Tennessee Residents Stress That Now Is the Time to Fight for Donald Trump at Stop the Steal Rally



NASHVILLE, Tennessee — Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump packed Tennessee’s state capitol Saturday even more motivated, energized, and determined to re-elect the president.

This, even as mainstream media outlets named Joe Biden president-elect in a close contest. Trump and his supporters have presented credible evidence that voter fraud put Biden over the top.

The protestors attended this Stop the Steal rally, part of a larger series of events that organizers held at state capitols nationwide.

Chattanooga resident Patrick Hampton urged protestors to continue to pray for Trump.

“He fought for us for four years and for the American worker for four years. He has endured the fake news. He has endured the fake Corona disease. He has endured the fake Russian collusion. He has endured the people calling him a racist. All of these things for us,” Hampton said.

“Now it is time for us to fight for him.”

Meanwhile, State Sen. Mark Pody (R-Lebanon) told the crowd that “the election is not over.”

“Donald Trump did better in all the major cities across the nation except for battleground states. We know there is fraud going on, and we’re going to stop the steal,” Pody said.

“Here in Tennessee we have to do it through prayer. We have to stay in prayer and stay in God. He won’t let us down.”

Other speakers announced plans to bus Tennessee volunteers to Georgia, one of the battleground states, to count the legal votes. Another speaker warned that Democrats “have awakened a sleeping giant.”

Hampton vowed to never lay down and to never allow socialists to take over.

“I know there are some patriots that might be discouraged right now as the fake news media has called the election for Joe Biden. Even when all of the votes are not counted he has declared himself a winner. But this is what I want us to realize. Listen closely. There was a time when the children of Israel were leaving Egypt, and they were faced with the Red Sea in front of them. They were faced with an army behind them that wanted to wipe them out. I always ask a question ‘Why would God allow the children of Israel to wait? Why didn’t he just open the Red Sea for them to walk through it?’” Hampton asked.

“Let me tell you a revelation in that story. The reason why he allowed them to wait is because the parting of the Red Sea was not only for their deliverance but it was for the destruction of their enemies. We are waiting for God to part the waters, and we are believing [in] God for a miracle. We’re not going to be anxious while we wait. We are going to wait on God to answer our prayers.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]





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13 Thoughts to “Tennessee Residents Stress That Now Is the Time to Fight for Donald Trump at Stop the Steal Rally”

  1. Bill Gates the eugenics doc

    We all know that in the end even if Trump is re-elected the UN and Who Fed will stop at nothing to use the covid hoax to try and force shots just like the vaccines are being forced already ! Tyranny is coming in a white smock not green camo ! And after trump is gone what happens next ? There is no way we can keep this BS up ! The picture is clear we must remove these people from our society , schools , Hospitals, management, senators , Congress , Mail etc etc … There itching to release another 911 and when they do get ready to pick a side ! Planned P should be the buildings burning atm! God will not save anyone who will not save a unborn child ! Arm yourself with more than a pistol we will be fighting others who have prepared with your tax dollars. This has been in motion for 40 plus years !

  2. TJ

    A positive acknowledgment for all of the Patriots with large voices moving here currently. Tomi Lahren, Joy Villa, Ben Shapiro to name a few. Like myself we are all 2020 escapees from Los Angeles. Our intent is to ensure Tennessee remains free America by any means necessary. We have lived under Kamala and the communists in CA, heed our warnings. If 2021 is the new 1861 Tennessee sure as hell better be first to succeed this time, not last.

    1. John

      Good run away and hide in Tennessee. Bring the other deluded republicans from every other “red state” with you. I feel safer knowing I won’t be triggered by your ignorant and delusional thoughts.

  3. John

    All I’m gonna say is, it’d be nice for law enforcement and the military in Washington to stand down if Biden takes office.

  4. JG2284

    It is time to stand up citizens! Contact your representatives as well as your senators about the electors of state legislators as outlined in Article 2 Section 1 clause 3 of the US Constitution. If we can get our representatives to represent us like they said campaigning we can get Trump reelected. The People of this Great Nation have more power than just casting a vote every year. I already contacted mine, and I hope you guys will follow suit and support our True President.

  5. Nashville Stomper

    The same people who just two days ago who were screaming “count every vote” are now saying its over before every vote is counted.

    The reason it takes so long is the pace at which votes are counted in the cities Democrats rule.

  6. LM

    We should not stand for this coup to be completed. What if the Republicans started to behave like alot of the Democrats ? They are counting on our reserved stance as we have done so many times in the past. I hope that if the election fraud perpetrators, and all of the scamdemic fear mongers are not brought to justice , that we Republicans are done with reserved behavior.

  7. Habu

    A quote from the democrats four years ago

    1. james b

      if biden gets the same treatment our president trump got,he will be dead in 18 months.

      1. 83ragtop50

        A horrible thought. That would put the laughing hyena Harris into the presidency!!!

        But then again I figure she will be the one pulling Biden’s puppet strings anyway.

  8. 83ragtop50

    I just want the truth to come to light. If one can believe even half of the reports about ballot tampering and illegal election rule changes then the election results are very much in doubt. We must remain diligent and put in the effort necessary to restore law and order to our federal and state governments. Election corruption in several of the key large cities is well documented. So why should one believe that this election was not tainted from the start. “Rigged” is indeed an appropriate description.

  9. Kevin

    Thank you Senator Pody. You continue the long tradition of Tennessee senators from Wilson County who have a real a “set” of ….!
    This is a defining moment for the citizens of Tennessee and America! Watch closely how all of our “other” elected representative react. Representatives who forcible stand up for President Trump, stand up for you! The rest, they are all just looking out for themselves!

  10. rick

    Democrats do not realize the wrath of the law and 70 million disenfranchised voters. There is no question that the democrats have cheated and they have the scum trash lying media on their side. Too much cheating has been documented and the democrats know if this goes to the Supreme Court they lose. It’s not over. The democrats are wicked evil people they have cheated so flagrantly with the assistance of their Joseph Goebels media they thought they had it made.