Vanderbilt University Won’t Say If They Will Dismiss Jon Meacham After Ethical Lapse Involving His Involvement With Joe Biden


MSNBC has dismissed Vanderbilt professor Jon Meacham from his job as a network contributor because he did not inform network staff that he was writing speeches for former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

The Tennessee Star left two messages with Vanderbilt University Tuesday, one by phone and one by email. We asked Vanderbilt officials if they planned to relieve Meacham of his duties because of his ethical lapse and lack of transparency.

Vanderbilt officials did not return our requests for comment.

Breitbart, citing The New York Times, reported that Meacham “went on the air and praised a speech he helped write [that Biden delivered] without disclosing he helped write it.”

“The corruption among our self-appointed elites knows no bounds,” according to Breitbart.

“The Times reports, that in secret, Meacham has been helping to ghostwrite speeches for Biden and not only had Meacham failed to disclose his work for the Biden campaign, he went on the air and commented favorably about a speech he himself played a role in writing.”

Meacham, according to Vanderbilt’s website, holds the Carolyn T. and Robert M. Rogers Chair in the American Presidency.

As The Star reported last month, Meacham, after one of Trump’s presidential debates, insulted supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump.

“It was remarkable to watch it in person. I’ve never seen a general election debate actually in the room. And one man was running for president of the United States and the other man was auditioning for a show on FOX,” Meacham said.

“And that may sound like an attempt at glibness, but it was the innate feeling I had to watching the president who dwells in this wilderness of mirrors to borrow a phrase from the Cold War where there are these code words and it’s a language that I’m sure makes sense to a certain segment of his base. There is a lizard brain in this country. Donald Trump is a product of the White man’s, the anguished, nervous, White guys lizard brain. And there could be a twitch there.”

Vanderbilt officials said in a press release this month that Meacham co-hosted a webinar series titled  “The 2020 Election: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”

Meacham, the press release said, “has penned biographies of Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, George H.W. Bush and others, including, most recently, the late congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Jon Meacham” by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 2.0. Background Photo “MSNBC Studio” by Jeff Maurone. CC BY 2.0.








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9 Thoughts to “Vanderbilt University Won’t Say If They Will Dismiss Jon Meacham After Ethical Lapse Involving His Involvement With Joe Biden”

  1. mike s

    my friends,
    let’s keep the great compromise
    and I admire jon and hoped to
    meet him if he has the time.
    Ain’t perfect nor even hopeful
    but. we endure the times that.try
    yours sincerely,

  2. james b

    fire his arse. us deplorables and dimwits demand it. besides he must move in order to be a coastal elite unless percy priest and old hickory dam are coastal areas.

    marxism at its best. always me,never thee.

  3. Gordon Shumway

    dismiss him? Vandy will probably give him a raise of a promotion

  4. joloco

    Dump this chump, now.

  5. Kevin

    Based on what I’ve heard coming out of Biden’s mouth, if Meacham wrote any of it, Vanderbilt should fire him based solely on competence. Because any transgressions by Biden, had to be the speech, right! I mean, how could a guy whos says that he has three degrees, who says that he had a “full scholarship” and who says he graduated at the “top of his class”, mess up so badly?

    God save America, if by some stroke of fate Biden ultimately is proclaimed POTUS.

  6. Julie

    If anything Trump’s presidency as well as the pandemic has shown us just how corrupt these distinguished institutions and the people that fill them are. Political ideology is more important than anything else. They would have already booted this guy if he had been writing Republican speeches. Meanwhile Vandy is trying to convince us that masks work while there are still ongoing efforts to censor the Denmark study, the only randomized control trial regarding the effectiveness of masks against COVID transmission. The reason Vandy found less deaths in mask mandate areas is because of how we count COVID deaths and they were not really COVID deaths at all. They are well aware of the difference between dying of COVID versus dying with COVID.

  7. Russ Crouch

    They won’t say, but they will not. The double standard is alive and well.

  8. Randy

    This is the new normal. Journalists have no need to report news. They are simply here to keep the unwashed in check. This is what academia is teaching children. There are no ethical standards.

  9. rick

    Even low class MSNBC fires this guy, but Vanderbilt being the land of fruits and nuts I am sure will probably justify Meacham’s promotion for working with the possible Commander in Thief. You do not want to be associated with people that have no personal honor or morales of right and wrong. This so called intellectual, Meacham, has neither.