Where’s the Money?: Leahy and Kellett Talk Twitter and Facebooks Diminishing Conservative News and Hunter Biden’s $4.8 Million


Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  hosts Leahy and Doug Kellett discuss Twitter and Facebook’s censorship of conservatives and continue the discussion of where the $4.8 million went that was given to Hunter Biden.

(Ted Cruz & Jack Dorsey clip plays)

Mr. Dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the American people are allowed to hear? And why do you persist in behaving as a Democratic Super PAC silencing views to the contrary of your political beliefs? Let’s give Mr. Dorsey a few seconds to answer that and then we have to conclude this segment. We’re not doing that. And this is why I opened this hearing with calls for more transparency.

Kellett: (Leahy laughs) That is the head guy of Twitter. And the other voice was Senator Ted Cruz of Texas kind of I guess I’m sort of one of the moments in the end of hearing the virtual hearing they had yes, that’s why the audio sounds like it does. And yeah, it’s I know I never really understood, you know Dorsey’s answer there because they are making decisions about you know things that are circulated via Twitter. And you know goes back to you a conversation you and I have had numerous times. Are they a publisher? Do they edit these things?  So, you know, what about it Mike?

Leahy: That’s called lying straight to the Senate committee by Jack Dorsey. Come on.

Kellett: He wants transparency Mike, come on.

Leahy: Yeah. Geez.

Kellett: Well, I mean, what did he call it? Because I didn’t you know, I saw just bits and pieces of it yesterday on the Business Channel. What is he saying that they’re doing? The Hunter Biden story I guess is one of them, right? It’s the one that probably Ted is talking about there.

Leahy: It’s all over the place.

Kellett: It’s basically anything to do with voting. Yeah, you get a warning or something. I mean, I’ve had a couple of them that I’ve said that are just stories, you know, just most of what I tweet anyway is just, you know stories from you know, regular sites. You know, mainstream sites. If you do some voting sometimes you get a warning with it.

Leahy: Yeah, it’s crazy.

Kellett: Is it a service or a disservice?

Leahy: It’s a disservice using the editorial function to stop conservative stories. There is no question about that.

Kellett: Well it’s certain conservative stories. That’s the thing. They’re not consistent in that.

Leahy: The big conservative they stop. They allow some out but they throttle them.

Kellett: Twitter is such a cesspool. I mean the idea that conspiracy theories of one type or another and that’s the way they would view the Hunter Biden story and things like that. They got all kinds of conspiracy stuff floats on social media. Twitter is got to be the worst of all of it as far as that’s concerned.

Leahy: It’s awful. Nasty people on it. I mean,

Kellett: As the president would say, nasty people. You know the language is pretty bad sometimes.

Leahy: So let’s take a look at that at Facebook. So at The Tennessee Star, we’ve been doing great investigative work. They throttled us I can tell you while I’m looking at the numbers right now our Facebook page is down 70 percent in the last month.

Kellett: If your posting stuff about voting it may be held up.

Leahy: Posting engagements down by 26 percent.

Kellett: Who do you think is the worst violator? Facebook or Twitter?

Leahy: And Twitter is the worst and Facebook is a little behind. So here’s the question. You want transparency. I want to go like a dog with a bone.

Kellett: There is transparency with Twitter. We’re a bunch of leftist liberal types and we don’t like you.

Leahy: Yeah, right and we have monopoly control over this space.

Kellett: Exactly, don’t use my platform if you don’t like it, that’s probably what they would say.

Leahy: Yeah. Well, that’s the essence of what Jack Dorsey said, but let’s go back to transparency. I’m like a dog with a bone on this 4.8 million bucks. Grrrrr. (Kellett laughs) So so just humor me a little bit.

Kellett: I am I thought I was doing that.

Leahy: No you are, you are. But the $4.8 million. It seems to me and we’re going to do start doing some stories about this original reporting on the Hunter Biden and Joe Biden scandals. So it is known that $4.8 million went into Awasco PC. The proprietorship controlled by Hunter Biden and that it’s also known that he said that he was legally representing the chairman of this Chinese Communist Party-controlled energy company when it was trying to buy a 14 percent interest in the Russian State Energy company.

That’s known. Where did that $4.8 million go? And so if we got the bank records, if we got the bank records from Awasco PC, which could be easily obtained with simply a subpoena and a warrant which to me the Department of Justice, any Senate committee, the FBI, a US attorney could and should ask a court to issue a subpoena for the bank records of Awasco PC. I can tell you where its offices were.

Its offices were right on 2900 K Street in Washington DC on the fifth-floor office or apartment. It’s right in the Georgetown area. Very trendy area. That’s where the offices were. Now in December of 2019 Hunter Biden was according to the public records, he was removed and he was an executive officer there in December 2019 as another guy Eric Schwerin resigned.

This is according to public records that you can get easily. So, okay, so who’s running it now? Is it defunct but where’s the money? Where’s the money? Like that famous saying where’s the beef from 1984? I think the saying now should be where’s the money? Where’s the money Joe? Where’s the money Hunter?

Kellett: Well, here’s the question. If they got this money or whatever you’ve got to tie it to Joe Biden, right? And so what about tax records? I mean, you know, all the stuff comes out of The New York Times about Trump and the connection with you know, these all these various foreign companies. What about it wouldn’t it be in there?

Leahy: Very very good. Here’s the other question.

Kellett: So I’m just saying but he’s released his tax.

Leahy: Joe Biden apparently has but what about Hunter Biden? Hunter Biden should release his 2017 and 2018 tax records, don’t you think?

Kellett: Well, I wouldn’t have a problem with it for sure but he’s not running.

Leahy: It doesn’t matter. He’s the son of the former vice president the guy who’s running for president who according to Tony Bobulinski met with Bobulinski and Hunter Biden and his younger brother Jim Biden and they discussed this transfer of money from the Chi-coms to this company controlled by Hunter Biden. I think that’s a very important question.

Kellett: Well, I guess I’m thinking in this you know, remember Neil Bush? There was all this with George W. running? Yeah, and I remember people calling into my show like that’s the president’s son. He has nothing, you do know with anything. Again, it’s only five days. This may smolder after the election and if Biden wins this thing and and and everything, this may be one of those lingering sorts of scandals or whatever. Let me tell you what sort of dodging the whole time or whatever.

Leahy: Let me tell you my plan in America and we still and we shall have a free press. And I don’t care whether there are only five days or four days or three days until the election.

Kellett: No, I’m just talking about as far as an impact on the election

Leahy: We are going to follow this story over the next five days like a dog with a bone.

Kellett: What do you think Hunter if you got all that money? Didn’t you do something with it? I know that he may have had a drug issue or something because that came up in the debate. But what about you know, did he you know by Maserati or did he waste it on a bunch of stuff? Isn’t there a trail of that?  You don’t usually just keep $4.8 million in cash around.

Leahy: We need some forensic accounting on this right. We need his tax returns from 2017 and 2018.

Kellett: You’ve got Christopher Wray at the FBI. What’s he doing with it?

Leahy: Seriously why I have no idea why he doesn’t think there’s anything to deal with you. How can you not think there’s something to you. How could you have an ounce of intelligence and curiosity and not want to know the answer to these questions? I’m just asking for a friend.

Kellett: (Laughter) I love that on Facebook. I’ve been thinking about it. If you maybe he knows all this other stuff, you know, maybe they did some investigation Mike and it’s like it’s all legit, right? I mean personally, I don’t like any of these dealings with these, you know countries like China and Russia. In other words, it bothers me all the way around that we’ve got people running for high office that are doing these business dealings.

So I’m immediately you know on notice there.  But I do understand there’s a difference between legitimate business and illegitimate business. Even if I don’t like you doing any business really. But I think it would smolder at least after the election. It’s one of those things where here’s something else comes out and you know next year you’re still talking about it and if Joe’s president then. What happens?

Leahy: We have something planned at The Tennessee Star. We are going to provide a central focus. We will announce this. You’ll see it tomorrow. We’re going to have a central focus of all the questions on the Hunter Biden, Joe Biden scandal. There’s going to be a one-stop location.

Kellett: That would help me where I can go.

Leahy: That’s what I want to do. And we’re doing that tomorrow morning when we talk you will see our central location of all the scandals Hunter and Joe Biden and the Chi-comms, the Chinese company communist compromise.

Kellett: Let me ask you this question. Let’s say Donald Trump wins the election next week. Okay. Joe’s back into retirement in Delaware. Are you going to really still care about it?

Leahy: Well, it’s a matter of we’re laws broken. Yeah, well I care about it.

Kellett: But I’m just saying I hear you that no matter you don’t care about the politics of it. I’m just wondering will you still be pursuing it with the bigger…

Leahy: Like a dog with a bone my friend. Like a dog with a bone. Grrrrr.

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