI and CIA. Yet you just blatantly insult YOUR President. Your cold heart needs warmth. 😰💫

    6. Trump 2020 Supporter

      Beth, you are brainwashed . I am really sorry for you… if you need to realize what Trump has done you can go to Please educate yourself and learn to think for yourself…

    7. Romel G Perry

      He is upfront about his family working for him in White House, as opposed to Biden, working the Communist world, for BIG $$$, On the sly!

    8. RH

      The subject of this article is alleged corruption by the Biden family. You are changing the subject to Trump’s alleged corruption. What is your comment about the contents of this article?

    9. Clara Witcher

      No common sense! But I know we have the right to express our opinions!

    10. Reba

      None of the Trump family receive a salary…. including President Trump! He donates his!

  8. Don Fisher

    All of these Biden supporters are doing exactly what the Democratic Party wants. Ignoring the real issue. They can’t see the forest for the trees because for years they have been brain washed. Trump might not be the best person for the job. But at least he says he’s going to do something and then does it. If Biden gets elected which the polls say he will, the people who vote for him should not say a word when your taxes are raised, you lose your job due to sending it overseas, gas prices skyrocket, insurance as we know it goes away and cost so much you can’t afford it. What President Trump has accomplished in 4 years, will be destroyed within 1year and it will take years, if ever to dig out of it this time. People need to start thinking for themselves instead of being told what they should think before it’s to late.



  9. Veronica Daly

    I am a business owner. I pay my taxes in advance every single year. I estimate what I will pay and send it to the IRS. Just because you have not heard of it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    1. Kate

      Nearly everyone pays taxes in advance – at the end of the year, you either owe more or you get a refund if you overpaid.

  10. Joe

    Notice the lack of concrete evidence, but rather merely the *appearance* of possiple wrongdoing. This was the outcome of the Hillary email dump and it is the same goal here: publish private emails using casual grammar, inside jokes, whatever else distinguishes private correspondence from public relations-speak or official documents.

    This is like a drunk trying to tell a joke to the same room for the second time. It wasn’t funny a week and a half before the last election and it isn’t funny this time around. It’s really kind of pathetic to think that what Hunter Biden did is somehow anything as bad as the Trump children’s measurable, quantifiable, REAL grift. That it somehow makes Joe less fit to lead than Trump who calmly told the country Thursday that we are learning to live with covid-19. It is appalling.

  11. Jan Hilton

    If this story was about Trump instead of Biden, it would have been on every network and shouted from the rooftops! Where are the real journalists?

  12. Kimberly Hilson

    Everything the left and the Democrats accuse the Trump and Republicans of they have already done. Trump has been investigated for crimes that Clinton, Obama, Biden and their toadies were committing on a daily basis. Corruption, election interference, voter fraud, extortion, consorting with America’s enemies, kids in cages…the list is endless.

  13. Boatguy64

    It’s WAY deeper than this. It’s the WORST scandal in AMERICAN HISTORY. Ever. Not just POLITICAL… But Biden’s blew corrupt practices out on this one. Even makes the CLINTON foundation seem legit.

    1. del

      Total lie. Jeez, do you even have a SINGLE fact to back up your BS? Of course not. Just your fevered imagination.

      1. Richard Moulton

        You’re the one who’s missing the facts if all you watch is the mainstream media…

      2. Mitch

        There are many facts to back it up and new ones coming out daily.
        Unfortunately you will see none of them
        from the MSM between now and election day

    2. Albury

      Trump’s “Foundation” was shut down for self-dealing, and he was forced to pay $25 million to victims of his fake “University.” The Clinton Foundation is doing just fine, and President Biden won’t run a Biden DC Hotel and other businesses worldwide to shake down foreigners and others seeking favors.

      1. Anonymous

        ‘The Clinton Foundation is doing fine.’ What in the world kind of statement is that? That’s unbelievable. Have you even seen the dealings of that corrupt foundation? I think you should research it before you say it’s doing ‘fine.’

  14. anonymous

    Are you trying to say that Trump isn’t corrupt???? If you are, you are a fool. Never in my 66 years on this green earth have I heard of someone paying taxes in advance, especially if it applies to property(ies). No one can determine how much to pay in advance for property taxes as the taxes vary from year to year. Trump hasn’t done anything significant in his four year tenor and you have the audacity to bring up true/false information of the Biden family. As the saying goes, “look in your own backyard before casting stones into others”.

    1. Rodney Dangler

      Are you that stupid yes people do pay in advance when you are self employed. Trump has did more great achievements than any president in history! He has kept us out of wars and killed the biggest terrorists leaders! Now he is getting more peace deals in the Middle East!

      1. Mike Hunt

        The comments I’ve just read above, are entertaining, — but without doubt showcase bias-driven, close-minded opinions of disgruntled emotionality. The article is poorly if at all cited with verified sources. The author; whom I believe was tasked with the objective of writing the piece, could have accompanied the article with a few credible information citations — before considering to show impartiality with the tone. It would make the piece marginally more credible. Otherwise it’s going to be considered as credible as a glorified journal entry. If it’s at all true, could be interesting. I’m no where near ignorant enough to attempt to have a dialogue with the rest of the commenters who will inevitably either express my views as ‘brainwashed’ or rather, deflect the comment towards the current administration— which is irrelevant considering the article’s contents.

    2. Alex Armstrong

      It’s called paying estimated taxes. Years ago working as an independent contractor as opposed to an employee I used to pay them based on what I assumed I would earn the next year. It’s not unusual and lots of people do this so as not to get hit with a huge tax bill.

      Trump has done more in four years than any other president in our lifetime. Criminal justice reform, lowest unemployment, Middle East peace deals, federal justice appointments, getting out of bad trade deals and the Paris Accord, tax cuts…

      1. Marilyn

        This is so true ! The need to leave Trump alone anf let hom run the country. Biden won’t do sht ….the democrats are only using him
        They know he is not capable. Kamala is another one being used because of her color and being female
        Research her record in Ca. The judge had to force her to release prisoners after doing their time
        She kept prisoners in jail over their time for cheap labor
        She’s just a piece of crap !😰

    3. Jeff

      You really should read up on estimated quarterly taxes. Anyone who has investment income knows about it. Even if you don’t Know your exact tax for the current year, you know how much you made in the previous year, and estimates are base off that. You pay quarterly and make adjustments as you go.

    4. Jeffrey P Barrett

      Well 66 years of having your employee withhold too much taxes and you filed 46 years for a refund and Trump NEVER would have covered his huge taxes by estimate but you and 180 million US employed did the same. Your a deliberate liar. Like the abortion crowd blood is on your un-repenting hands for murdering God’s children that he sends to earth. YOUR DOE and the Democrats are done forever in this wicked genocide and ripoff of American workers and wealth. Nancy Pelosi is worth $200 million.

    5. Evalina

      really…taxes is all you got…Bidens made their money when in office…Pres did not…All Biden does is lie…for 47 yrs….and Dems buy into his every word…that says something about the party and how they fool their constituents

    6. John Falcon

      Another blind, deaf and dumb!! Is it ok to be a 47 years career corrupt politician just because somebody else is? You got to be stupid!!

    7. BTeboe

      How many Billionaires do you know. Trump has an army of tax lawyers to do his taxes. Trying to deflect the Biden family corruption on Trump’s taxes is complete BS. We know how Trump made his money, but how did the Bidens amass such a fortune. I’ll explain it in words you can understand – they ripped off the taxpayer by getting kickbacks. Since you seem gullible I’ve got some ocean front property in Arizona for sale.

    8. Paul Dos Santos

      You are obviously a tax idiot. People routinely pay taxes in advance, it’s called estimated tax. The IRS requires any tax payer to pay taxes on revenue AS IT IS EARNED, not on filing day. Failure to do so will result in penalties and interest. Therefore all self employed business men (like myself) pay estimated tax, in advance of filing day. Then when we file we may owe some more or we may be entitled to a refund.

      But then you know this all along, you are just doing what all libertards do to create confusion and perpetuate your lies. Your statement makes you either an idiot or a lier. Probably both.

    9. Anonymous too

      This is the best comment you have. They made Trump cut ties with all his businesses. He is not even allowed to talk to his children about business that they ran together for years,l. But here is a story about a politician getting caught and you can only look at the other party. Maybe people like you is why this country is so messed up. This is wrong, you don’t need to look at anyone but the guilty party here. Biden has ran around pointing fingers at Trump for months. I guess someone looked in his back yard.

    10. Char

      That’s why God gave us all a brain, to think on our own & choose who we vote for. God Bless America!!!

    11. JHD

      Just because you never heard of it doesn’t make it false. You just don’t know much. Businesses frequently pay up front and settle the difference at tax time.

    12. Marilyn

      Do your research !

    13. k shamash

      Paid taxes in advance?
      You likely pay your taxes in advance when your employer deducts it from your paycheque based on your estimated income taxes.
      As far as properties or anything else, if you are self employed, based on your previous tax filing, if you meet or exceed a certain income threshold, you are required to pay that portion quarterly or semi annually depending on income.

    14. Anonymous

      Uhm! A lot of people pay taxes in advance. Especially self employed people and business owners. It’s called quarterly estimated taxes. Look it up.

    15. Kate

      If you got a paycheck from your employer, you paid taxes in advance. At end of year, you get a refund if you overpaid or you might owe even more. It’s stunning that people don’t realize this.

    16. Denisea

      It’s called estimated taxes & is done all the time especially if you file an extension.
      Have you been living in a closet?

    17. Michael McLaughlin

      As a business owner all I can ask you to do is look at your pay check stub. You pay your annual tax bill in weekly installments, in advance! Most small businesses pay them quarterly, in advance, on money they have not even made yet.

    18. Laura

      For the first time, I Prepaid estimated taxes last year every quarter. IRS sends you these little enclosures and the date it’s due, similar to your property taxes. This year when I filed, it turns out I overpaid so I got some of that money back. Just because you’ve “never heard of it” doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You show your ignorance not only of the tax system but of the reality of the Mainstream news media. Wake up!!! Biden is a liar and as corrupt as you can get.

      Trump 2020…for America’s Freedom.

    19. Jeff C Burrows

      I own my own small business and pay my taxs quarterly, just like Potus says he does. So Mr-Mrs anonymous you are very wrong.IMO.

  15. pete

    I get it. There are people who do not trust Trump. But how in the world could they accept Biden as an opponent. In every way he is far worse. Older, bold liar, lazy, molesting, pure fake, bragging about his humility, unfit, medium IQ, entiteled, no more substance than a smile, no plan or vision, you name it…
    He was installed by the backstage-masters of the DNC, because first choice Kamala Harris blew it. (I mean the primaries!). These are just people ready to sell their grandma for fame.
    Every sane person dropping out in the primaries should have cried out loud about this ticket. Pure sellouts were endorsing anyways in hope for a position in an administration.
    I hope for the world that the US will use the next 4 years with Trump to clean out the swamp of career-politicians. Blacks need to divert their votes the same way as any other American group and you will almost immediately have solved all your race issues. Because then there is no incentive left for division. The only incentive needs to be improvement.
    God bless the world. Greetings from Germany!

  16. Mike

    This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to distract from the monumental failures of the Trump administration in so many aspects of the office most recently the COVID-19 disaster that could have been handled so much better. Only the most diehard Trump devotees believe this smear campaign. It is a relief to see the media taking a more judicious approach to fermenting this hit job at this close point to the election

    1. Jeffrey P Barrett

      The TREASON, Sedition and insurrection laws state that any e people knowing Hillary Clinton with CIA agents or British and Russian intel with Dem Presidential nominee plotting a COUP d’état with sitting VP Joe Biden, President Barach Obama and 34 FBI agents, CIA, NSA, State Dep.t employees with the entire left of evil media and the Monopoly Social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. must go to the President when this treason is known which would be President Trump. Two witnesses can tell the President or any Federal Judge and one of those MUST Immediately order Federal Marshals, Homeland Security or the Secretary of Defense with soldiers NOT THE AG Barr or a Congressional Investigation or Secret Jury or military court. ONLY President Trump and a Federal Judge period. Democrats should not be holding their breath because any day THAT is what is going to happen probably just after Trump wins his second term, he MUST arrest the plotters to be held in prison for the trial. Anyone found guilty can never hold any US political office EVER.

    2. Paul Dos Santos

      All you guys are so good at solving problems in the rear view meter.
      A clear mark of a looser.

    3. Mike

      You are a blind idiot as is most of the other Dem followers. A CLEAR FBI PROVEN scandal and you idiots still dont see anything. The swamp lives and you and your stupid opinion are what they swim in. Idiot.

    4. Greg K Cooper

      No smear campaign. Only light shining on the TRUTH. The REAL story here, beyond corrupt career politicians, is the media and Big Tech covering up and censoring the TRUTH.

    5. Jeff C Burrows

      Mike, if you look at the data Biden went on to say that Potus was doing the wrong thing when shutting down china travel in the beginning. Huh.
      I do not believe I am a trump devotee, but am voting for him again as he is by Far the best for the job in a long time.

  17. Mary Dean

    This Biden family business story really needs to be heard. The news media is covering it up to the point it feels like we’re living in a communist country. We the people still have a right to hear uncensored news, don’t we? Does this country have hope?

    1. Marilyn

      Democrats want to cover it up ! The whole congress is shameful

  18. Beatrice Shaw

    HOGWASH All of it desperate, Russian -backed Republican trash. Thank God the election is near and we will get another President with morals

    1. Paul Dos Santos

      Yes and his name is Donald Trump

    2. Greg K Cooper

      There’s nothing Russian or desperate about it Beatrice. You are the fool.

    3. Marilyn

      Neither one has morals
      Do your research !

    4. Kate

      Are you talking about the same guy (Biden) that had to drop-out of the 1988 Presidential election for NOT being moral and honest? After nearly a 1/2 century in politics, what are Biden’s accomplishments (aside from authoring 1994 crime bill that locked up thousands of black people)?

  19. Barry Mascarenhas

    Very well put!
    “And then yesterday evening Mr. Bobulinski revealed in a press conference that when discussing business, you were referred to as the “Chairman” or the “Big Guy,” and that you, Joe, were not to be mentioned in writing. The Bidens, Mr. Bobulinski said, were “paranoid” about keeping your name secret. Joe, according to Mr. Bobulinski, these were not Hunter Biden business deals. These were Biden family deals. The American people need you to come clean and explain this Biden family deal.”
    Exactly! Thanks for the clarity.