Democrat Marquita Bradshaw Refuses to Concede to Bill Hagerty, Says She’s Not Going Away

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Democrat Marquita Bradshaw officially lost the U.S. Senate race to U.S. Sen.-Elect Bill Hagerty Tuesday by a landslide margin, but she said Tuesday that she refuses to accept the results.

Bradshaw also said she won’t address Hagerty as her new U.S. senator.

Bradshaw said this while addressing her supporters Tuesday night. This, after Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett posted election results on that department’s website.

“In true South Memphis style we fight for everything that we have to get. This is not a concession speech. It is on the principle of democracy that we will fight until every last vote is counted,” Bradshaw told her followers Tuesday.

“I have already made history, and that was not my intention. But what I will do is make sure that you know that your vote will be counted in this United States Senate race. Because I know the antics that they’ve done in the past, and it goes no farther than here. So, in true South Memphis style, we will fight and we will go find my votes at the bottom of the basement.”

Bradshaw offered no evidence to support her accusations.

Bradshaw, according to election results, got 35 percent of the vote to Hagerty’s 62 percent.

As The Tennessee Star reported in August, Bradshaw is an environmental activist and former AFL-CIO organizer. Bradshaw’s campaign website describes her as “a lifelong environmentalist and activist for social & economic justice who has proudly fought alongside the people of Tennessee.”

The website also lists her as a community organizer who volunteers for, among other groups, the AFL-CIO, the left-leaning Sierra Club Executive Committee, and the Tennessee African American Environmental Justice Network.

Bradshaw said Tuesday that she is not going away.

“Bill Hagerty is not my U.S. senator and we will count the last vote,” Bradshaw said.

“My name is Marquita Bradshaw, and I will be your next United States senator.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Marquita Bradshaw” by Marquita Bradshaw.









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26 Thoughts to “Democrat Marquita Bradshaw Refuses to Concede to Bill Hagerty, Says She’s Not Going Away”

  1. Bob Marsh

    The Republicans held the Senate , increase their seats in House but somehow the President is slowly having his election win stolen by the Democratic machine in the States. This doesn’t bode well for our Republic.

  2. Ron Welch

    Marquita Bradshaw needs to take it up with the DNC. I saw NO campaign ads for her, yet the her KY Senate candidate got $60 million to lose big to Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnel. She only hit 2% more of the vote than Marquita. They also funneled more than $100 million to the Democratic candidate in South Carolina to defeat Lindsey Graham. And a lot to a Democrat loser in Georgia. But the DNC ignored Marquita Bradshaw who apparently got NONE! It’s your own party’s fault, Marquita!

  3. Ace

    Another delusional leftist loser. Gets pummeled by voters and then claims she is for democracy unless she doesn’t like the results. She doesn’t have to accept the results for the results to be the results. I hope this delusional twit tries to go to the Senate, I am sure she won’t even be allowed into the building and if she insists she is a US senator she should be put in a funny farm

  4. DevoShire

    Funny she should mention the basement. I’m sure there are dem votes In somebody’s basement, just waiting to find a way to count.

    BTW, South Memphis is nothing to brag about. Perhaps the environmental activist could work on cleaning that up instead.

  5. lb

    What she needs to understand is Tennesseans REALLY hate this kind of thing–bad losers whining and refusing to lose with dignity and class.
    Since she is now unemployed, it looks like she is angling to be the new “REAL gov of ga stacey abrams”…what a sad thing to aspire to be

  6. stpaulchuck

    what is it with these obnoxious PPP females that refuse to admit they got beat??

  7. Lance Persson

    She can say what she wants and proclaim that Hagerty is not her senator. but that doesn’t mean anything. When the senate votes in the next six years, it will be Hagerty’s vote that will be counted.

    1. Neal N. Lichmee


  8. KayDee

    Stacey Abrams, Jr?

  9. Teddy

    She may not be going away but she sure is not going to be the next Senator from Tennessee. She only carried three counties.

  10. james b

    dear marquita. no one really gives a hoot and as for you not going away, no one really gives a hoot. it is history that will erases you. the only one who remembers who finished in second place,is the one who finished in second place.

    bye bye

  11. John M Hames

    Hey Marquita,
    Go ahead and show up at the Senate office building in January.

    I am sure they will have a room for you… But it might not be what you expected 🤣😅😂

  12. As is usual. the left does what it accuses the right of doing. Refuses to accept results they don’t like. Boo-hoo-hoo. Memphis is in the shape it is, thanks to people like Bradshaw. Ignorance is not rebellion, but try telling that to these miscreants. She wanna go all Stacey Abrams? Go ahead – it’s a small audience. Everyone else prefers to go on with their lives.

  13. Kendra Tilley

    Bradshaw was the Indivisible endorsed candidate. Indivisible is a radical left organization that is supported by BLM. So I am not surprised that she is taking the radical left stance of NEVER CONCEDING.

  14. dee

    She is making a fool of herself. It’s not even close. She lost end of story.

  15. Kevin

    Gone are the days of a “peaceful” transition of power! The new Democrat Party will no longer accept ANY loss, even when the majority of voters disagree with them!

    They have done and will continue to do, everything, including rigging elections, to take control and to then maintain it!

  16. Mary

    Channeling Stacy Abrams. LOL

  17. CMinTN

    Bradshaw is now irrelevant. It matters not whether she wants to concede or not. She lost and the math proves it.

  18. Fred Ruble

    Grow up. You lost. The people spoke!

  19. John

    ” It is on the principle of democracy that we will fight until every last vote is counted,” Bradshaw told her followers Tuesday.”

    This two bit hood-rat community agitator thinks we live in a ‘democracy’. No honey, we don’t. We live in a representative republic.

    “Bill Hagerty is not my U.S. senator and we will count the last vote.”

    The cancel culture is real and it isn’t going away. We’ve lost our country to a bunch of Marxist, fascists and anarchist.

    Looks like the marching orders have went out. The new narrative is ‘count every vote’, which is code for, ‘fake or legit, count every democrat ballot’. I’ve now read quotes from several democrats whom have used that exact phrase.

  20. David Longfellow

    Luckily, this moron won’t be sitting in the US Senate. Only Democrats would be stupid enough to vote for her.

  21. Ron Welch

    Marquita Bradshaw needs a remedial course in elementary arithmetic–or maybe she was schooled in some of that new “woke” math.

  22. Julie

    The new tactic of the left is to never concede defeat and elude to cheating and other misdeeds by the winner. Proof isn’t needed, the local left leaning media will be more than happy to report any Democrat complaints particularly if it makes the Republicans look bad.

  23. Randy

    Not worth the ink, electronic or on paper.

  24. rick

    She should have cheated, lied and stole better like all of her fellow democratic scum. Come to work for Commie Cooper and he will create a new position for Community Organizer with all of the tax increase money he lied and cheated to get!

  25. rick

    She is lucky that she got as many votes as she did. Tennessee voters spoke, you lost big time community organizer.