Tennessee Star’s National Correspondent Neil W. McCabe Weighs in on Dominion Software and the Lack of Republican Leadership Down in Georgia


Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Tennessee Star National Correspondent Neil W. McCabe live from Washington, D.C. on the newsmakers line.

During the third hour, McCabe gave his take on the current trouble down in Georgia with Dominion software issues and expressed his concern for the lack of Republican leadership in the state. Nearing the end of the segment, he gave his projections for the final Electoral College count citing a Trump victory.

Leahy: We are joined on the newsmaker line by our national correspondent based in Washington DC Neil W. McCabe. Welcome, Neil.

McCabe: Hey Crom. Michael. Good to be with you. Good morning.

Leahy: Good morning Neil. Now, here’s some interesting news for you just to get your reaction first on this. So we are, our company the Star News Digital Media company is launching The Georgia Star next Wednesday. One week from today. We’ve already hired reporters. Looks like we’re going to have a radio affiliate down there as well. And we’re going to be covering the special run-off elections that will determine the outcome of the Senate. Neil, we’ve already got negative notice from Media Matters and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. They don’t want us to be down in Georgia. How about that?

McCabe: (Chuckles) You’re not allowed.

Leahy: Well apparently conservatives are not allowed in Georgia according to Media Matters and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I think they’re a little bit afraid of us.

Carmichael: This is the pre-cancel culture. You’re not even there yet and you’re being canceled.

Leahy: And Neil, your reaction.

McCabe: No. No, I welcome their hatred and I think a lot of work has to be done in Georgia on mostly, I think that there’s you know, like in a lot of places there’s the Republican establishment that sort of got fat and lazy. And I still think that the President when everything is said and done is going to win Georgia, but obviously, it shouldn’t have been this close. And I think that the Republican leadership in Georgia really needs to have a changing of the guard because these people didn’t really campaign the way they should have.

And also they weren’t watching the store. Who was watching the polls? Who is in charge of the software? I’m really disappointed because the governor there Brian Kemp had been the Secretary of State. As Secretary of State, he was absolutely vigilant about the voter rolls. He went toe-to-toe with Stacey Abrams when she was in the legislature and she had these sorts of schemes for putting all these sorts of rotten people on the ballot. And then as governor, I assume that this thing was locked down. This is not what I call locked down Michael.

Leahy: Yeah. And by the way, let me just add to that our own ace reporter Corrine Murdock is in Atlanta today and has been there all week and has been filing several stories. And there’s a story which you’ll find of interest. The current Secretary of State Republican Brad Raffensperger authorized the purchase of Dominion Software.

And apparently, it’s been deployed in every one of Georgia’s counties. That is the software that has had these big glitch problems. And part of it is that he’s very defensive about this. Right now the race shows Biden with a 12,700 vote lead. He and the lieutenant governor have gone on the air and said, oh nothing to see here move along. Highly defensive. And the Senate candidates incumbents, Senators David Perdue a Republican, and Kelly Loeffler have called for his resignation because he’s so incompetent they say. What do you make of that?

McCabe: Well Dominion is a problem. And it’s in a lot of these states. And a lot of the people associated with Dominion are very biased politically. And I think now unfortunately after the election people are going to be giving them the deep dive. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to give them a deep dive. What I’ve seen so far was kind of scary.

But you know, I just want to go back to my other point is that the assumption is in all of these states that you have conservatives who are in charge of the Republican establishment that absolutely is not true. And gun-rights advocates have had a terrible time getting things through the legislature. The previous governor before Kemp, Governor Deal had to be taken Kicking and Screaming to sign a gun rights bill.

You know, there’s supposed to be a very strong pro-life movement in Georgia. And you know,  it just isn’t working the way it’s supposed to work in Georgia. and I’m seeing that all over the place. I’m afraid that a lot of people just assumed that Donald Trump would carry them over the finish line and this time he needed some help. And a lot of places people were supposed to help him did not step up Mike.

Leahy: And not only that, I wrote a story at Breitbart earlier this week that said Mark Zuckerberg gave 350 million dollars to this ‘nonprofit, nonpartisan’ group called Center for Tech and Civic Life. It’s a 501-C3 but it functions as basically a Democrat Super PAC for getting out the vote. They gave 15.8 million dollars to three counties in metropolitan Atlanta and the Election Department in Gwinnett County, Cobb County, and Fulton County. And 76 percent of the margin gain in votes that Biden had over Clinton came from those three counties. None of this money from Zuckerberg through see CTCL ended up in Republican counties in Georgia. That’s another thing to look at in Georgia.

McCabe: Yeah. There’s this idea of you know surveillance capitalism where you have groups like Facebook and Google and Twitter who basically take your data about your life which should belong to you. And they take that information and they sell it. They’re not building anything. They’re not creating cards or any kind of really positive things for society. They are just sort of sloshing your data around.

And then they’re using that money that they make to sort of sustain their power. It’s not a surprise of what they’ve done. Certainly, there was a study done by Google where they actually they realized that they made a mistake where they deliberately tried to drive up Hispanic turnout but they didn’t realize that some of these Hispanic communities were pro-Trump and they actually said in the report hey, we made a huge mistake here because we actually help Trump win some of these states. And so we’re not going to make that mistake again. Over and over again after 2016 the people associated with these social media platforms were saying we we are not going to allow Trump to get re-elected. And maybe for once, we should take them at their word.

Carmichael: Mike, you said earlier on top of what we’re talking about here with Neil, you said that Zuckerberg formed a 501-C3?

Leahy: He already formed it but he put 350 million dollars into it.

Carmichael: In order for that to exist legally doesn’t it have to be nonpartisan?

Leahy: Supposedly. I mean, it’s supposed to be nonpartisan. It’s not.

Carmichael: And if the data shows that it’s not I mean in other words what I’m trying to understand is what you just said to me is overwhelming evidence that there was no intention for this money to be spent in a non-partisan way.

Leahy: Yes, I think there is overwhelming evidence.

Carmichael: And so how did they get to remain a 501-c3 under the tax code?

Leahy: Neil, I think you and I have looked at all of these very smart left-wing Democratic lawyers who know how to manipulate the code. My guess is ultimately next year they will lose their 501-c3 status but it may not have any impact on the outcome of the election here. What are your thoughts on that Neil?

McCabe: Well, of course, we can always rely on the IRS to crack down on the liberal non-profit. (Leahy laughs) The rules are there and supposedly they’re being followed. But you know, if the whole thing is cooked for the left and you know, the glorious thing about about Trump’s election in 2016 was this overthrowing of the feudal lordship and people were actually saying hey, we’re sick of you people running our lives and running our country. And the massive turnout for Trump that no one expected, that was part of an affirmation we don’t want you. Give our country back.

Leahy: Let’s fast forward the clock to December 13th of 2020. Right now the Electoral College count is 259 for Biden. You need  270. You got 214 for Trump. Let’s give Trump North Carolina and let’s give him Alaska. I think that will happen. That would be 259 to 232. Arizona a 12,800 vote lead. Right now for Biden, Georgia a 12,700 lead. Pennsylvania 46,000 lead for Biden. We’re on December 13th. How does the Electoral College play out? What are the numbers on December 13th?

McCabe: Well, the big date of course is December 8th. That’s when all the states have to sort of resolve their differences and figure out who actually won their state. And so I think that the Trump campaign is finally on the deck and they’re going to kick out a win in Arizona and Pennsylvania and Trump will be returned to power. But it won’t be easy.

Leahy: It will not be easy. I think everyone can agree with that. Neil, thanks for joining us.

Listen to the third hour here:

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