President Trump Has Multiple Paths to Victory, Steve Bannon Tells Fox Business


Steve Bannon told Fox Business on Thursday that multiple paths exist for President Donald Trump to reach a second term.

Video is available here.

Bannon, former White House chief strategist, said, “President Trump won an overwhelming victory on Tuesday night with certifiable, verifiable, legal votes.”

“It’s time to be bold,” the host of Bannon’s War Room podcast said.

The president should have made an announcement at 10 p.m. on election night and declared himself the winner after winning minority votes and the state of Ohio, and said he would go to federal court, Bannon said.

If a fair count of ballots is allowed in disputed states — Nevada, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona — the president will win, Bannon said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is a “feckless old man, wandering around a car dealership in Wilmington, Delaware and he should be treated with the dismissive contempt of that,” Bannon said.

To reach the second term, there are multiple paths, including a fair recount, he said. Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada will go to the president; North Carolina and Georgia already did.

ABC News’ website on Thursday night showed Arizona in play again for Trump.

Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Nevada, Georgia and North Carolina are still counting votes, Americans for Limited Government said. Trump carried Ohio, Florida and Iowa by big margins despite many polls saying he would lose handily there.

American Greatness reported that the Trump campaign on Thursday announced a “major victory” in a Pennsylvania appellate court in their suit challenging the lack of access of Republican poll watchers to the ballot processing and counting process.

Trump’s lawsuits will identify fraudulent counting of votes, Bannon told Fox Business.

Bannon also said that conservatives who have a strict interpretation of the Constitution control courts, including the Supreme Court, and state legislatures.

And, conservatives control a majority of state delegations in the House of Representatives if a vote comes there, Bannon said.

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