Tennessee Stands Announces New Plans to Help Conservative Candidates Across the State


Tennessee Stands, based out of Williamson County, announced new initiatives Friday, including new partnerships and a new initiative to recruit right-leaning candidates for county commission and school board seats across the state.

This, according to an emailed press release that Tennessee Stands speaker Gary Humble emailed Friday.

“We are so excited to partner with groups in Knoxville and Johnson City to now form the Tennessee Stands – Knoxville Coalition and the Tennessee Stands – Tri-Cities Coalition,” Humble said in the press release.

“This is going to be awesome and there is so much great work that we can do together.”

Humble also uploaded a YouTube video Friday.

“[The year] 2022 is staring us in the face. It’s coming fast. We are looking to support God-fearing, Constitution-loving, liberty-loving conservative candidates across the state in our county commission boards and our school board races,” Humble said.

“These local elections are critical to securing the liberties that you and I enjoy every day, so we want to work with those candidates, and we want to help them financially. We should help them with their campaigns. We want to help them be effective in their local communities and in winning those races. We need to do this work.”

As The Tennessee Star reported in August, Humble, speaking for Tennessee Stands, described state Education Commissioner Penny Schwinn as a leftist and a statist who wants the government to have too great of a role developing public school students. Specifically, Humble criticized Schwinn and the Tennessee Department of Education for proposing — last summer — that state officials go to people’s homes to perform wellness checks on children. Humble said that a lot of people had a problem with that proposal, and that was why state officials put the program on hold.

Tennessee Stands, according to its website, calls on Gov. Bill Lee and other government officials at the county and state levels “to restore our constitutional republic.”

As reported in August, Humble recently wanted members of the Tennessee General Assembly to amend the law to give additional counties the right to recall school board officials.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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2 Thoughts to “Tennessee Stands Announces New Plans to Help Conservative Candidates Across the State”

  1. JG2284

    Need some of these guys up here in Sumner Co.

    1. 83ragtop50

      For sure. Anthony Holt and his county commission cronies are ruining what was once a very nice place to live. Even my two locally born and raised commissioners have lost their cotton pickin’ minds. My taxes have increased over 50% in 6 years!! And don’t get me started on school “emperor” Del Phillips!!!
      I feel like I amliving in Nashville these days.