Mark Green Blasts Democrats for COVID-19 Hypocrisy


U.S. Rep. Mark Green (R-TN-07) last week called out Democratic politicians from around the country for what he called their hypocrisy on how they have enforced the laws and regulated people’s behaviors during 2020.

Green said this in a video he uploaded to his Facebook page.

“Let’s talk about the COVID-19 headlines of the day. In the political world, the Democrats are out there saying autonomous zones and mass riots, those are OK, but Thanksgiving dinner, don’t you dare,” Green said, as he stood in front of a whiteboard.

“A few examples, Governor [Gavin] Newsom, partying with his buddies and his lobbyists up in Napa. California, though, [allows] no Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, no church singing. Mayor [Lori] Lightfoot in Chicago parties at a Biden celebration, but, Chicago, no Thanksgiving, no large gatherings. The hypocrisy and elitism on the Democrats is just unbelievable. Rules for you but not for them.”

As The Tennessee Star reported in July, Green took to the floor of the House of Representatives and said nearly 100,000 Americans would still live among us if China had warned the United States earlier about COVID-19.

And by that, Green said he meant one week earlier would have made the difference.

“Researchers at Columbia University, not necessarily a bastion of conservatism, I might add, said that had China notified the world just one week sooner then 61 percent of American deaths could have been prevented. Think about that, 61 percent of 143,000 is 87,000 plus Americans who would not be dead had China spoken up just one week sooner. Indicative of their past mercantilist actions, China hoarded PPE in the early days of the virus, despite dominating global PPE manufacturing. China hoarded the world’s PPE,” Green said.

“U.S. exports of PPE to China grew over 1,000 percent in January and February compared with the same period last year. In their time of need we sent them PPE. Italy even donated PPE to China. What did China do? Well, they sold them the very PPE Italy had donated to them and refused to ship PPE to the United States, decrying regulatory violations to keep PPE away from us during our peak need.”

Green, in text accompanying the Facebook video, wrote that “Chinese hackers are trying to steal vaccine research.”

“When will House Democrats hold China accountable?” Green asked.

“When does it end?”

As The Star reported in May, White House National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien suggested that the Chinese Communist Party would try to steal American developments on a coronavirus vaccine.

O’Brien predicted the United States would develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. But he added the Chinese government has worked diligently to steal the U.S. government’s coronavirus vaccine research — and he “wouldn’t be surprised” if their espionage efforts succeeded.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected] 





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7 Thoughts to “Mark Green Blasts Democrats for COVID-19 Hypocrisy”

  1. Tim Price

    Biden will not blame China for anything because they are hie and Hunter’s business partners. The Democrats will support the Big Man regardless of what happens.

  2. Horatio Bunce

    “Researchers at Columbia University, not necessarily a bastion of conservatism, I might add, said that had China notified the world just one week sooner then 61 percent of American deaths could have been prevented.”

    Of course, not using the CDC’s brand-new, made up in March 2020 death certificate rules and bribing the medical community with $19k per “death” would have reduced the deaths by over 90%. Green is simply playing politics here.

    Same with the BLM protests, CHAZ, dirt track races, Trump rallies, rodeos, etc. One thing they all proved is that masks are not necessary. No mass deaths from huge public gatherings without masks. The TN data does show however that almost all counties began to ramp up positive “cases” at the end of September into October — regardless of urban or rural, regardless of mask mandates. So why did masks stop working at the exact same time in all those places? Same time the flu shots were being reintroduced.

  3. Julie

    Everything is about “cases” because most people are asymptomatic and 99% of people that are “infected” survive. The hysteria on the left now will be convincing the population to take the fast-tracked vaccine. Expect mainstream media messaging that we can’t reach herd immunity and fully open up until a certain percentage of the population agrees to get the vaccine (although Fauci is still saying that we will be in masks even when people have been vaccinated).

    1. Ron Welch

      Meanwhile, what’s up with the flu? Is it all COVID now?

    2. Horatio Bunce

      And Fauci says his and Bill Gates’ Moderna vaccine will only treat the cold symptoms, not confer any kind of immunity or prevent spread. We needed to spend billions of dollars for Nyquil and Sudafed?

    3. 83ragtop50

      The media messaging for herd immunity only through administration of the vaccine is already happening. The only question is what attempts will be made to force one to have taken the vaccine in order to be allowed to go certain places and/or do certain things. This is one American who will not submit to that level of control.

  4. Ron Welch

    “When will House Democrats hold China accountable?” Green asked.

    They won’t because they prefer the authoritarian type regime of the Chinese Communist Party, not for themselves, but to be imposed on us.