Williamson County Teacher Blasts School System Over COVID-19 Mask Policy

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A Williamson County public school teacher on indefinite suspension for refusing to wear a COVID-19 mask on school grounds told school system officials Thursday that science and public opinion are not on their side.

That teacher, Aundrea Laramee-Gomez, said this in an open letter to all 12 Williamson County School Board members and Superintendent Jason Golden.

“I do understand that Tennessee is a right-to-work state and that employers can terminate at any time, for any reason. WCS may even have the legal right to keep me on suspension, indefinitely,” Gomez said.

“That appears to be the plan since human resources has refused to respond to my requests for communication. But are any of these actions the right and honorable thing to do?”

School system spokeswoman Carol Birdsong told The Tennessee Star in an email Thursday that she would not comment on an active personnel matter. None of the 12 school board members returned a request for comment Thursday.

Gomez, in her letter, said Tennessee’s constitution does not side with the school system’s mask mandates, although she did not cite which part of the state constitution said that.

“The science is NOT on WCS’s side. Masks do not control viruses. The fact that WCS makes policies that completely go against this scientific fact causes me to question the motives. What is the benefit? Power? Money?” Gomez asked.

“History will NOT be on WCS’s side. The decisions of WCS regarding mask mandates and quarantining hundreds of HEALTHY children will not age well. Public opinion is NOT on WCS’s side. But you clearly don’t care as you continue to make decisions in a bubble regardless of parent and community input.”

As The Tennessee Star reported last month,  Gomez taught English as a second language. To do so, she said her students needed to see her face uncovered. She said she taught at Oakview Elementary School in Franklin and at Longview Elementary in Spring Hill.

Gomez, in her letter, said “independent thinkers are NOT welcome in Williamson County Schools.”

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9 Thoughts to “Williamson County Teacher Blasts School System Over COVID-19 Mask Policy”

  1. Ron Welch

    ”Gomez, in her letter, said, “independent thinkers are NOT welcome in Williamson County schools.” ‘

    Yep, as it has been said:

    “Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” – President John F. Kennedy

  2. Cannoneer2

    There you go! Good use of “Right to work”.

  3. Ron Welch

    Those being forced to wear masks inside for extended periods should demand that the O2 and CO2 under their masks be measured and then be forced to comply with lawfulestablished standards:

    “OSHA Oxygen Level Standards
    The OSHA standards for minimum oxygen levels mainly apply to indoor spaces with ventilation. In addition to mines, the hazard of decreased oxygen concentrations applies to construction workers, shipyards, HVAC, electrical workers and some manufacturing environments.

    To meet the minimum standard set by OSHA, your employer’s workplace must have an oxygen concentration of at least 19.5 percent. This minimum is slightly lower than the normal concentration of oxygen of 20.8 to 21 percent in our atmosphere. However, an employer’s failure to meet the minimum would be deficient and considered hazardous. OSHA also sets a maximum safe oxygen level for your workplace. Oxygen levels of more than 22 percent could be hazardous, mainly due to increased risk of fire in oxygen-rich environments.”

    Authoritarian officialdom wants to impose “the science” on us. Make them comply with “the science”, that is, measurable data–and the law!

  4. 83ragtop50

    I have praise for Ms. Laramee-Gomez and anyone else who stands up for their individual rights. These puffed up government bureaucrats are pushing way beyond any reasonable bounds. On top of that it is refreshing to have a teacher speak up when so many NEA union teachers are resisting going back to work.

  5. LM

    Ms. Laramee-Gomez , stand your ground. There is a very large number of people out here who agree with you – masks are NOT effective. It is not anyone’s place to force you to wear it specifically because the excuse for wearing them is based on a complete lie.

  6. Justice

    Denying an American citizen her right to provide for her family is CRIMINAL! She was trying to teach children a language and you can’t do that with your mouth covered!! There is something more nefarious going on at WCS. They, like other government entities and big tech, are denying people their rights because of the person’s opinion. She was NOT putting her students at risk, but WCS is!

  7. David S. Blackwell RN, BSN

    It is total brain washing. Are they teaching any science these days? The mask do not work. It’s published science. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/5/19-0994_article

    1. Ron Welch

      David, the agenda of schooling, not education, is the Three D’s. They want us dumbdowned, disabled and disarmed. Government authoritarians like you that way.

  8. Kevin

    Sounds like WCS is just as drunk on the “Covid power” as every other government entity. NONE of the mask mandates make any sense at all, have been proven to be as effective as the rhythm method and are a direct infringement on our individual rights.

    This is all a big power grab with the intend of eliminating “We the People” and replacing it with “We the Sheeple”!

    The great news in all of this, is that more and more people are looking at alternative education programs for their children. The uprising has begun!