Host Leahy and Carol Swain Discuss the Absence of Republican Ballot Counting Oversight and Trump’s Path to the Presidency


Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist, Dr. Carol Swain, to the studio.

During the second hour, Leahy and Swain discussed the rampant alleged voter fraud across the country and how Republican election officials were not allowed any oversight in the counting of ballots. They later outlined the only path for Donald Trump to remain president of the United States citing North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia in play.

Leahy: We are joined by our good friend. All-star panelist, former Vanderbilt Professor and former mayoral candidate here in Nashville, Carol Swain. Good morning, Carol.

Swain: Good morning. How are you?

Leahy: I’m looking at the numbers Carol. It’s not looking good for our guy, but the game ain’t over. I kind of went through this analysis of where we are on. There is a chance that the president could be re-elected but a lot of things have to happen. And I’m wondering what your take is on all this Carol?

Swain: Well, I mean obviously this email this morning and of course the president’s people have not given up.

Leahy: Oh. Do not give up. Yeah. Do not give up at all.

Swain: But their concerns are about the way the Democrats are counting votes and excluding them. And when they say every vote must count they mean the illegal votes as well as votes that are legal. They’re trying to count everything and they’re not allowing any oversight.

Leahy: Well, and that’s the case. Lawsuits have been filed by the Trump campaign in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan. Yeah, every vote counts, and in particular the illegal votes for Joe Biden. That seems to be their policy.

Swain: I’m concerned. And I wrote an article I guess was 2018 when I talked about voter fraud and that election and the need for federal election reform. Of course, the Republicans did nothing about it. They didn’t pursue it. But all of this could have been anticipated. The ballot harvesting. And I will say that I was right again about coronavirus being tied to politics and financial interests of the pharmaceutical companies. And so Democrats have had every incentive to keep it alive.

And at the very end, even here in Tennessee, they said people with coronavirus could vote in person the whole push to have mail-in ballots and absentee ballots. We always have absentee ballots, but the push for mail-in ballots had to do with it’s not safe to vote because of coronavirus. And then in the end, they tell people you can vote if you have coronavirus meaning you can stand in line, you know with hundreds of other people or scores of other people with coronavirus if you’re going to vote.

Leahy: Well, it’s all over but the crying, counting now and the legal work, right?

Swain: Well the counting being done behind closed doors without the other party providing any oversight, we know that it’s a sham. It’s a way to steal the election. And I had hoped that President Trump would have won by a landslide. And what has happened is, look at how many votes he has gotten and just how much support.

Leahy: It’s about from what I can tell is about 50.4 percent of the national popular vote for Biden and about 48 percent for the president. That’s a margin of 2.4 percent for Biden but even including all the cheating that I think is going on.

Swain: Well, I mean it’s like what 68 million votes or something like that?

Leahy: It’s like 72 million to 69 something million.

Swain: Yeah. I mean that’s a lot of people that supported the president. And I think that the elites and the media they’ve always had it in for this president.

Leahy: Well Fox News decision desk certainly did.

Swain: They were horrible. They were horrible.

Leahy: I can barely watch Chris Wallace and this Arnon Mishkin character. He is arrogant and condescending and not telling the truth about why he called Arizona with 70 percent of the votes in.

Swain: Oh, I thought it was very frustrating for me watching the returns was how they had an incentive just like the coronavirus numbers how they kept putting them up to scare people. They called those states early for Biden for the psychological effect to make it seem like Biden was winning.

Leahy: No question about it. And they didn’t call Florida where the president had easily had a three and a half point lead for a long time until there was 99 percent of the precincts counted. Seventy percent of the precincts counted in Arizona at the time that the vice president had a 3.1 percent lead and they called it and it’s dwindling ever since.

Swain: I know.

Leahy: But here’s the thing Carol there are lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan already. There will be a recount in Wisconsin. Probably a lawsuit there. Probably a lawsuit in Arizona. Probably a lawsuit in Nevada I would guess.

Swain: Well, I mean I can tell you that even in Virginia where the president was not even close…

Leahy: Lost by six points.

Swain: They were cheating. They were mailing out ballots to people that elderly people that hadn’t requested them. They were highlighting where they were supposed to put in the name address and signature and then they were leaving the rest of it blank. And so the intent I believe was for them to return it because these were uneducated people who returned the ballot. Then they would check the candidate.

Leahy: And so the trying to steal Pennsylvania, it looks like to me. Eighty-seven percent reporting 164,000 lead for the president. And that can evaporate very quickly if you’re jamming in illegal votes there. The president sued. What’s going to happen in that lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

Swain: I think it clearly depends on the courts and the powers that be because we know that if the process was fair you would have both parties in the room where votes are being counted. We know from living in Nashville that the Democrats don’t play fair. They believe the ends justify the means. And what the Supreme Court, I don’t know whether or not they would be willing to wait in there for the Democratic process. But as far as we the people, I see I power dwindling more and more and our nation moving away from being the Democratic Republic for we the people, you know, elected politicians rather than having elites select them for us.

Leahy: Well, you know, we try to lead the way in news and education here in Tennessee. And that’s an accurate analysis Carol of where we are.

Swain: I’m glad to hear you say that because I know that you are very cautious. And I probably make you very nervous.

Leahy: You don’t make me nervous at all. Well, actually what I was trying to say about that Carol is that people listen to our program and they want to provide information, but they also need to have a plan of action, right?

Swain: They do.

Leahy: That’s what we try and do and for those listeners and it first for somebody out there right now, there’s nothing really to do except journalistically. There’s something for us to do. We’re going to document all the voter irregularities going on in these seven states that have not yet been finally called. And we’re going to provide information for the president’s team to include it in a lawsuit.

We thought that’d be fine. But I do think there’s a widespread evidence of voter fraud. Let’s take a look, Milwaukee City Wire has this analysis. Seven Milwaukee wards report more 2020 presidential votes than registered voters. (Swain chuckles) Biden nets 146,000 votes in the city. Let me just read this. The seven-city of Milwaukee voting wards reported more 2020 U.S. presidential election votes, then they had registered voters according to an analysis of results.

The Secretary of State files five of five of them are in the city’s 11th Aldermanic ward on the city’s far southwest side. Vice President Joe Biden carried those five wards in 2020 with 3,768 votes to President Donald Trump’s 2,883. A margin of 885 votes or eight times the margin in 2016 that Hillary Clinton had over Donald Trump. Hmm.

Swain: Well, there are some precincts and I don’t remember which city where Biden got a hundred percent of the vote.

Leahy: Yeah. Philadelphia would be most likely where that would happen.

Swain: Yeah, but I don’t think it would accurately happen because I believe the president made inroads into the Black community and it disturbs me a lot when the voting machines went down in DeKalb County, Georgia. And when they came back up, Biden had 83 percent of the vote.

Leahy: Magic.

Swain: I know.

Leahy: Magic.

Swain: I know. And it’s just how much of this can we put up with and what can we do?

Leahy: We’ve got a month to fight. And I think that all of these cases will be litigated. Joe Biden however is just waiting for that opportunity to declare himself president.

Swain: His fans are out there or his supporters are out there are rioting now and that’s like a subtle threat. It hasn’t even been decided.

Leahy: So far the riots are not as bad as we might have expected.

Swain: It doesn’t matter. They are trying to intimidate people.

Leahy: Well, yes. Interestingly enough I would say there’s kind of a two-step program here. Number one is to hang tight for this next month. See what happens with the president. See how these lawsuits progress. And we’ve got to see some final votes coming in Arizona. And will see if it ends up being for the president or not. And Georgia right now we’ll see if miraculously 87 percent of the 25,000 outstanding folks just happened to be for Joe Biden that would flip Georgia.

In North Carolina, there is a 77,000 vote lead, there are enough votes there for the Democrats to discover somewhere. Possibly. Pennsylvania has 164,000 votes. There’s a path to the presidency for Donald Trump. Hold North Carolina. Hold Georgia and hold Pennsylvania. Flip, Arizona and he’s the president of the United States if that happens. The probability and I just went through the numbers on that and right now I’m guessing it is sort of 12 to 25 percent. It’s better than zero.

Swain: Right.

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