Famed Attorney Lin Wood Blows the Doors off Alleged Georgia Vote Scam; Predicts New Election


Attorney Lincoln “Lin” Wood Jr. stated that Georgia may undergo another election if his lawsuit succeeds.

Wood is best known for his work with high-profile clients such as Richard Jewell, JonBenet Ramsey’s parents, Gary Condit, and Kobe Bryant’s alleged victim. Most recently, Wood made headlines for defending teenagers Nicholas Sandmann and Jacob Blake.

Monday, Wood appeared on the John Fredericks Radio Show to explain why he filed suit against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

“That consent agreement made substantive changes in the absentee voting rules. You can’t do that. Only the state legislature is permitted to make a change in a federal election in the state.”

In short, Wood’s lawsuit claims that Raffensperger made unauthorized changes to election law. Wood filed in the capacity as a private citizen who voted in the general election.

This past March, Raffensperger agreed to modify procedures for processing absentee ballots in a settlement with the Democratic Party of Georgia, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Wood stated that Raffensperger lacked authority to make that settlement, citing the provisions for absentee ballots outlined in the Georgia Code. Raffensperger’s settlement with the Democratic parties added language to the Code which required two additional reviewers to judge signature matching whenever a dispute arises. Prior to the settlement, Wood mentioned that judges in Pennsylvania and California handed down similar decisions. In those cases, the judges determined that Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and California Governor Gavin Newsom had unconstitutionally modified election laws without the legislature.

“So they changed the rules under the guise of COVID to try to increase the ability of people to vote by mail. And as a result, you’ve got fraud of a massive amount through mail votes and you’ve also got fraud in your computer voting machines. It’s not the first time they’ve done this. What happened this time is Trump won by such a large margin that they had to go out and get these votes in the middle of the night. But in Georgia, the election is void and unlawful. It’s going to work through the court system, unless the state legislature will take action in advance of the courts. Because the election’s void, there’s going to have to be a new election. They can’t do it through the present, they’re going to have to do it through the electoral college. But every down ballot contest is going to have to be redone. It’s not going to be a runoff, it’s going to have to be a new election.”

Additionally, Wood asserted that Georgia’s ongoing recount is illegitimate. The attorney pointed out that the recount fails to audit votes properly. According to Wood, the lack of signature matching and limited amount of monitors means that workers are just recounting the same votes on hand with little to no oversight.

“It’s mass confusion with this recount. He [Raffensperger] said there was going to be an audit, a canvass, and a recount. He lied. He’s [only] doing a recount, and he’s doing it with fraudulent votes,” asserted Wood. “They’re going to recount the same fraud that came up in the initial election. If you want to go through the hard route, you have to do an actual audit.”

Three days after the election, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued a joint statement with Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan and Georgia House of Representatives Speaker David Ralston (R-GA-07). The three officials stated that they entrusted Raffensperger to investigate the voter fraud allegations.

Wood stated that Kemp is nowhere to be found currently because he “is corrupt.”

“The governor’s nowhere to be found because the governor of this state – and I don’t say things lightly because I do a lot of defamation work since the Richard Jewell case, so I don’t like people making false accusations about someone else – the governor of the state of Georgia is corrupt. The lieutenant governor, I don’t know about, but he certainly has been quiet and the only time he spoke out said there was no evidence of fraud. Talk to the people in the state of Georgia – that’s a lie.”

Since last week, Kemp hasn’t issued any official statements on the increasing voter fraud allegations or concerns over the recount in his state. Kemp did issue one statement concerning temporary voters after reports came in of individuals intending to violate the state’s residency requirement laws.

Wood added that Kemp isn’t the only one who is corrupt – the other key players at the top of the election investigations are suspect, too.

“Raffensperger is corrupt. You can always follow the money. And there’s a lot of money that went down when the Dominion Voting System was purchased by the state of Georgia in 2019. Follow the money. There was also a lot of money that went down when Governor Kemp bought COVID supplies, masks, gowns, COVID test kits from China. Follow the money. There’s also an interesting money trail before he appointed Kelly Loeffler as Senator and after her appointment. Follow the money.”

Financial interests govern officials’ responses to claims of election fraud, according to Wood.

“The governor of the state of Georgia is corrupt, he’s compromised by China money. And that’s why you don’t hear him out there fighting for the people of this state right now who are going to be outraged – and they already are – because they know that Trump won this state by a landslide. He won the country by a landslide – may have won all fifty states. And they’re trying to steal our government because they’re going to change our government. You’re going to wake up in a few months, and you’re not going to have the United States flag over the White House. Might be the China flag. This is their effort to overthrow our government.”

The Dominion Voting Systems weren’t too far off-topic for Wood. The attorney shared that he knew about their faults, and how they may have allowed hackers to compromise the election.

“They [hackers] had algorithms planned in for what they thought they would need in terms of the votes. Those were baked in computer voting systems. The system actually works in any voting machine because its software that affects the vote tallies, all of which runs through a company called Scytl and then Clarity, who reports them. They bake that into their computer system, and then they have their failsafe system in their mail-in votes.”

Wood expressed confidence that President Donald Trump would win the election “without a doubt” after all of the lawsuits and investigations are finished.

“Georgians are being lied to – they’re being lied to by their governor, by their secretary of state, maybe even others. The people in this country are going to rise up, because they know they’ve been cheated and they’re not going to sit for it, they’re not going to stand for it.”

In response to the lawsuit and continued criticisms of his efforts, Raffensperger posted on Facebook.

“**Lin Wood Lawsuit** My team secured and strengthened absentee ballots for the first time since 2005. As Secretary of State the first thing I did was push legislation that – OUTLAWED – absentee ballot harvesting in Georgia. Next, for the first time in the history of Georgia, Absentee ballots submitted through our electronic portal required photo ID. My team – we made that happen. Lastly, let’s address this disinformation about signature match. We strengthened signature match. We helped train election officials on GBI signature match – which is confirmed twice before a ballot is ever cast. Failed candidate Doug Collins is a liar – but what’s new?”

Raffensperger included a screenshot from President Trump that differentiated absentee from mail-in ballots, saying that the former were fine but the latter caused verification issues.

However, Wood’s lawsuit addressed Raffensperger’s authority to modify election law and the potential difficulties imposed by the changes made – not the veracity of absentee ballots.

The court may act on Wood’s lawsuit within a week – Wood shared that they anticipate an expedited ruling in a matter of days. If the courts rule in favor of Wood, Raffensperger may not be permitted to certify the state’s election results.

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Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly listed Anna Nicole Smith’s mother as one of Wood’s prior clients. The Tennessee Star regrets the error.

Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Lincoln ‘Lin’ Wood” by Lin Wood.







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    Thankful Mr Lin sees exactly what is going on here in Ga. Mr Lin please contact me. I am a poll watcher. I witnessed the disastrous faux recount at the GWCC. I witnessed irregularities in Fulton County on Election Day. I’ve signed an affidavit. I heard Raffensperger lying to the public on 95.5FM yesterday.

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    Lots of ifs, mights, maybes here. But there is a window which is rapidly closing for the various suits to get traction. So far, none of any significance commensurate with the magnitude of the problem have. Unless something along the lines of a senior Dominion officer demonstrating how the votes WERE changed comes up, it won’t matter how obvious the cheating was. Biden, and soon Harris, will be the President.

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