Lynchburg-Area Counties Considering ‘No Shutdown’ Resolution


A resolution to block Governor Ralph Northam’s COVID-19 shutdown executive orders is circulating in the counties around Lynchburg. According to reporting by WSET, Boards of Supervisors in Campbell, Bedford, and Appomattox Counties are considering drafting a resolution repudiating Northam’s interference in local business.

“[H]ere at the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives [VCC], we are working to urge counties to adopt our ‘No Shutdown’ Resolution that actually requires the County to arrest and detain any State agent or official who attempts to enforce Northam’s latest unconstitutional decree,” the Virginia Constitutional Conservatives said in a recent email blast.

“Appomattox believes totally in the intent of the resolution,” Appomattox County Supervisor John Hinkle said. “However, as any person with knowledge of Virginia government knows, the Board of Supervisors cannot order the Sheriff or Commonwealth’s Attorney to do anything. So that language is unacceptable to us,” he told The Virginia Star in an email.

VCC Director S. Chris Anders told The Star in an email, “[C]onstitutionally, the sheriff of each county can, at their discretion, remove any other law enforcement official or agent from the state or the federal government from their respective counties and prevent them from exercising acts that are contrary to the Constitution.”

Anders added, “For far too long the radical left has created sanctuary cities and essentially nullified federal immigration law which is constitutional. So in turn, we are going to nullify unconstitutional power grabs by Governor Northam because he is not permitted under the Virginia Constitution to exercise these powers.”

“Only the legislature can create law, not the executive. And the legislature can only create law within the very tight confines of the Constitution of Virginia. So yes, these resolutions are indeed lawful and are the rightful action to take against tyranny and treason,” Anders said.

Hinkle is considering using language from a similar resolution passed in Eastland County, Texas. The Eastland resolution is largely symbolic. The resolution states that all businesses are essential. It declares the county a “sanctuary county for all businesses” and recognizes state-level authority.

However, it also states, “Eastland County shall not, in accordance with state and federal law, take any direct action against any businesses or individuals based solely on their actual or perceived business status.”

Hinkle expects the Appomattox Board to consider a no-shutdown resolution at the next meeting at the end of December.

“I’ve had calls from Washington D.C., Connecticut, New York, northern Virginia, southern Virginia, western Virginia, eastern Virginia, central Virginia,” Hinkle said. “My email and [voicemail] bank have been overrun with support and only one call saying they don’t support it.”

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Eric Burk is a reporter at The Virginia Star and the Star News Digital Network.  Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Appomattox County Courthouse” by Doug Coldwell CC3.0.




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