Disgusted by Jon Meacham Calling Trump Supporters Lizard Brains, Crom Carmichael Challenges ‘Historian’ to a Debate About the Power of Government


Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed the original all-star panelist, Crom Carmichael to the studio to weigh in on the disgusting comments made by Jon Meacham after the presidential debate about Trump supporters.

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It was remarkable to watch it in person. I’ve never seen a general election debate actually in the room. And one man was running for president of the United States and the other man was auditioning for a show on Fox. And that may sound like an attempt at glibness, but it was the innate feeling I had to watching the president who dwells in this wilderness of mirrors to borrow a phrase from the Cold War where there are these code words and it’s a language that I’m sure makes sense to a certain segment of his base. There is a lizard brain in this country. Donald Trump is a product of the White man’s, the anguished, nervous, White guys lizard brain. And there could be a twitch there.

Leahy: Well Crom Carmichael that was our fellow Nashvillian and I guess eminent historian Jon Meacham.

Carmichael: Those are not the words of somebody who’s really a kind or nice or honest person that seems at me. Those are the words of a very very bad person and I hope that he will publicly apologize for calling fellow human beings lizards. This is what Nazis did yeah, this is truly what the Nazis did to the Jews. What Jon Meacham has done is the equivalent of anti-Semitism at the worst levels. Dehumanizing. Dehumanizing people with whom he disagrees.

This is disgusting. He’s from New York. So I understand, I understand that he has brought his New York values to Tennessee and I hope he takes them back to New York because we’ve had fun with him in the past. But now what he’s done is he has now decided that he’s going to sink to the same levels as the Nazis and how they treated the Jews by calling human beings lizards. This is disgusting. On a related subject, by the way, his favored candidate Joe Biden has graciously accepted the endorsement from an organization called Engage, which is a group of Muslims that are truly anti-semantic.

Truly anti-Israel and want the death of Israel. And so here you have Jon Meacham calling Americans who support Trump lizard brains and you have this person that he loves and thinks it’s so smart which is weird in its own way that he would endorse somebody who has the largest voter fraud operation and is proud of it.

Leahy: And who wants to get rid of the oil industry.

Carmichael: And he wants to get rid of the oil industry. Which I’m sure that Meacham uses fossil fuels in his own life. But now he is endorsing a guy who is openly proud of accepting the endorsement from people that fraternize with Louis Farrakhan who has referred to Jewish people as apes and pigs. And so this is where we are now in this country. And by the way, the people on our side do not want to dehumanize Jon Meacham’s of the world. We just think that their thinking is no longer clear. But they are very very similar to the Intelligentsia who supported tyrants in the past.

Leahy: So just to be clear Jon Meacham is not a lizard brain.

Carmichael: He is not a lizard brain.

Leahy: But he’s a bad person.

Carmichael: Calling his fellow human beings an animal is a disgusting thing. It is disgusting.

Leahy: Now, Mr. Meacham. If you have if you had any courage, you would come in here and you would talk with us. You would sit down with us and you would explain your insult to half of America who supports Donald Trump by calling them lizard brains.

Carmichael: Now, by the way, I saw the same debate, but I was watching it on television and Frank Luntz was watching it with a group of undecided voters who said that Trump won the debate overwhelmingly over Biden. And these were normal human beings who are undecided.

Leahy: Not a lizard brain among them.

Carmichael: Well, we don’t know. According to Meacham, anyone who is for Trump is a lizard brain and is also not just a lizard brain but is also an inherent racist. And I will say this. We were talking in the break that our country is now no longer divided by race, you maintain that it is divided by class.

Leahy: The argument is not original to me, Victor Davis Hanson made that argument and I think it’s true. I mean Jon Meacham and the mainstream media. These are people that think they are superior to the rest of us.

Carmichael: And he’s expressed it very clearly by saying those who disagree with them have the intelligence of a lizard. And I will debate Jon Meacham any time that he wants to debate on the proper role of government and the nature of freedom in our society.

Leahy: Jon Meacham we are calling you out. Crom Carmichael is calling you out right now Jon Meacham, and if you had any courage you would accept that challenge.

Carmichael: And by the way, he just goes on on networks like CNN and MSNBC where he’s on there with a bunch of other haters.

Leahy: He’s an intellectual coward. He is an intellectual coward. And he associates himself, by the way with the Jeffrey Toobin’s. He does. He hangs out with them. He spends a lot of time in New York.

Carmichael: He does. With those people because now they’re all Jeffrey Toobin’s. It’s all the ones that CNN, MSNBC because they all know Jeffrey Toobin. And as Jeffrey Toobin himself said somebody who when he was referring to Kavanaugh, which he had no proof to support his allegation with Kavanaugh. But he said that somebody who does what Kavanaugh did does it regularly. That’s what he said. Well, we know what Jeffrey Toobin does because he did it and there’s a video of it. And that means that he does that regularly according to Jeffrey Toobin.

Leahy: According to his own logic.

Carmichael: According to his own logic and he does that regularly and there are people who associate with Jeffrey Toobin who must know that it’s not possible to associate with somebody who is that perverted and not know it and yet they accepted him.

Leahy: Well, Jon Meacham, you’ve been called out. Are you an intellectual coward or do you have some courage? Will you debate Crom Carmichael about the proper role of government? You can call right now at 615- Mr. Meacham and accept that challenge. We know when the phone doesn’t ring Crom, we know it will not be Jon Meacham.

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3 Thoughts to “Disgusted by Jon Meacham Calling Trump Supporters Lizard Brains, Crom Carmichael Challenges ‘Historian’ to a Debate About the Power of Government”

  1. Robin

    Meacham wasn’t calling anybody “Lizards.” He was referring to anatomy. According to Psychology Today: “
    In 1954, the limbic cortex was described by neuroanatomists. Since that time, the limbic system of the brain has been implicated as the seat of emotion, addiction, mood, and lots of other mental and emotional processes. It is the part of the brain that is phylogenetically very primitive. Many people call it the “Lizard Brain,” because the limbic system is about all a lizard has for brain function. It is in charge of fight, flight, feeding, fear, freezing up, and fornication.”

  2. james bellar

    i used to enjoy hearing mr. meacham speak. it is a shame his great knowledge of history and its future were altered when us deplorable.bible and gun toting stinky walmart lizard brains took our country back from the elites by infecting them with tds.

    to them i would say there has been a medical breakthrough that cures tds.

    mr. meacham it is called a coffee enema and starbucks will administer it. hurry

  3. Ron Welch

    I have observed and heard that the left is very consistent in doing what one of their political gurus, Saul Alinsky, counseled them, “accuse others of what you do”.