Republicans on Verge of Flipping 14 U.S. House Seats

by A.J. Kaufman


Joe Biden’s decision to tap Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate did not help Democrats down-ballot in California three weeks ago. We already know Harris is unpopular, even within her own party, as evidenced by her epic 2019 primary failure. We now know she lacks coattails.

While Republicans had a great election night in U.S. House races across the country, surprisingly their most successful state was the one Harris represents.

Republicans flipped more House seats (three) in the Golden State than anywhere else, with victories by Young Kim (pictured above), Michelle Steel and David Valadao. It also looks likely that Republican Mike Garcia will hold on to the Los Angeles-area district he took in a special election earlier this year. Make it four triumphs.

Additionally, the GOP won two Democrat seats in Florida, and possibly two more in Iowa, once the razor thin Second District race is called. And for good measure, all Republican winners, including Michelle Fishbach in Minnesota, are women or minorities.

Biden’s puppetmasters told him to pick the junior senator, even though they had better options. If Biden steps aside, as many feel is likely, a potential Harris presidency could be worse down ticket for the party than Barack Obama, who left office with Democrats in the worst shape since 1928.

Recall, in her first race to serve as California attorney general, Harris sneaked by the Republican district attorney of Los Angeles County by less than one percentage point. The Democrat atop the ticket that year was elected governor by 13 points.

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A former schoolteacher and military historian, A.J. Kaufman has worked as a journalist since 2006. His writings have been featured in newspapers and websites including the Baltimore Sun, Indianapolis Star, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Orange County Register, Real Clear Politics, St. Cloud Times and USA Today.
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One Thought to “Republicans on Verge of Flipping 14 U.S. House Seats”

  1. Ron Welch

    Early on election night, FoxNews called the House for the Democrats with an increase of at least 5 seats in their majority. Too “quick on the draw” and way off!