Ousted Portsmouth Police Chief Angela Greene Speaks on Tucker Carlson Tonight


Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson hosted Portsmouth’s ousted Police Chief Angela Greene on his show Wednesday night to discuss recent events in Portsmouth. Greene’s department issued charges against Senator Louise Lucas and others after Portsmouth’s Confederate monument was damaged in a June protest. On Monday, Greene was fired and the charges were dismissed.

“Well, you probably remember when lunatics started flooding the streets and started breaking things, wrecking public property, setting fires,” Carlson said. “[Greene] did what she was hired to do, she’s the chief of police! She issued warrants for 14 people who were involved in the riot and on video, and now apparently she has been fired.”

Greene told Carlson, “My detectives actually investigated that matter and found probable cause, and brought that probable cause to a magistrate of our judiciary branch, and the magistrate found sufficient cause to issue arrest warrants on those individuals.”

She continued, “Unfortunately right now I believe I am a highly qualified, educated, competent Black woman in a profession that is race-neutral, as the chief of police. And right now, I am being wrongfully terminated because I upheld the laws in my belief that no one is above the laws.”

“I was also punished because I refused to treat criminal behavior by alleged perpetrators based on their race, creed, gender or political affiliations,” Greene said.

Carlson asked, “How in the world could you have been fired for this?”

“That is why we’re going to seek legal remedies in this matter,” Greene said.

A GoFundMe for Greene’s legal fees has already exceeded its $12,000 goal — more than 250 donors have given over $13,000.

Greene said, “I am an at-will employee, but there are recognized exceptions to the at-will employee doctrine. And some of those exceptions are, I cannot be terminated for upholding the law or for me refusing to listen to a request to ignore laws.”

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