Governor Lee Extends State of Emergency Through End of Year


Governor Bill Lee has officially extended the state of emergency for the remainder of 2020.

The executive order followed Lee’s own quarantine due to exposure from the coronavirus. The extension of the order means that Tennessee will receive further federal funding, mayors can continue to implement their own guidelines, and government officials can continue to meet virtually.

Additionally, the governor commended the county mayors that have or will implement mask mandates.

“Due to the surge in cases, a number of county mayors, many in the last several days have implemented mask requirements in their communities,” he said. “Many are considering it, we’ve had a lot of conversations with those mayors. As of now, about 62 percent of our population is under a mask requirement.”

Tennessee hospital spokesperson, Dr. Wendy Long, stated that hospitalizations are increasing at an “alarming rate” across the state. Long attributed the case rate and hospitalization reduction that occurred earlier this summer to Tennesseans that “buckled down and masked up.”

Long warned that the flu cases compounded with COVID-19 cases would lead to “statewide [hospital] capacity issues.” As such, the doctor recommended that individuals wear a mask, social distance, and receive a flu shot.

Lee added that the state will continue its pop-up testing facilities into election week. Two federal programs covering pandemic unemployment assistance and pandemic emergency unemployment compensation will continue until December 26. However, the government’s team encouraged individuals to return to work.

Tennessee’s vaccine plan is still in its drafting stages. Certain classes of citizens will receive the first rounds of vaccinations, including the elderly, first responders, and prison systems.

The Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) announced Friday that the state’s national electronic disease surveillance system will be down on the weekend prior to Election Day. The system shutdown will hinder COVID-19 case data updates, but won’t prevent individuals from receiving their test results.

Spokespersons for the governor didn’t respond to inquiries regarding the future possibility of implementing a statewide mask mandate.

Tennessee’s state of emergency is scheduled to expire December 29.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
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7 Thoughts to “Governor Lee Extends State of Emergency Through End of Year”

  1. Jay

    The Gov has drunk the Kool Aid. Read how Jack Nicholas beat the CCP virus. Our Gov won’t allow us to do the same. Very sad.

  2. rick

    Lee and Commie Cooper are useless, this Covid crap is a farce for control, to hell with both of them!

  3. 83ragtop50

    I am fed up with Lee. Abdicating his authority (if he really has it) to the county mayors is a disaster. Our puffed up mayor does not need any help in riding herd on us residents. I refuse to wear a mask except in a medical situation. Period. And apparently so do a large percentage of my fellow county residents.

    The state legislature really, really needs to put a legal checkrein on this and all future governors. I did not vote for a god. I voted for a governor.

  4. Horatio Bunce

    “Long warned that the flu cases compounded with COVID-19 cases would lead to “statewide [hospital] capacity issues.” As such, the doctor recommended that individuals wear a mask, social distance, and receive a flu shot.”

    Even if these people believe in the Coronahoax, why would you get a flu shot when the Department of Defense has already found that it gives you a 36% greater chance of contracting another respiratory virus?

    Have they not read the insert of the Fluzone vaccine – that it would be expected to KILL 0.5% of the people who receive it?

    Why does the state government push fake doctors that have no license in any state like Deborah Birx? Why do they pretend that an “old scarf”, as recommended by the US Surgeon General and CDC, will prevent transmission of an airborne infectious agent?

    Does the state government want people to die? Do they want you to become another flu shot “coincidence” like is currently happening in South Korea, or is there anything they won’t do to keep Uncle Sugar money flowing in?

    Think there is just another “coincidence” that once “free” flu shots are being pushed that suddenly we have all these “cases”? Still can’t figure out why all the nursing home residents who are forced flu vaccines are getting Coronahoax? Still think it is a “coincidence” that your public schools shut down almost every year because of “flu symptoms” once the free flu shots start flowing?

  5. rick

    As long as there is Federal funding there will be an emergency!

  6. Rob barns

    Do the good people of Tennessee believe there freedoms will be handed back to them ? You better think again ! When the Government tells you wear a mask , pay wheel tax only for a lil bit and then it turns into a lifetime! Government will not save you , but they will in salve you with pleasure! Why don’t bill and Melinda Gates wear a mask ? Well you see the evil in charge only make the rules but don’t follow them. Covid has yet to be isolated or show any proof that the virus is real .. They got a patent on the common cold and flu and will use it to track and microchip you . Don’t believe me? Ask yourself why We’re forced to wear mask ? When you know damn well they can’t make you do anything. If we all join together and say no they can’t put us all in prison . Notice how Canada is building federal concentration camps !

  7. Kevin

    So much for “I’m for limited government”, and “Government is not the answer…”! Can’t wait to hear the excuses for this one.