Mass Protest at CNN: Your Fake News Gig Is Up 



ATLANTA, Georgia – Americans who once belonged to the political left, whether White, Black, straight or gay, assembled in front of CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta Saturday and explained why no one should ever again trust mainstream news outlets.

Those same people, who now support U.S. President Donald Trump, explained during a mass protest that those same legacy outlets need to disappear.

Brandon Straka, who organized this #Walk Away Rescue America rally, said people are leaving the political left because they realize that MSNBC, CNN, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, and others don’t tell the truth. Instead, Straka said those same outlets function as the “propaganda arm for the Democrat Party.”

Straka said he once despised Trump. He said the mainstream media informed him that Trump ridiculed a physically disabled reporter at a political rally — and Straka believed everything that the media fed him. Straka, who is gay, also said he spent his entire adult life voting off his minority status because the media told him that only Democrats care about marginalized groups while Republicans are “greedy, straight White people.”

“When I realized that Donald Trump did not mock a reporter’s disability — but CNN told me that he did — I became completely confused and shocked and I didn’t understand what was going on. You know why? Because I f***ing trusted you people. I thought you were honest. I thought you were the good guys. I thought you told the truth. I thought you cared about Black people and brown people and LGBT people the way you claim to. But you don’t care about us. They are using us. All of us. They don’t care about Black Americans. They don’t care about Asian people. They don’t care about White people either. They don’t care about anybody. They only care about power and control,” Straka said while he pointed at the CNN building.

“Those are the only things that CNN and the mainstream media care about. They will lie, cheat, omit, deceive blatantly and patch up anything they need to patch up for their chosen candidates. If they need to bury evidence then they will. Most appalling is that if you are a minority person in this country, we are selectively and intentionally targeted by the liberal media in this country to keep us suspended in a state of fear and terror and victim mentality, believing we exist in a country of systemic racism, systemic oppression, trapped in a system from which we cannot succeed and we cannot break free. It is a huge, colossal lie.”

Another speaker, Y.G. Nyghtstorm, who is a Black political commentator, spoke of how CNN was the network that programed him to once hate White people.

Cordie Williams, meanwhile, said that fake news “is one of the biggest threats to our republic.”

Political commentator Shemeka Michelle told the crowd that people who manage social media outlets will ban people when they post messages that speak truth while, at the same time, ignore videos of Black men killing each other and Black women twerking.

Straka said many people feel “caught in a state of limbo” after the 2020 presidential election.

“We don’t know what’s true. We don’t know what’s not true. We don’t know where we are headed. We don’t know what will happen next. That is a terrible feeling to not be certain about where we are or where we’re going. It’s a bad feeling. I have learned enough in the last three years to be able to tell you this. If Rudy Giuliani came out and Sidney Powell came out and Jenna Ellis came out and gave the press conference that they gave the other day and all these sons of bitches can do is talk about Giuliani’s hair dye then we are on the right track,” Straka said, referring to the gathering those three people had with the media to discuss alleged voter fraud.

“If they can’t report a single thing that happened at that press conference besides how much Giuliani was sweating then they are the ones who need to be sweating.”

Straka told protestors to never forget what they and the other protestors did on this day — because it’s highly unlikely CNN would report it.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]







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10 Thoughts to “Mass Protest at CNN: Your Fake News Gig Is Up ”

  1. A Citizen

    John Smith
    November 22, 2020 at 8:28 pm
    The fact that Conservatives cannot believe they lost an election, shows a deficiency in Conservative thought, not in the media’s reporting —

    Well, Johnny, you’re a traitor, so.

  2. Deplorable Bay Stater

    Let us not forget that this isn’t just about MSNBC, CNN, and social media. The “Big 3” broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) are all just as bad (or even worse), and Fox isn’t much better. The only way this will ever change is if we hit them where it hurts by massive letter-writing campaigns aimed at their advertisers, with the goal of completely destroying ALL of the mainstream media so that they can be replaced with honest and unbiased news outlets.

  3. Charles Smith

    Trump did make fun of New York Times reporter Serge F. Kovaleski. It documented, you can find quotes and video of Trump doing it. So opening the article with a misinformed quote doesn’t help me want to read the rest of the article…

  4. John Smith

    The fact that Conservatives cannot believe they lost an election, shows a deficiency in Conservative thought, not in the media’s reporting

    1. Wolf Woman

      @John Smith
      The fact that liberals cannot believe that that democrats threw an election by use of absentee ballots and computer software hacking shows a deficiency in liberal/progressive thought, not in the media’s censorship.

  5. I hope that one day all this will be looked upon as the truth. I’m tired of being branded a bad guy simply because of what I am. I can’t see how Trump, who had “Thousands” of people at every one of his rallies, lost to a guy that had maybe 50 at best & the guy with 50 people wins. It just doesn’t add up. Something’s not right here. We’re in trouble if these people get away with this blatant voter fraud.

    1. Trish Bayhi

      I totally agree!! We need to remain firm and keep spreading the TRUTH – because Lord knows the crooked media will NOT.

  6. Suzie Stribg

    They should disband the whole network. I think we hav believed the FCC would require honesty. There are no rules for honesty with cnn or MSNBC

  7. Rod Hackenflasch

    Black Lives Matter
    White Lives Matter
    Babies Lives Matter
    Blue Lives Matter
    Veterans Lives Matter
    LGBTQ Lives Matter
    Straight Lives Matter
    Conservative Lives Matter
    Liberal Lives Matter

    Cop Killer’s Lives Do Not Matter
    Planned Parenthood Butcher Lives Do Not Matter
    Muslim Terrorist Lives Do Not Matter
    Antifa Terrorist Lives Do Not Matter
    Drive-by Shooter’s Lives Do Not Matter
    Pedophile Lives Do Not Matter
    Looters, Arsonists, Bombers, and Rapists Lives Do Not Matter

    Black Guns Matter

  8. MuneShadowe

    They are finally waking up, and this will not be pretty in the end.