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5 Thoughts to “‘We Have a List’: Anti-Trump Activists Signal Coming Punishment for Trump Associates, Supporters”

  1. Deplorable Bay Stater

    They should know better than to go after lawyers…I wonder if a few multi-million dollar defamation lawsuits would diminish their fervor a bit?

  2. James B White

    Can I be added to this list? Make my day.

  3. james b

    very interesting. here we have one side with half million guns and 8 billion bullets and the other side of adult anarchists followed by children who cant decide what sex they are and which bathroom to use.

    my money is on the deplorables and lizard brains.

  4. Note to the Democrats

    Sound to me that DemocratIc party is the new home for the Russian KBG. Does anyone see a Trump Supporters Class Action Lawsuit coming against Various State Democratic Parties for violating their constitutional rights.

  5. Steve

    Dead or alive, John McCain has always been a Democrat’s best friend.