Atlanta Mayor to Face Hearing for Ethics Violations in 2017 Runoff Election


Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms is scheduled to appear in court early next month for alleged ethics violations in the 2017 runoff election.

The Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission has investigated the case, claiming that Bottoms received an excess of nearly $400,000 over campaign donation limits during the 2017 runoff election.

Bottoms wasn’t alone in facing scrutiny following the 2017 runoff election. The commission subpoenaed both Bottoms and her then-opponent, Mary Norwood. The commission fined Norwood around $27,000, which she paid immediately.

However, Bottoms hasn’t cooperated with the commission’s investigation. Bottoms’ attorney failed to appear at the previously-scheduled court date in September.

Bottoms was also investigated last year after the city council alleged that her campaign staff were hired prior to her inauguration. Reports alleged that six staff members were paid by the city prior to officially being offered their jobs.

Additionally, it appears that Democratic candidate Joe Biden has narrowed in on Bottoms as his pick to run the Housing and Urban Development Department. Bottoms launched a massive affordable housing plan for her city last year.

Several weeks ago, Bottoms stated that she hadn’t heard anything about joining Biden’s administration. However, Bottoms’ name has continued to appear in list of Biden’s administrative picks – though not confirmed officially.

This summer, Bottoms was also rumored as a possible selection for Biden’s running mate. She became a strong contender to serve as his vice president pick due to her early endorsement of the candidate, and especially after her response to the George Floyd riots that swept her city.

The hearing is scheduled for December 10 at the Paul Coverdell Legislative Office. Bottoms hasn’t issued a statement on the matter.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected]

Editor’s Note: The original version of this article referred to the hearing as a trial. The Georgia Star News regrets the error.






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3 Thoughts to “Atlanta Mayor to Face Hearing for Ethics Violations in 2017 Runoff Election”

  1. mk

    Dont expect CCPN to run this story or any so called atlanta papers Joe Hiden gathering of the Crooks seems like…

  2. Go Blue go

    The money allegedly came from a fundraising event she held in the Middle East. If so she has committed serious violations of US campaign finance laws and could be in big trouble. If the feds know their is no way out. This could explain her no response. She is probably trying to run the clock out. At this point it may be her only option.

    1. Judith Lewis

      Crooks. When u r Dirty, u cannot win.