General Thomas McInerney Outlines New Evidence Alleging Nationwide Ballot Tampering to Prevent Trump Landslide


Live from Virginia Tuesday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed General Thomas McInerney to the show.

During the program, McInerney outlined new evidence showing that Hammer and Scorecard computer software developed by the CIA in 2003 was used in a coordinated effort to stop a Trump landslide victory in the 2020 election. He added that these offenses would hold treasonous and would require major prison time of those involved and found guilty.

Fredericks: General Tom McInerney. General, you’ve been following all the stuff. I’m in Atlanta, Georgia. I cannot believe what I’m seeing every day here it gets crazier with what is going on.  What about these machines? What about these Dominion machines that we’re now understanding that votes got switched out? They can be manipulated. They said they weren’t online. They are online. In Georgia, they did a software update like three days out. How do you even do that? What is going on with all these machines?

McInerney: Yes. There are 29 or 30 states that have it, John. And the fact is through corruption and a whole host of other means they have changed the code on this so that Biden comes out the winner. I wasn’t directly involved or looking into this. I’ve been involved with the program called Hammer and Scorecard which was a signals intelligence developed by the CIA back in 2003 that they have perverted, they being the Democratic Party.

Obama, Biden, John Brennan, and Jim Clapper and converted into changing votes as well. It was designed to change votes in foreign countries. The application is called Scorecard. Now, this is so widespread and there’s so much evidence that the Trump administration has gotten this matter of fact, they put out an executive order in 2018 that would apply to this, in September of 2018.

And I believe in the next day or two they’re going to present this data to the Supreme Court because as evidence by Judge Sullivan and what he’s done to Sidney Powell and General Flynn we have a corrupted legal system, judiciary. Parts of it. And so I believe that because it’s so widespread I was originally thinking we can prove through Hammer and Scorecard what states the overcount that they put on Biden.

I think that perhaps President Trump got 78 million votes. Biden may have been lucky to get 70. In any case, the fact is that this evidence is so clear as Sidney Powell is talking about and Rudy Giuliani that it’s going to go to the Supreme Court because you don’t have time. The 14th of December is a constitutional date as I recall.

And you don’t have time to go in and prove it in each state. I believe some in the Supreme Court have been read in on it and have approved it. I don’t know that for sure. That’s a calculated assumption. I do believe though when the evidence is presented to them that it has to be a nine-nothing because it is so obvious what was done by Biden and the Democrats. And it’s so corrupt in our history. Nothing like it has ever happened in our history.

Fredericks: General McInerney, so what would the evidence be? Like, what are you suggesting? That votes were changed? Like they voted for Trump and got changed to Biden? Is that what you are suggesting?

McInerney: Yes. I’m suggesting that. And Hammer and Scorecard. You change the numbers and numbers come into what they call the transfer points from the polling booths. They come to the transfer points and say it’s 100,000 and say the vote is 60,000 for Trump and 30,000 or 40,000 Biden, it is then swapped. They swap those numbers around. They’re not working names on the ballot you are just working total numbers that are coming through.

And if you notice during the night of the third, early morning of the fourth of November some states quit sending in their votes. It’s 0:400 hours in Michigan for instance and 138,000 votes showed up for Biden. So they’ve manipulated through cyber warfare the vote count. And it’s never happened in the United States before. They’ve had certain things happen and it was used in the primaries. That’s how Biden won in South Carolina.

You know they like to say it was the Black vote. It was really that they manipulated using Hammer and Scorecard in that boat and took the votes from Bernie and did it for the follow-on states. I mean Biden ever scored higher than third or fourth as I recall on the previous ballots till he got South Carolina. So they just changed the total numbers.

And people don’t go back and check where they go manually. Now they also took the voting machines that Dominion produces and they have a much greater in-depth knowledge of what they did. And they had inside sources that have told them all about this. And that’s why it’s got to go to the Supreme Court because 30 states were involved with these voting machines.

Fredericks: So general do you really think there’s going to be evidence that is clear evidence that these votes were manipulated? Because you to think of I mean one of the reasons people are skeptical of this line of reasoning is so many people would have to be involved in this right? It’s not like three people in a computer in somebody’s basement. I mean so many people would have to be involved in it and face jail time.

McInerney: Right.

Fredericks: Extended prison time. So the thought is, you know, they could never coordinate this on a massive scale. How do you explain that?

McInerney: I believe the evidence is going to be concrete. It is really so evident. I believe that they also probably got up there already to do signals intelligence. In other words, listen to those people that were involved in this into what they were saying cleared through probably by the Supreme Court because again, the judicial system has politicized itself.

Again, I go back to Judge Sullivan and how ridiculous his efforts against General Flynn and Sidney Powell are. I don’t know this. This is speculation. But I think that they probably have signals intelligence of conversations. For instance, President Obama talking to Biden or Biden talking to other people. Or people down the line who were involved with this so I think that’s why I don’t believe it’ll be another recount. These are treasonous activities if what I’m telling you, John is correct. Would you not agree?

Fredericks: One thing that bothered me, general, one thing that really bothered me that I’ve never got an explanation from is when we were looking at the counts and I didn’t look at, you know, every state obviously. We were looking at Florida and North Carolina. But when I also had Virginia up. Obviously, I was the chairman of the Trump campaign so I had a vested interest. So when a count update came in, Trump’s number went down. And I’m thinking to myself, how could a number go down by what? 1,500 votes?

I’m like how could a number go down. Of course, when I inquired, you know, somebody third-party told me well, they just, you know it was a manual input. But it’s not manually inputted. Well, it’s manually inputted from the machine or something. But apparently, there were other states where Trump’s votes went down and where these were all just manual input mistakes? Because I’ve been covering this forever general. I’ve never seen across multiple states where somebody’s number goes down. It’s always up.

McInerney: You are spot on. That’s called crowdsourcing. People are making these inputs. They happened to see that numbers never go down. Why would they go down? The opponent may go up but numbers don’t go down. So that’s where some of the flaws were because they were overwhelmed with the number of votes that President Trump was getting. It overwhelmed their system.

So the real people that are gurus and on the analytics like this, they’d go back in and they’d look at all those time frames that’s what they’ll see. And that’s the evidence that we’ll be presenting. But it was on such a grand scale that’s why I think the president was aware of what was going to happen. I announced it the day before because I didn’t find out until two weeks ago this Sunday. And I went on Steve Bannon’s show on Monday. Sidney was on there as a co-anchor and said this is what’s going to happen by using cyber warfare with Hammer and Scorecard programs that were designed by the CIA to go against the enemy.

This is what they’re going to use and they are going to change the vote counts. President Trump won overwhelmingly. Now when he came out yesterday and the day before and said I won, I think he now has the evidence. We’ve been waiting to gather it. That’s why you haven’t heard a lot. They’ve been gathering all this evidence.

And I’m involved with some people that are providing this evidence and that’s how I got the understanding of what happened. But I never thought this would happen in our country. But it has. But when you look at the path that they have taken at the very start of coming down the escalator at Trump Tower the disinformation and then the Russian hoax and then the impeachment and now this, it all fits into the pattern of behavior. Why weren’t the votes below Biden, why wasn’t it a landslide against Republicans?

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19 Thoughts to “General Thomas McInerney Outlines New Evidence Alleging Nationwide Ballot Tampering to Prevent Trump Landslide”

  1. Johnny

    The evideb=nce is there in plain sight so much so a blind person can see it. We don’t need a criminal like a quid quo pro joe and a whore in the W H. We all know Joe won’t last he’s closing in on stage 4 dementia so article 25 will be applied and the whore will take over. I’m sure most of you have forgotten Benghazi and those responsible, the IRS scandal that was used to harass the Tea Party, that obummer built the ages on the border that housed the children of illegals then AOC blamed Trump and the rest of you fell for the lie.
    I’m sure you all forgot Joe Biden voted for Clinton’s crime bill that targeted mainly Blacks. I am sure you all forgot about Obummer giving his speech about needing a border wall to stop illegal immigration but when Trump comes along you attack him with lie after lie.
    Biden is as corrupt as you can get only the Clintons, surpass him as head of a crime family that robbed Americans, especially when dealing with SS. There is so much more but I would have to write a book to cover everything and you democrat/ communist supporters wouldn’t read it nor believe it if you did.

  2. Frances Lynn McCaghren

    Loose lips sink ships. That is whats happening within this Country. Remember, misinformation is the friend in many elements within the Government. Prior years came off just fine, and then we come to the Trump era and the impossible is being pulled off. Multi Millions of civilians in on a scam, from different specified States. Think about that, for at least a few minutes. There shouldn’t be that many people easily duped. Reminds me of fish that bite at anything that looks like food. Well, misinformation is the food of discontent and chaos.

  3. Kerry D Marshall

    If he has the evidence where it the lawsuit. We’d like to get to the bottom of this but no one seems to want to take whatever they allegedly have to court? Why is that? If the evidence is so compelling show it to us…

    1. Jenn S

      Have you read Powell’s 75 page pleading? It’s supported by eyewitness and expert testimony, seized servers both Domestic and Foreign, and video. The first of two suits filed was dismissed yesterday on jurisdiction standing and statutory date. She handed that judge a hot potato he tried to drop somewhere! The pleading is on
      The 3 legal filings for Trump have got the team forensic audits of Dominian voting machine + delayed certifications SCOTUS on PA Dec 8 plead by Mike Kelly. It’s an important week.but don’t expect reporting on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC MSN etc

    2. Michael Halvorsen

      Finally, let’s get this done . I’m glad you looked at the full picture . That being the Russian hoax
      The impeachment and all the many things the democrats have done too get rid of one of our greatest Presidents Thank you so much !

  4. Ronnie Ray LaBaume

    Well I really hope he is correct. But all I have heard so far is ” we have the evidence “. Why doesn’t someone publish the evidence? If there is solid evidence, please, just present it to “WE THE PEOPLE “

    1. Mack A

      I was ready to go all in on the “Russians hacked the 2016 election,” or “Trump colluded with Russia,” narrative, but the evidence never materialized. It was hard to accept at the time.

      This is more of the same. Lots of claims of subversion and manipulation, but no evidence.

      Maybe we are all just so emotionally and intellectually polarized that we just can’t accept when the person we want to win actually loses.

  5. harley

    Did 5 brave soldiers give their lives taking possession of servers on Frankfurt?

    1. Jenn S

      Gen McInerney confirmed raid/servers but would not comment on status of injuries/casualty. AZ raid yesterday – servers, USB sticks etc

  6. Bert

    Again: Concrete proof. There’s a lot of hearsay, speculation, and scuttlebutt, but we’re down to computer forensics and people with deep knowledge of all this apparatus and its proper function. And it might be a couple weeks yet ’til we hear anything back, yea or nay. If an external review of hardware and software show no anomalies then the output of the system will eventually have to be certified as legitimate and correct, or illegitimate and incorrect. And they have about 2 weeks to do that before time is up.

    1. Jenn S

      SCOTUS hearing Dec 8 on PA has a shot at invalidation of election. State Sec broke 2 laws in Constitution.

  7. William

    In other real important news: Hillary gets her hair and nails done in preparation for her new job in the Biden administration.

    1. Nancy

      What?????? No one got a picture ofthis??????

  8. Kevin

    WOW! Why isn’t this information plastered all over the mainstream media? And when are the people behind all of this corruption going to jail?

    1. Alessandro Machi

      The insinuation that Biden was helped in South Carolina because Bernie was doing so much better before South Carolina is incorrect. Sanders did well in the first 2 or 3 contests because they were all CAUCUSES. Caucuses require around 90% less votes to win because so few people vote. South Carolina was the first State to have actual voting locations all over the State, aka a PRIMARY, and all day to vote. Using Sanders as an example of voter fraud in my opinion takes away some credibility from the gentleman who said them. I’m a Trump Supporter but we have to give out credible information to be credible.

    2. DD

      WOW You really expect mainstream media to report this?!?!? You really need to do your homework on who owns “mainstream” media… just sayin…

    3. James

      Because its not real. Get real people

    4. Jenn S

      Seriously? MSM is in on the suppression of news.for four years! New conservative news sources have emerged to counter the silence Newsmax, OAN, and The Epoch Times NTD news is excellent..also Right Side Broadcasting covered all 40 hrs of hearings last week, amazing to see! Google General McInerney, he’s given a few interviews everyone should consider his assessment.