Happy Kraken Day: Neil W. McCabe Weighs in on Sidney Powell’s Alleged Evidence and What Happens to Democracy When an Election is Rigged


Live from Music Row Wednesday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. –  host Leahy welcomed Tennessee Star National Correspondent Neil W. McCabe to the newsmakers line.

During the third hour, McCabe weighed in on the recent alleged evidence claims made by attorney Sidney Powell who the Trump legal campaign has recently dismissed. Towards the end of the segment, he went on to explain what happens to a democracy when the government is not aligned with the will of the people.

Leahy: In the studio with me the original all-star panelist Crom Carmichael and on the newsmaker line is the superb Washington National Correspondent for the Star News Network Neil W. McCabe. Good morning, Neil.

McCabe: Hey guys, good morning to you.

Leahy: Well Neil, we are lumbering towards December 14th. That’s the date according to federal statute that the electors are supposed to meet and gather in the 50 state capitals and in the District of Columbia to cast their ballots for electors. Any curve balls along the way between now and then that you see Neil?

McCabe: Well, of course, I want to wish both you of guys and all the listeners a Happy Kraken Day.

Leahy: Oh, that is a line, my friend! Happy Kraken Day Crom!

Carmichael: (Laughs) Please explain.

Leahy: Please explain that funny funny joke.

McCabe: Well, of course, today is the day that Sidney Powell unleashes The Kraken. And everything there had been a mystery to us before will now be revealed. And there we have it.

Leahy: Happy Kraken Day.

Carmichael: Is this the day that she said she was going to release it? Today?

Leahy: Is it today or by this week Friday, this Kraken day?

McCabe: Listen, I mean I laugh because I hurt. This is not what I wanted to be talking about a month ago. (Laughter) It’s my understanding that Sidney Powell of course was working with Rudy Giuliani and the legal team. And they reached a point where you know, the Trump legal team was not getting the information that Powell said she had. They were supposed to be acting as co-counsel. And Powell was not acting as a true co-counsel.

And so they had to sort of make a break. Some of the press made this out as it wasn’t really a falling out. This isn’t like the Beatles breaking up right? It’s just a practical matter there. People are operating as co-counsel, but they’re not sharing information. They don’t understand why hey, I can’t tell the press what’s going on because I’m preparing it for filing. You’re supposed to tell the other lawyers that you’re working with.

The other problem is that you can’t have commingling of funds if the Trump legal team is being paid for by the Trump campaign and Sidney Powell is being financed through her own fundraising apparatus or fundraising efforts. Once you commingle those funds, that creates all sorts of other legal problems.

And so Powell is on her own and she says she’s got the goods that can flip the election. And of course, whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat nobody wants a rigged election to stand. and so we want to know. Now I was looking back over some of the things that we talked about and some of the columns I did for the Tennessee Star and I looked at two articles I wrote in the summertime.

One of them was that Ali Alexander said that the rookies running the Trump campaign were blowing it. And the other was that the Republicans had a very good chance of capturing control of the House. Whereas everyone was saying they were going to lose the House more so. We’ll lose more seats. And so I think that no one was predicting that President Trump would get to 73 or 75 million votes.

Certainly, nobody was predicting that Joe Biden would get 15 million more votes than Barack Obama got in 2012. And so you can see that there were opportunities there that were missed and there were people who are supposed to be watching the store and looking out for this kind of corruption in the irregularities that we’ve experienced. And so here we are. It’s a really sad state of affairs when the Trump campaign rests on a Kracken.

Leahy: Yeah, and so the Kraken day that she promised was evidence. Hard evidence that would show support her allegations that this Dominion software was flipped illegally and votes were changed. That’s what she alleged.

Carmichael: Or added.

Leahy: Or changed.

Carmichael: Not just votes changed, but just votes added. Neil, I would like to push back on one thing that you said. You said no Republican or Democrat would want to win with a crooked election. Now if this is a crooked election, then logically speaking that must by definition be an incorrect statement because the only way that you can be crooked is to actually act in a crooked way. And if you act in a crooked way you do so intentionally so you must want the outcome.

McCabe: Well, you know,  we’re on the cusp of Advent and I just want to approach this with a good heart.

Carmichael: Well, there you are. (Leahy laughs) That is a very logical explanation. (Laughter)

Leahy: That’s a very good explanation. And yet Neil, let me bring this to your attention.

McCabe: And my good heart.

Leahy: All of which are true.

Carmichael: I have an iHeart.

Leahy: There you go. Oh, my we are on a roll today Crom. Neil is Kracken and Crom has a good iHeart.

Carmichael: I don’t remember which movie it was but it was quite a monster.

Leahy: Well, so here is the interesting thing to talk about Neil on all of this. So Sidney Powell, you know, if she were to present this information, it would confirm what virtually every Trump voter according to a recent poll says it’s like 90 percent of Trump voters believe this election was stolen. And there’s nothing that I see on the horizon that’s going to change that viewpoint. If it proceeds as the mainstream media claims and if we reach December 14th, and there are more than 270 electors…

Carmichael: It would actually be December eight.

Leahy: December eight?

Carmichael: That’s the day they have to be picked. That’s six days prior to when they show up.

McCabe: The states have to certify in all have everything in order and then the actual electors go to the capital and do the voting. And then those votes are then sent to D.C.

Leahy: The votes are sent not the electors to D.C. But I thought and maybe you have more info than I do on this Crom. I thought that some state legislators had an opportunity between the certification and maybe a few days after December eighth to intervene.

Carmichael: I’m going to tell you what my understanding is and I think I’m correct in that the electors actually have to be selected by December eighth and that ‘they meet’ and I’m putting that in quotes on the 14th.

McCabe: So Michigan has I think their legislature sort of confirms everything Monday. When push comes to shove, you know this thing has all the momentum and you know that either by exhaustion or consensus it looks like Biden is going to be inaugurated as president. And what the real question is, either we have a democracy or we don’t. The reason why you want a democracy is not because it’s nice, but because it’s a superior system when your government is lined up with the wishes and intents of the people.

Leahy: Exactly.

McCabe: And so when you have a rigged election, it’s like yes you have ceased power. But because you are not lined up with the will of the people, it can’t work properly and it creates disorder. And so democracy works not because we want it to work and not because we’re nice people but because it’s the way we want to have a system of prosperity and freedom and we can have businesses and families and careers and art and culture and everything that we want is best facilitated in democracy. And so when you tamper with that, you can’t get away with it. If you believe in democracy, then bad things will happen when you steal an election because things aren’t lined up the way they’re supposed to line up.

Carmichael: Neil is right on. I’ve said for a year now since I’ve been on Mike’s show, the Democrat Party is unfortunately the party of government. It represents the government and not the people which is why you have the problems.

Leahy: Neil McCabe thanks for joining us. A very insightful analysis.

Carmichael: Happy Thanksgiving Neil.

Leahy: Happy Kraken Day Neil! (Laughter)

Listen to the full third hour here:

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