Director of Amistad Project Phill Kline on Elections: ‘There Is a Billionaire in the Counting Room and They Need to Open the Door’


Live from Music Row Tuesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Professor of Law at Liberty University and current Director of the Amistad Project Phill Kline to the show.

During the second hour, Kline explained the purpose of the Amistad Project and its goal to make sure America’s elections are fair and transparent. He was adamant that those who continue to close the doors and board up windows in election counting rooms must open the door for transparency of the American electoral process.

Leahy: We are joined by our very good friend Phil Kline. Former attorney general in Kansas. A law professor at Liberty University in Virginia. And director of the Amistad Project of the Thomas Moore Society. Briefly Phill, tell our listeners about the Amistad Project and the Thomas Moore Society.

Kline: Well, we have been engaged in an effort to make sure that our elections are fair and transparent now for well over two years. And what we have done as a result of it because of the lawlessness of this approach to the election process is to initiate litigation in several states. It’s basically Michael to open the door and to force those who are closing the door and boarding up windows, preventing people from watching the count to open the door. And that is the primary concern we have.

Leahy: You have a very very busy schedule and we appreciate you making your time available for this Phill. My question to you is can you give us a summary first of the current litigation that the Amistad Project is involved in these battleground states where you know, there there’s a suspicion that a lot of fraud is taking place on the Democratic side?

Kline: Absolutely. We’ve got three cases in Pennsylvania. One of which just last week we won a major victory in forcing the segregation of ballots where Democratic counties skewered the votes of certain people. What that means is they sit in there with absentee ballots and there were all kinds of flaws on it and the law says you can’t count it. Well, they gave those ballots to Democrat officials to go figure out how to retest the ballot so it’s not flawed.

The Republican counties within that state so that your legal they learned of this late so they didn’t do it. And so you treat Republican counties and their voters differently than you have in Democrat strongholds. And we see this across the nation in those core areas where Mr. Zuckerberg gave his money. Because what they have done with those monies is they’re actually paying these officials who make these decisions.

And these decisions are consistent. And then in the Democrats strongholds, it’s almost impossible not to vote because they accepted everything that came through the door. And in Republican areas, they followed the law. That’s in the big picture. The biggest part of the problem Michael is that we have two different systems of elections now. Now if they had followed the law and allowed observers in where they could see we wouldn’t have this problem.

So we have admitted illegalities at the start. They’re not allowing people in the room. But the law says must be in the room for the count. Now nobody’s allowed by the way inside your voting booth, your privacy is protected. But the count is something that America is enabled to watch by law. And as I’ve investigated and prosecuted people and for four years, I oversaw the Kansas Bureau of Investigations and I’ve never met a guilty person who had evidence in their pocket that wanted me to see it. (Leahy chuckles) 

Leahy: That’s a great line Phill.

Kline: And I’ve never met an innocent one who had evidence that they controlled that proved their innocence that didn’t want me to see it. So we have to back up. And there are two things that America must recognize with what’s going on today. Number one, the media, and Big Tech don’t get to pick our president. It’s the Constitution and the law. And in fact, the Constitution and the law right now say that the balloting and the selection of the next president is not done.

It’s not done until mid-December. And we’ve put that process in place in the Constitution and the law because we realize it takes time to have a fair and transparent count of the votes in America when you have over 100 million voters. So it’s there for a reason and we shouldn’t let the media determine the presidency or Big Tech because quite honestly they have conflicting interests and we don’t know their full interest. We ought to let the Constitution and the law work.

That’s number one. Number two. We have seen an unprecedented, something that we haven’t seen throughout the world with private corporate monies paying election officials who are controlling the count. Who is controlling the count? There’s a billionaire in the counting room and they’re not opening the door.

Leahy: That’s another good line Phill. You’ve been doing these interviews for a while because those are very memorable points. There’s a billionaire in the counting room.

Kline: That’s right, and they need to open the door. They need to open the door. And it’s the same billionaire that is censoring conservative speech on their platform. Now all of America ought to be alarmed and the left ought to be alarmed. Mr. Biden said he’s going to work as hard for those who opposed him as he did for those who supported him.

Well, right now the transparency of the American electoral process and the clear access to the counting room is at stake for this nation. And Mr. Biden is silent. Mr. Zuckerberg is silent. Those two gentlemen need to say open the doors. Let’s watch the count. That’s fair. The ballots are still there. But America needs to see the count and they’re not allowing it.

Leahy: Phill, where do you think this all plays out? Did you say mid-December? I think that’s the date in a federal statute. I think it’s December 12, when all the electors gather in the 50 state capitals to cast their ballots. What where do you think this plays out between now and then?

Kline: Well, first of all, I don’t want to speculate. I just know the law allows various options as this moves through. The first step to all of this is to open the door. If you open the door, we can sort this out. And we can sort it out in time. But they’re trying to run out the clock. It’s much like, you know, I’m a Kansas City Chiefs fan and it’s a good time to be a Chiefs fan.

Leahy: Exactly.

Kline: It’s like you’ve got a team that had a questionable play. The receiver might not have caught the ball. So let’s run-up to the line of scrimmage and let’s call the next play before the challenge flag is thrown down. Because we don’t want the replay officials to have a look at what happened. Now, here’s the problem. In the football game, you’ve got 80,000 people and you got officials on the field and they get to see the play. You know what? The law requires the same thing in the counting room. But guess what?

Only one team was on the field. One team was on the field and we’re getting enough concern about how this has been done. And we’ve talked about some of them and the ballots coming in the day after the election early in the morning. Because you know, you can’t bring the ballots there without driving down the street and people noticing what’s happening even though they’re locking up this area in Georgia down there. The officials said we’re done for the night go home. But there’s now a whistleblower that says they continued to count once everybody left.

Leahy: It’s in Fulton County according to reports. I think it was.

Kline: Yes, and that’s where Zuckerberg’s money was.

Leahy: Big Zuckerberg money.

Kline: Absolutely. You’ve got one team in there who’s now rushing up to the line of scrimmage to prevent anybody from seeing what happened in the counting room and trying to run out the clock letting Americans anoint a president whose only been anointed by the media and Big Tech.

Leahy: Exactly. So let’s talk about Zuckerberg who made his personal contribution along with his wife Priscilla Chan of $350 million between September 1 and I think October 1 of this year to this group. The Chicago-based group called the Center for Tech and Civic Life. And they claim it’s non-partisan. I think all the evidence clearly in Georgia is entirely a partisan Democrat area and a get out the vote effort. Is that legal what Zuckerberg’s done?

Kline: I’ll tell you what, if it is our next election cycle when you vote on the machine, the Gecko will pop up and say election brought to you by Geico. I mean really? The privatization of the operation of our elections when it’s a core function of government and the Constitution delegates that respond specifically to the state legislature. We’re going to allow billionaires to say hey, Mr. City Election Director, I want to buy your office and give you more money than you’ve ever received before. This is how you’re going to spend it. I’ll pay for your employees.

Listen to the full second hour here:

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4 Thoughts to “Director of Amistad Project Phill Kline on Elections: ‘There Is a Billionaire in the Counting Room and They Need to Open the Door’”

  1. Dee

    Could you please check out this possible fraud. (Georgians, check your PHOTOS of you General Absentee Election Ballot. See if you see any coding, like an R or a D in any of the numbers and if the R or D correlate to your parties.) Those in the know would know which ballots to toss or fix. Georgia law requires a secret vote, and if there are letters indicating party, then the entire election could be invalidated. Maybe not all counties, but the cheating ones. This would disqualifies any counties that used this corrupt marking. Mine was in the Florida General Election. I took a picture and sure enough I had an R in the numbering. Thanks.

    1. Walter B

      This is total Bullshit. Just another Conspiracy theory. As an associate judge working in the election office and YES I am a Republican. There is nothing like you say on the ballot.

      1. Jeff S

        I guess you’ve
        Got your head buried up your a** too. Nope, no fraud here either!

      2. election fraud

        @walter b-ID10T
        An associate judge that cusses and doesn’t provide any facts, just a “move along now and do as we say.” Sounds like a closet Commie to me – get off “we the people’s” bench you lawless scum.