Tennessee’s Democratic Representatives Cohen and Cooper Fear-Monger Voters Ahead of Election Day


Representatives Steve Cohen (D-TN-09) and Jim Cooper (D-TN-05) tweeted that voters should be fearful heading into Election Day. Both representatives issued their remarks on the day before the election.

The tweets from Cohen and Cooper reflect one of two messages: encouraging individuals to submit their votes and questioning the integrity of the election. The day before Election Day, Cohen suggested that the election’s aftermath should be feared.

“After the election, #Trump could take his outlandishness to new heights. That’s why I intro’d H.J.Res.8 to prevent presidents from pardoning themselves/families/cohorts. I fear Trump will be untethered and unhinged in the coming months. #TrumpMeltdown,” wrote Cohen. “I fear from now until January 20, 2021. And you should too. Chaos bred from fear coming to America.”

In the past week, Cohen has tweeted other claims against President Donald Trump and his administration, as well as the integrity of the election. Cohen has used hashtags including “#TrumpIsKillingAmericans” and “#TrumpLiedPeopleDied.”

Within his tweets, Cohen has claimed that the Electoral College causes lower voter turnout and doesn’t represent democracy. The representative has also accused White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany of violating the Hatch Act.

Additionally, Cohen claimed that Trump endorsed “vigilante violence” because the President mentioned the controversial Trump supporters surrounding a Biden campaign bus in Texas.

On the night of Philadelphia riots, Cohen shared a tweet from Representative John Yarmuth (D-KY-03), who quoted previous representative John Lewis telling people to “make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.”

Cooper also chose to tweet a message of fear the day before the election. The representative retweeted a screenshot of a video from historian Jon Meacham’s Democratic National Convention (DNC) speech, calling it a “10/10.”

Meacham said that the election signifies “a grave moment in America,” and stated that Trump has rendered citizens into “prisoners of the darkest of American forces.” The historian implied that President Trump created a dangerous landscape in America throughout COVID-19 and the riots.

While most of Cooper’s other tweets from this past week focused on encouraging citizens to vote, some remarks question the election’s integrity. In one tweet, Cooper stated that the Electoral College “is a relic of the past and an example of institutional racism,” and claimed that it suppressed racial minorities that populate the larger states.

Cooper also retweeted the House Oversight Committee’s claim that the President and his administration attempted to use $250 million in coronavirus ad campaign funds for Trump’s re-election.

Neither spokesperson for Cohen or Cooper responded with comment by press time.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Steve Cohen” by Congressman Steve Cohen Facebook. Photo “Jim Cooper” by U.S. Senate. Background Photo “Voting Booths” by Sage Ross CC BY-SA 2.0.





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14 Thoughts to “Tennessee’s Democratic Representatives Cohen and Cooper Fear-Monger Voters Ahead of Election Day”

  1. Beatrice Shaw

    Why are you always so critical of these men? They have equal protection for their opinions under the law and the Constitution?

  2. John Bumpus

    “Tennessee’s Democratic Representatives Cohen and Cooper Fear-Monger Voters Ahead of Election Day”

    Of course they do–what ELSE were you expecting? IDEAS maybe?

    Please, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, Tennessee General Assembly–when next you conduct congressional redistricting, GET RID OF COHEN!

  3. Clay Ledford

    Cohen is a disgrace to the great people of Tennessee, all he does is whine and he doesn’t represent our values.

    1. No Agenda

      Cohen is well-known to be a cross-dresser and a pot-head.

  4. justme

    In reference to these two bozos I will quote Senator Ted Kennedy; lie after lie after lie. Tennessee voters wake up and send Cohen & Cooper packing. They are not representative of Tennessee values.

  5. Typical Democrat talk. If you look at the Bush-Gore or Trump-Clinton election results by county, you will see that 85% – 90% of the country voted Republican. But Hiliary claims to have won the popular vote. This makes the same comparison that existed when the constitution was drafted, in that small States–like Delaware–did not want to be overruled by the large states–like Virginia. Obviously, Virginia and the other states wanted the reverse. So in compromise, they formed a bicameral legislature. One House was based on population and the other represented each state equally; both houses had to pass the same bill for it to be enacted as law. That same compromise was brought forward in the Presidential election method. Each state gets the number of electors as they have members of Congress (both House and Senate added together). Now, the Democrats want to change that to be just based on population, thus all of that 90% of the land in the map would be irrelevant and only the vote of the largest cities would matter. This would be adverse to the interests of for example farmers in Kansas, Iowa, or Nebraska because the concerns and issues of very large city dwellers would not be the same as farmers and ranchers. The framers of the constitution were very wise in how they divided up power [which is what this is really all about]. But, we must be vigilante, because when asked what kind of a government the framers had chosen, Benjamin Franklin said, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

  6. All these jokers are reprehensible. The perpetual lying and fear mongering. I’m surprised our universities haven’t started offering majors in deflection yet. The left seems to have this down pat.

    Also amazing is after actual video is released of an activity, the left continues to ask you to believe them, as opposed to your own lying eyes, i.e. the Biden bus in TX.

  7. John

    No surprises here. It’s all hands on deck for the dims. Suppresses the vote any way possible. All in an effort to get the vote with the margin that the election can be stolen by voter fraud. This is and has always been the Democrat’s election strategy.

    A huge conservative turnout is the only thing that can trump voter fraud. So if you have’t already, GET OUT AND VOTE TODAY!

  8. Steve Allen

    Fearmongering is all the Donks know how to do. They are the party of oppression. All you have to do is listen to a Biden speech (if you can actually understand what he is saying) it’s all doom and gloom and hateful rhetoric. A Trump speech is positive about America and it’s citizens of all races.

  9. Julie

    Expect more extreme statements from our Democrat representatives as the socialists and communists running the party move it further left. Cohen and Cooper will support the lawlessness that we are going to see on the left in the aftermath of this election.

  10. mikey whipwreck

    these are two of the worst pieces of trash in TN.

  11. rick

    Commie Cooper and Goober Jim are useless corrupt progressive democrats. The tide is turning on both , rapidly. John Cooper has financially ruined so many lives with the way he has handled this Covid nonsense. It’s a virus you idiot! It makes me sick to think about Commie Cooper and those that up hold him and his Nancy Piglosi’s Boy, brother Goober Jim. As Bubba said both should be run out of office and out of town. Steve Cohen is not worth a comment , he is scum!

  12. Bubba N

    Jim and John Cooper are enemies of freedom and capitalism. Both need to be thrown out of office and run out of town.

    Both hate American and the Rule of Law.

    1. William Finch

      Also included in that list should be Chicken Eating Cohen.