Catholic Charities Receives $7M State Grant to Expand Services into Middle Tennessee Counties, But Model May Duplicate Liberal Advocacy Policies from Nashville


Catholic Charities of Tennessee is receiving $7.3 million in state grant funds to expand social services to 10 Middle Tennessee counties, but part of the organization’s model is based on liberal services performed in Nashville.

The Tennessee Department of Human Services (TDHS) said it is giving $50 in grants to 23 organizations and educational entities through its Two Generation (2Gen) approach.

These grants will put close to $50 million into innovative programs that move children and their parents towards educational success and economic security.

Each grant is funded through federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program dollars and approved through a collaboration with the Tennessee General Assembly.

Catholic Charities said the program is called “Tennessee Serves Neighbors” and will create new family resource centers in 10 counties over the next two years. They will add services this year in Montgomery, Maury, Marshall, Bedford and Coffee counties. In 2021, the program will expand to Grundy, Warren, White, Dekalb and Putnam counties.

DHS and Catholic Charities identified counties with high levels poverty and reliance on free or reduced school lunches, where Catholic Charities is likely to have a fast impact.

Catholic Charities Executive Director Judy K. Orr said the program will provide job training, life skills, help build stable families and work with healthcare providers.

Catholic Charities said its grant application included a focus on building and operating family resource centers, impacting multiple generations, creating jobs and “leveraging the vast Catholic Church parish network.”

The organization touted its experience operating similar programs at the McGruder Family Resource Center and Casa Azafrán in Nashville.

One of McGruder’s specialties is refugee resettlement, according to its page at Catholic Charities’ website.

Casa Azafrán’s website said its partners include not only Catholic Charities but also Metro Nashville Public Schools, the American Muslim Advisory Council and Conexión Americas.

Officials associated with Tennessee’s American Muslim Advisory Council have previously said the U.S. Constitution “is a document that writes white supremacy into law” and endorsed proselytizing in schools, The Tennessee Star has reported.

Conexión Américas is an affiliate of The National Council of La Raza, now known as UnidosUS, which has ties to George Soros and advocates for policies like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), or “Dreamers,” The Star reported.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
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7 Thoughts to “Catholic Charities Receives $7M State Grant to Expand Services into Middle Tennessee Counties, But Model May Duplicate Liberal Advocacy Policies from Nashville”

  1. […] Charities has many related organizations of the same name under one umbrella. Governor Lee gave $ 7.3 million dollars from TANF (Tennessee Assistance to Needy Families) to Catholic Charites of Tennessee in […]

  2. Legislature did not approve this ad it will be stopped. Conversation via email with Member of legislature yesterday

  3. 83ragtop50

    We can thank Catholic Charities for bringing in all of the “refugees”, pocketing most of the money allotted then dumping the “refugees” onto the dole. This bunch is nothing but a money grubbing operation that needs to be put out of business.

    What a waste of tax money when working people need a break. Typical liberal garbage.

  4. Ben

    Do not let Tennessee be infiltrated by these leftist groups that are looking for control and not the betterment of people in need – this is how New York got messed up – they took money with strings attached – there should be full clarity on every aspect of what these initiatives contain

  5. Russ Barnes

    I’m not opposed to funding education for those who need and deserve it. I am opposed to the way the Catholic Church passes it out to illegals who shouldn’t even be here. Just shows what Worthless Joe will do if he wins. Why do you think the Pope is so fond of him? Certainly not for his dishonesty, petifillism or honesty.

  6. Boyd

    I want my tax money back.

  7. Steve

    The catholic church is one of the wealthiest churches in the world. They have no business applying for any kind of grant. That commie pope of theirs can come up off some of his riches to help the masses. And even so, after a decades old cover-up, perpetuating the abuse of minors, they sure as hell don’t have any business being anywhere near children.