Commentary: The Nightmare Scenario of Biden-Harris and the Ascendancy of Kamala

by Julie Strauss Levin


Kamala Harris is a radical with anti-America positions who will be within a hair’s breadth of the Oval Office should Joe Biden win the presidency. It’s not just because Kamala has had her eye on the top slot, which she does. It’s not just because there are legitimate questions about Biden’s cognitive state, which there are. It’s because the Biden Family Scandal may well be the most expedient means by which Harris’ eye on the Oval Office comes to fruition.

The Biden Family Scandal is monumental, which explains why the media and Big Tech moved quickly and aggressively to censor it. There’s mounting evidence that the Biden family made millions of dollars from deals with foreign entities (China, Russia, the Ukraine for starters). Among the evidence are emails and documents from son Hunter Biden’s own hard drive (verified by the FBI, and the authenticity has not been denied by any of the Biden three, i.e. Joe, brother Jim or son Hunter), an eyewitness to some of the deals, a Senate interim report about the matter, and an open and active FBI investigation of Hunter Biden and his associates focusing on money-laundering allegations. The Scandal raises extremely serious questions about whether the Biden family violated federal laws, compromised national security, and whether they exploited the Office of the Vice President to make millions of dollars at the expense of the American people.

And then there’s Kamala. What does she think about all of this? No need for her to speak in defense of her top-of-the-ticket guy when the media isn’t asking her about it. (Okay, there was that time last year when someone asked her about Biden getting the Ukraine prosecutor, who was investigating the entity linked to Hunter, fired. Harris said, “let’s leave Joe Biden alone.”) You would think just maybe as an attorney, an officer of the court, Harris would be troubled aligning herself with such a candidate and maybe she would want to know whether her running mate has been engaging in some hanky-panky (not of the Tara Reade kind; Harris believed Tara as a primary candidate but believed Joe once she became his VP choice; but let’s not digress). This brings us to the “what’s in it for Kamala” angle.

Perhaps Kamala views the Biden Family Scandal as the means to hasten her quest to occupy the Oval Office. One can’t help but get the sense that Kamala is actually hoping for a “perfect storm,” so to speak. After all, the Dem media, in concert with Big Tech, stifle any information about the Scandal. And the usual suspects Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, along with evil-doers John Brennan and James Clapper are on the offense, calling it all a pesky “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax.

If the nightmare scenario occurs and Biden-Harris wins, anticipate Kamala, Bernie Sanders, AOC and perhaps others of the radical, anti-America, globalist-loving members of the Democrat Party to sit Biden down in the Oval for that sober conversation. They’ll tell him that because of the Biden Family Scandal, it’s in the best interest of the country to magnanimously step down. After all, Joe would finally have president on his resume after four tries. So, for the good of the Party, they’ll tell Joe to step down. Maybe they’ll dangle a pardon or two in front of him. Out goes Joe. Enter Kamala Harris, stage left.

Harris as president would be an absolute disaster for our country, and her sites on destroying the United States are ambitious. She cackles when she doesn’t want to answer a question because a truthful answer will reveal a true radical. Nothing about Harris is a laughing matter and her cackle only reveals that despite having climbed her way through the California liberal hack system, she didn’t learn how to conceal her agenda with grace.

Harris’ 60 Minutes interview served as a prime example of her obfuscation. Norah O’Donnell had the temerity to state, “[y]ou’re considered the most liberal United States Senator.” Like clockwork, Harris cackled and dodged, blaming the source of the liberal moniker on her debate opponent, Vice President Mike Pence. O’Donnell shockingly pressed on. “Well, actually, the non-partisan GovTrack has rated you as the most liberal senator. You supported the Green New Deal. You supported Medicare for All. You supported legalizing marijuana. Joe Biden doesn’t support those things, so are you gonna bring the policies, those progressive policies that you supported as senator into a Biden administration?”  Harris cackled and then followed it with a lengthy speech about always giving Joe her opinion, none of which remotely answered O’Donnell’s question. O’Donnell is, of course, correct. Harris is the most liberal U.S. Senator. However, calling Harris liberal is quite tame. She is an extremist.

On the economy, Harris favors significantly higher taxes. In addition to repealing the President Trump’s tax cut that help American families, she once described AOC’s 70-80% top tax rates as “bold ideas.” She supports the Sanders/AOC Green New Deal, which will negatively impact every sector of our country, from shutting down all fossil fuel consumption to onerous new construction regulations and more, all to the tune of trillions of dollars and resultant rolling brown and black outs. Citing climate change, Harris even voted against the bi-partisan passage of the celebrated USMCA.

And she won’t stop with the Green New Deal. Harris’ extreme environmental agenda promises to investigate fossil fuel companies that, according to her view, mislead the public about climate change. “Let’s get them [the companies] not only in the pocketbook, but let’s make sure there are severe and serious penalties for their behaviors.” Harris will also re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement. “We must have and adopt a Green New Deal. On day one as president I would reenter us in the Paris Agreement, and put [sic] in place so we would be carbon neutral by 2030.”

She’ll ban plastic straws and single-use plastics altogether. “I think we can do a little better than some of those flimsy plastic straws. But we do need to ban the plastic.” (And yet, she admitted, “I’m going to be honest, it’s really difficult to drink out of a paper straw…”) As for meat consumption, Harris said last year she supports changing the food pyramid chart to reduce meat consumption, although a month prior at a campaign stop in Iowa, she was filmed devouring a pork chop, saying, “like it’s so good. I’m serious.”

As for fracking, Harris is in lockstep with Biden. Multiple videos show him saying that he would ban fracking. Perhaps this is a good place to remind Harris about the truth. As Commentary magazine succinctly put it, “The U.S. is now, by far, the number-one producer of natural gas, producing 90 billion cubic feet a day, 25 percent more than second-place Russia… As a result, the U.S. CO2 emissions are down to where they were in 1985–a third of a century ago, when the GDP was half what it is now in inflation-adjusted terms, and the population was smaller by a quarter. No other industrialized country has come anywhere close to reducing their emissions by so much.”

For Harris and all her radical leftist comrades, when it comes to climate change and the Green New Deal, the whole kit and kaboodle, forget about following the science. They cloak their true goals around the rallying cry of clean water and air. It’s a much easier sell than admitting that their entire agenda is truly about achieving complete government control over every facet of our lives.

On health care, Harris believes in Medicare for all, and eliminating private health coverage. When asked by Jake Tapper if those who like their insurance would be able to keep it, Harris flippantly responded, “let’s eliminate all of that. Let’s move on.” That says it all.

Harris will decimate the Second Amendment. She wants to ban AR-15s as a panacea to resolving crimes. (She ignores FBI statistics that show in 2018, more than five times as many people were killed by knives, clubs and other cutting instruments than by rifles. And in the year prior, the number of annual deaths by stabbing was four times greater than those killed by any kind of rifle.) Harris supports banning 18-20-year olds from buying long guns. She also wants to criminalize private gun sales. Never mind that private gun sales have been around since 1791, the year the Second Amendment was ratified.

And let’s not forget her stance on concealed carry. As California AG, Harris prevailed in her fight to retain the state’s “good cause” requirement whereby a citizen with no criminal record must nevertheless still convince the state that he or she has “good cause” for carrying a concealed gun for self-defense.  Attention all you women who want to conceal carry a firearm to protect yourselves. You won’t be able to, but Kamala will be well-protected by Secret Service 24/7. As for stand your ground laws (i.e. your home is your castle and you get to defend it), Harris calls these laws racist.

And yet, Harris is all in with defunding the police. She applauds the mobs and anarchists who steal and torch our cities, calling them “a movement that is fueled by the diversity, the beautiful diversity, of [those] demanding change and justice … They are not going to stop and everyone beware because they aren’t going to stop before election day in November and they are not going to stop after election day … they should not let up and they should not.”

As for BLM, Harris praises their “brilliance” and “impact,” claiming BLM “has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system.” She willingly ignores the fact that BLM is a Marxist, anti-America, and bigoted hate group. And, as Professor Alan Dershowitz aptly stated, BLM engages in a “war on the Jewish people.”

As for the Middle East, Harris supports rejoining the disastrous Iran deal that President Trump shredded. That deal provided a clear pathway for Iran to obtain nuclear weapons and transferred funds to the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. Harris voted against the bi-partisan 2019 bill, Strengthening America’s Security in the Middle East Act, which included security assistance to Israel, the Israel Anti-Boycott Act, and Combatting BDS Act.

She opposes Israel’s sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, but does support resuming payments to the Palestinian Authority despite its “pay to slay” program (guess she’ll have get the Taylor Force Act, signed by President Trump, repealed). She’ll reopen the PLO mission in DC (closed by Trump by law because Palestinian leadership stated its plans to go after Israel at the International Criminal Court; another law Harris will have to get repealed).

Harris has a history from the time she was California’s attorney general of cuddling up to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR has been linked to extremist groups and even designated by the United Arab Emirates as a terrorist organization. CAIR has particular animus towards Israel. And yet, Harris offered her “gratitude and admiration” to CAIR in a 2018 personal letter she penned to the group.

When it comes to immigration, Harris stands by sanctuary cities. “I support the principle of sanctuary cities, but the details matters … Sanctuary cities evolved around the idea that we also don’t want to deny access to public safety, public health, public education for anyone who is living… in our community. And I support that.”

There are so many more examples of Harris’ radical positions. Harris believes in paying reparations for slavery, saying that she doesn’t believe “writing a check is gonna be enough” because segregation exists today “on so many levels.” Harris is “absolutely open” to packing the Supreme Court. And, no, it has nothing to do with Justice Barrett. Harris talked about it last year.

All of these provide a frightening flavor of what’s in store for us if Biden-Harris wins. The American people will be stuck between a leftist rock and a radical hard place. Whether it’s Biden or Harris, they and their radical cronies will run roughshod over the people’s house, the White House, and impose their Marxist agenda on America, the Constitution be damned.

Neither one can ever have a seat in the Oval Office, the most powerful seat at the world’s table. We simply cannot let that happen.

– – –

Julie Strauss Levin is a proud American and attorney who loves her country.









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49 Thoughts to “Commentary: The Nightmare Scenario of Biden-Harris and the Ascendancy of Kamala”

  1. CCW

    This once brave, free, and prosperous republic is DOA. Those who care will have to fight hard to make another. Welcome to USSA. Mail in voting and ignoring state legislatures made the difference.

  2. biden and harris will discover the majority doesn’t want them. Even the liberals will lose after he destroys the nest egg. The democrats think they have won something, but sit back folks enjoy the show.
    here comes the taxes, regulations, fees, jobs overseas, cutting the military.
    The democratic party will destroy America,

  3. Shaef Gililland

    With Biden and Harris you can’t even tighten the seat belts for the devestating wild ride ahead because they will take away your cars and you will need permission to travel. Welcome to serfdome USA. If you get permission to travel then you will need a health passport.
    People get the government they deserve. Really America is this the best that acould have been offered. I didn’t serve in Vietnam and the Gulf to be a slave to some extremists.
    May God have mercy on Ameerica because Kamala will not.

  4. l2a3

    It really doesn’t matter because Old Joe will be dead within 6 months of him winning the election.

  5. Fellow Patriot

    Praise God! A journalist with common sense and a patriotic America to boot. God bless you!

    1. Haynes Berk

      Excellent commentary by Julie Strauss Levin. Frightening concept if ‘cackling’ Harris becomes president but then that has been the plan all along. No question that senile Joe will be removed — probably by an injected embolism — once he acquires the presidential throne.


    if the plan all along is to ride biden until he is impeached sometime mid feb early march and harris takes over then that is where you will have to wake up and realize our democracy has just ended if something like this happens pelosi,schumer and other top democrats would need to be jailed as i guarantee as much hate as some have for trump people are voting for biden not harris and if the above happens get ready for civil unrest and lawsuits.

  7. Rozza

    Personal anecdotes are just that however Harris does sound like a worker in the oldest profession who has just conducted a successful transaction to my ears & it naturally comes across as fake.

    1. charles hoffman

      trump will die in jail

  8. Jack

    It’s so cute that Julie thinks the “Biden family scandal”–which has proven to be literally *nothing*–will be the thing that the “socialists” will use to urge Biden to step down.

    It’s also cute that Julie, who seems to get a direct IV from OAN and Tucker Carlson, doesn’t actually listen to Biden’s speeches or read Biden’s policies. It’s not like the Trump campaign, which doesn’t have a single policy listed on its website, or the republican Party, who refused to pass a party platform this cycle.

    1. Moderate

      How would we know? The corrupt media will not cover the story. Biden’s policies will cripple the economy.

  9. Guy Stephenson

    This woman is a rat. A slimy stinky Socialist Rat. And a White House with her in it would turn red. As in Red Light. This is the woman who literally has slept her way to the top in every uh, position in her political career. She would be the nail in the coffin of America’s existence. And you can bank on the fact that she would become President after successfully forcing Biden out over his mental incompetence and corruption. While she stands by him now, Kamala Harris is the kind to politically cannibalize’ her boss to gain power. She would gladly feed Biden to the wolves to take him down. The greatest evils are often hidden behind the greatest charms and biggest smiles. And she’s got it all… or at least believes she does. American’s in both parties should very concerned about a Harris Presidency.

    1. Chris Thomas

      Being concerned about Harris and not the destruction that Trump has already caused and will continue to cause if he cheats his way to a second term is beyond laughable and outright ignorance of reality. Trump added 2.7 trillion dollars to our national debt and we have nothing to show for it you right wing voters are fools and simple minded idiots.

  10. American

    Demonic-socialists are determined to move pliable Harris into the presidency. She will lay down for any promise as Willie Brown knows, Once a *itch, always a *itch.

    I will not be surprised if Pelosi threatens to impeach Biden if elected unless he resigns opening the door to the Oval Office for Harris, Willie’s *hore!

    1. Ian MacRanalds

      So true!!

  11. Adam White

    You should have mentioned the FOX News article that stated “We find no evidence Joe Biden profited from this or was even involved”.

    This is yet another Trump distaraction.

    1. Qwik

      Wow how can you be that obtuse. If the same were found regarding anyone with a (r) behind their name you would be calling for heads.

    2. Adrian Gu

      1. Joe Biden’s campaign has never said the MacBook or emails were fake or is not Hunter’s.
      2. DailyMail in UK had their own cybersecurity expert to audit the contents for 100 hours and determined that he believes they were authentic.

      For Joe to have not profited from Hunter’s dealings, then Hunter’s rants about giving half to his dad and Hunter holding 10% for “The Big Guy” was all just either Hunter’s delusions or Hunter lying to his own daughter or to the biz partners in China.

      The other issue covered in the daily mail is that secret cell phone numbers of everyone from Obama to his AG and all the leaders of the senate and the house were in an email sent by Kathy Chung from Biden’s office to Hunter’s email at rosemontseneca. This is an unsecured email address and his password was simply hunter02.

      If a hostile power had obtained these numbers, and if you had access to software within cell phone towers, they can easily track the positions of ALL the leaders of the US government and taken them all out simultaneously.

      I don’t know why such an unsecured laptop was allowed to contain information this sensitive and why Biden’s office would even send it to Hunter’s email. This is even worse than Hilary’s private email server in her house — that at least had significant more security than Hunter’s laptop. There wasn’t even a 2 ever authentication (eg : code sent to his cellphone).

  12. M

    First sentence in, and tuned it out.

    Who wrote this, and do they also sell toilet paper?

    1. Qwik

      No- you need to speak to the leftists that said we would have 2.5 million dead that led to toilet paper shortages. That was your side.

  13. TruckinMack

    Joe Biden is in the early stages of dementia. Everyone knows this, especially the power brokers in the DNC. It makes me wonder if their plan all along was to put Biden at the top of the ballot so he could immediately step down and hand the crown to Kamala Harris. Think about it. NBC,CBS, ABC, CNN, PBS, and all the outlets of Silicon Valley all dug into nothing, creating the fake Russian influence scandal to smear Trump. Now, none of them are looking into Biden’s cognitive decline. (Not before the election, anyways.) They are all in on the con. It’s not even fake news anymore. It’s the corrupt news.

  14. Doug

    Well written and a chilling forecast of a very likely future.. should the nightmare ticket win on Tuesday.

    “sights” as in an aiming reticule, not “sites”

  15. Xenos

    This is completely ridiculous. Ever think to ask actual leftists think about Biden and Harris? Of course not. If those two are the future of America leftism then American leftism is in really bad shape – you certainly do not to fear it.

    But that is what it comes to: fear. Without fear you have nothing to offer.

    “We must not let it happen”. Remember your oath to uphold the Constitution, counselor. Your are walking on some thin ice with this rhetoric.

    1. Mary

      Ridiculous? Harris is quoted throughout.
      What’s ridiculous, actually alarming, is that you apparently are voting for a ticket, a plan, you seem to know so little about.
      Today, in this country, for half of the voting public, the words of Socrates ring all too true. You are a perfect example.

    2. Ian MacRanalds

      Sounds like a lot of Socialist Democrats don’t like the facts. Biden is owned by Communist China and Iran. There is more proof than non proof. Biden is loosing his mind, just watch his speeches. And Harris is more liberal than even Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler and many others.

      And I suppose all the murders, assaults, arson’s, lootings, etc. didn’t really happen, after all Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama, etc. said they were peaceful, liars.

      If it wasn’t for the real Americans being affected and suffering, the Socialist Democrats would deserve a Socialist/Communist government to live under, but it would be to late to stop them, just ask people who supported Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc. how great their lives were after Socialism and Communism took over the countries.

  16. Danny

    *shakes head*
    You’re right. It’s all a huge conspiracy. (Sarcasm). It drives me nuts when people state things as settled facts when they are far from that – saying it’s true doesn’t make it true. However on the topic of abuse of power and corruption involving foreign governments, maybe you should look at our current sitting president.
    Now before you cry foul for a “liberal” defending Biden and bashing Trump, I’ve been a centrist conservative all my life, but Trump does not represent the classic conservative; Reagan would be rolling in his grave. Trump has pushed out reasonably minded conservative centrists out from the conservative coalition, and unfortunately for the Republican Party they are about to pay the price in a few short days.
    Now rather than fighting, conspiring and bickering, how about we all start acting like Americans and put in the hard work to start unifying this great nation and making some progress together.

  17. Jay F

    President/Dictator Harris is only Step 2 (after getting rid of Uncle Joe). Next is Harris’ veep. Bernie or Nancy? Followed by a Harris impeachment (like ol’ Joe, Comm-e-la is not really useful). Then who gets to step in the Viceroy’s place? Surely another American version of Brutus, possibly even a female whose knives are already being honed..
    The only way out of this is to plan, now, to split the country. The states that want a dictatorship can go off and become their own Hitler/Stalin societal laboratories, while the rest, who can meld freedom with responsibility, can continue the American republic for a while longer.

  18. Joe Blow

    I’ve voted libertarian every election since Bush the Elder. This year, the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and DJT gets my vote, mostly because of the constitutionalist jurists that he has appointed. Also, because, as this article points out, the left is nuts, and is scarily reminiscent of the Jacobeans. It can never happen here? It can if we let it. Eternal vigilance is eternal, that’s what it means.

  19. Bill Wilde

    Not even the Wall Street Journal would carry the Post story, don’t pretend it’s the Liberal media’s fault that few news organizations chose to run it.
    Probably because it’s a bundle of Russian propaganda brought home by “truth isn’t truth“ Rudy Guiliani.
    The Post reporter who wrote it refused to put his name to it, what does that tell you?

  20. Howard

    Julie, get mental health help. You have lost it. Biden and Harris are centrists, Biden is sharp and healthy, and there isn’t a lick of evidence of Biden corruption. Russian propaganda works, I guess, but you are really focused on the bogeyman instead of the worst president in American history, Donald Trump.

    1. Joseph Crosby

      Nice try comrade. Biden/Harris equals bye bye America.

    2. Phuque Yugh

      Howard you are the one who is going to need Mental Health Help when President Trump wins by a landslide. See, Trump voters are going to vote because they want to be able to tell their grandchildren that they voted for the best president since Teddy Roosevelt. Democrat voters are going to stay at home because politicians have lied to them about the China virus and because pollsters have lied to them telling them Biden is going to win, so their vote is not critical. It will be funny watching you cry on Wednesday.

    3. Chezlow Yezz

      And you, Howard, should go sit upon your pottie because that is the only throne YOU and people like you will adorn.
      Biden is an imbecile on a leash and Harris carries his poop bag—for the present.

  21. That’s been the plan all along. As a former resident of the state of Tennessee,, I feel I must say that the thought of Kamala (or however you pronounce her name I don’t care) being president is the equivalent of telling me that Ho Chi Minh is becoming the president of the United States.

    1. chezlow yezz

      I commend your thoughtfulness and blunt less. May the almighty help us if women like Harris ever run anything butt a kitchen. Yes, there is a little bit of slut in every woman isnt there?

      1. Mad Patriot

        We don’t have to ask about what others think of Biden…he’s a dancing fool on purpose to be stepped on! HArris is a viper and wants to run the country…GOD forbid that as it will further lead to the One World Order take over and the destruction of all Americans– no matter what party they claim! The Parties will be obsolete, as there will be no more votes! Freedoms are being removed daily from us people! As fast as possible our nation is being changed to follow the plan of one governance OVER ALL OF THE WORLD…WAKE UP! Soon our country will NOT EVER resemble America or how we were founded again!

  22. KEITH Brown

    As good as this post is at pointing out our dire straits if Biden– God forbid— wins, it doesn’t even touch on our national defense against CCP and Russia. America is in a “warm” war, but Biden/Harris are only interested in military cuts and pay offs.

  23. Catherine

    We need to keep them out of the White House. We are Americans and they Biden and Harris support communism. Hell no!

  24. ed zanjero

    What a shame. Censorship even from the right.

  25. Joseph C.

    Very well said! Hit the nail on the head

  26. ed zanjero

    I wonder if any U.S. Counterintelligence analysts have awakened to this nightmare scenario much of the undereducated, non-Ivy League American citizenry has already long suspected. The Clintons, the Bushes, the Obamas have all inflicted their respective globalist, corrupt injuries upon our nation….now this Harris groin-kick to our country looms before us. It demonstrates to me our Counterintelligence people have either been asleep at the wheel, or allowing this CPUSA-China scheme to unfold without any action on the behalf of our country. The people see it clearly; the Ivy-Leaguers refuse.


    It’s not just the prospect of Harris sliding into the oval office after Biden is forced to resign by the media that protects him now. It is the succession of leadership that places the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi in Kamala’s place and would likely lead to an Adam Schiff speakership. With those three running the country, we can all kiss the America we grew up in goodbye.

  28. tom

    The Green New Deal AOC and Biden Harris are pushing needs to be understood better as to how Cobalt is Mined for the alternative energy products they want to produce

  29. justme

    If Biden/Harris win – – – – BOHICA!

  30. Maxwell

    I think it’s obvious why the Media is ignoring the Hunter Laptop story, they’re not ready for Joe Biden to drop out of the race just yet.

    The evidence on the laptop has been verified but a number of people, including Bobulinski a Biden associate who added even more details, contradicting and damaging to Joe Biden’s statements about his knowledge of sons work with Burisma, and reason for Joe Biden’s “quid pro quo” in having the Ukraine prosecutor who was investigating Burisma fired.

    Right now the Media needs Joe Biden to win the election, then they’ll acknowledge and verify the evidence on his son’s laptop, and ultimately call for Biden to step-down and resign, so that Kamala Harris would step-ups as President ..and be the most Liberal and Socialist leaning President this country has ever seen.

    This is the only way such an extreme Liberal will ever become President.

    1. Lincoln Rhyme

      Why did I link through to this load of crap?

      I guess just for the laugh.

    2. Bill Wilde

      That’s a pretty whacky conspiracy theory you’ve got there, you might be ready to write for Infowars.

      1. Rozza

        I think your meant to say Qanon now when you can’t form a counterpoint.