Commentary: Now, It’s up to You

by Rick Manning


Tuesday is Election Day and the choice has never been clearer in American electoral history.

As someone who regularly reads the Daily Torch, you know the facts:

  • If you want the mobs on the streets to win their fight against your rights, vote for Biden
  • If you want to go back to shipping our jobs to China, vote for Biden
  • If you want higher taxes, vote for Biden
  • If you want more federal regulations, vote for Biden
  • If you believe the federal government should run your local communities zoning, vote for Biden

I could go on and on, but this is like preaching to the choir, it feels good but at this point accomplishes little.  Instead, I want to ask you to do three things to help Donald Trump be re-elected.

  1. Share this Get Out the Vote cartoon by Tony Branco that I had drawn specifically for now.
  2. Go out of your way to talk to and personally reach out to like-minded friends and relatives and urge them to vote if they have not already done so.
  3. Ask everyone who your reach to talk to one other person to make certain that they are voting as well.

Google, Facebook and Twitter executives think they are the Masters of the Universe, but here in America elections are decided by the actions of you and me.  We are the Masters of America’s fate not weird looking creeps from the Silicon Valley, and when we talk to those we influence and encourage them to make their voice heard, they cannot win.

This election is the most consequential of my lifetime.  Donald Trump has been one of the two best presidents of my lifetime along with Ronald Reagan and he has earned re-election.

The left hates Trump because he doesn’t kneel to them.  The left hates Donald Trump because he gets things done and he won’t be intimidated.  The left hates Donald Trump because he is taking their power away.

But now, after four years of fighting for you and me, Donald Trump needs us to fight for him.  The President has done 15 rallies in a couple of days, but today, now, he needs you and I to step up.  If a friend needs help to get to the polls – take them.  If you have already voted, make certain that everyone who you know understands why this election matters to our nation’s future freedoms.

The lines may be long, because the left has tried to make it inconvenient to vote on election day, if you have already voted, bring a chair for a friend who needs to wait in that line.  Take water to those who are waiting so they don’t get discouraged.

The truth is that a vast majority of the people voting on November 3 are Donald Trump voters.  The Joe Biden campaign put all its eggs in the early vote by mail basket, so let’s make certain that freedom rings at those polling places tomorrow.

The time for talk is over.  Now it is time to decide.  Please join me in doing everything that you can think of to help get those who love this country and want to see her continue to be a shining beacon on a hill to vote.

No excuses.  It is winning time. Do not wake up on Wednesday wishing you had done more.  If we all pull together, the hopeful vision of America’s future will prevail and the dark winter for America that Joe Biden talks about will be avoided.

Now, it is up to you.

– – –

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.
Photo “People Voting” by Maryland GovPics. CC BY 2.0










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