Carol Swain Discusses Progress and Diversity in the Republican Party and Asks That We Pray for Our Supreme Court Justices to Make the Right Decisions


Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed all-star panelist, Dr. Carol Swain, to the studio to weigh in on the diversity of newly elected Republican representatives and requests prayers for the SCOTUS.

(Tom Emmer clip plays)

I’m proud to announce that it’s been a female candidate a minority candidate and or a veteran who has won all of those races. And we could win another 6 before this is done. So and the message was pretty clear as well. It’s fighting the radical left. The new socialism that they’re promoting.

Leahy: And that’s Tom Emmer who is from Minnesota. And he won. He defeated Collin Peterson in the Western District of Minnesota. We’re talking about folks winning there. By the way, there’s another Republican victory in Congress in the First Congressional District Nancy Mace. A strong conservative won. And most of these new victors Carol were Republican women.

Swain: I know and that is progress. I’m looking forward to seeing more racial and ethnic minorities elected in the Republican Party because that’s an area where we have not done as well. But I celebrate, you know, more diversity especially with the conservative women who will stand strong for pro-life and for family and for the nation. They really understand what’s at stake.

Leahy: I’m going to throw you a curveball here Carol. Are you ready?

Swain: I’m always ready.

Leahy: It’s a little bit of a curveball. So you say that and you know, you’ve you made waves as a candidate for mayor. Would you ever consider other political offices?

Swain: What I have learned is to never say never. Because if you’d spoken to me three years ago, I would have said I’ll never run for office. And so I did not foresee in my future that I would run for a political office. And certainly not for mayor. If I was going to run for the Senate or the House. I would never have imagined myself running for local office.

Leahy: Okay. But you’re never gonna say never.

Swain: No, because I’m a Christian and I listen to what I think is God leading. And there may be circumstances. Someone may make me angry enough that I would run for office again. And I usually end up doing things when no one else will step up to the plate.

Leahy: Well, I think our listeners are probably thinking, hmm. (Swain chuckles) What office could we persuade Carol to run for?

Swain: I don’t know if they can persuade me to run for something but what I’ve learned is that if you’re not independently wealthy you are very unlikely to be successful. and that might be different if the RNC and the president and if those people are behind you. I would say that my visibility places me in a totally different situation now than I was a few years ago. But locally, I don’t think I’m that popular. I mean I have people that love me but I have people that hate me too.

Leahy: But you’re so lovable, Carol. (Laughs)

Swain: I know but they don’t like what I stand for. I’m too transparent. Like a politician, you know, I can’t talk out of both sides of my mouth. I absolutely can’t. What you see is what you get. And some people don’t like what they see.

Leahy: Well, I think virtually all of our listening audience likes what they hear from Carol Swain.

Swain: Well, I can tell you that if I were the mayor of Nashville, we wouldn’t be suffering the way we’re suffering.

Leahy: Oh, yeah, I think I think again our listening audience would agree with that. Carol tell us now what is on your agenda in this period of you know while we’re still litigating shall we say and counting the votes in the presidential election? And we’ve got the Georgia runoff election scheduled for I think January fifth and those two Senate races. What’s on your agenda for the next month?

Swain: Well, first of all, I’m falling everything with the election irregularities very closely. I’m quite active on social media people probably wonder how I get anything else done. But I’m very active with social media. And this weekend I will be in D.C. at a conference for the Council on National policy.

Leahy: That’s a very very long-established and well-respected group.

Swain: Well The Washington Post says it’s a White supremacist group, but I am a member. (Laughter)

Leahy: Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness, and where is The Washington Post to report that? You mean the Jeff Bezos’s personal newspaper?

Swain: And they had member reports and I will also give an update on my Unity Training Solutions. So that’s one thing I’m doing.

Leahy: By the way, that’s a fabulous project and a fabulous company that you’re working on.

Swain: Well, I yeah, I think so.

Leahy: It’s interesting because now did you see that the leaders of Black Lives Matter now are demanding a meeting with Joe Biden.

Swain: Well, this other thing about the leaders of black lives matter is and I was on a foreign television interview with this Black woman and she was attacking Trump. And she said he won’t say it! He won’t say it! He won’t say Black Lives Matter! They believe that they should be able to force any individual to repeat that slogan. And that if you don’t repeat the slogan, then you are racist or you are anti-Black. And even if Donald Trump said it they would still disparage him and hate him. But he would be bowing before them. And so they don’t understand you know, this whole thing about force. I am just so tired of all of that. But this is taking me off of something as I was thinking about. (Chuckles)

Leahy: Let’s go back to what you were thinking about. In this segment on Thursdays, people want to hear what Carol has to say. What were you going to say?

Swain: Well, it’s just so much. I still have hope for the president and for the rule of law in America and for the Supreme Court. And one of the posts that I have made is for people who pray, and I think a lot of them listen to your show, especially on Thursdays.

Leahy: Especially on Thursdays.

Swain: Pray individually for the members of the Supreme Court so that they will have wisdom and that they will uphold the Constitution and pretty much that they would do the right thing. Because when it comes to these voting rights issues its long-established one man, one vote, or one person one vote. And the irregularities with these mail-in ballots and the fraud potential and all of the stuff that’s already been documented. Although the mainstream media says what evidence? There’s no evidence. There is evidence everywhere.

Leahy: There is evidence everywhere and they’re just not reporting it. I mean duck Tucker Carlson showed last night that dead people in Georgia and Nevada were voting. Dead people voted in Michigan.

Swain: Well they say it’s not enough to change the results of the election. But when you add up all the cheating, I mean, this was such a coronavirus grab just like the way John Cooper used coronavirus to destroy businesses in Nashville. This should never happen again. And when I hear Joe Biden say apparently he wants to shut down the country again for six weeks or something like that.

Leahy: And ruin small business people.

Swain: And this massive mask mandate.

Leahy: Of course unconstitutional.

Swain: Yeah. I know but all of this stuff these people are dangerous the American people voted against them. They’ve used these mail-in ballots and coronavirus to pretty much institute universal voting with no standards.

Leahy: That’s a problem. No standards. All sorts of ways to cheat when you have these absentee and mail-in ballots.

Swain: Democrats have always cheated. I have a friend that is a Democrat and she says for both sides. Well, Republicans don’t do it very well. They get caught. (Chuckles)

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