Breakdown of Sidney Powell’s Lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan


Attorney Sidney Powell delivered on her promise to file massive election fraud lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan. The Georgia lawsuit was the weightier of the two, totaling 104 pages, with the Michigan lawsuit reaching 75 pages. Both lawsuits and all evidence are included on Powell’s legal defense fund website.

Thanksgiving Eve was an action-packed day for Powell – she followed up the presidential pardoning of her client, General Michael Flynn, by filing both lawsuits just before midnight.

Powell filed the Georgia lawsuit first. In her tweet announcement, she included the news that she’d filed suit in Michigan as well.

“The #Kraken was just released on #Georgia. Complaint being uploaded at DefendingTheRepublic.Org. Exhibits to follow. Also #ReleaseTheKraken in #Michigan @realDonaldTrump @jbinnall @GenFlynn @molmccann @abigailcfrye @jbinnall @Scavino45 @marklevinshow @MariaBartiromo”

The Georgia lawsuit alleged that a combined effort of hacked electronic voting systems and fraudulent absentee ballots were incorporated to rig the election in favor of Democratic candidate Joe Biden. The suit claimed that the Dominion Voting Systems (Dominion) relied on the software that was designed to keep Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez in power through vote manipulations.

Further, the suit claimed that Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger executed a reckless deal with Dominion to secure the voting systems for the state.

Concerning the absentee ballots, the suit claimed that unlawful early processing and improper auditing took place.

Additionally, the suit included multiple testimonies from electronic intelligence analysts, and affidavits from poll workers and challengers stating that vote counting was conducted unlawfully.

Independent journalists have sought to clarify the claims made in Powell’s lawsuits. One researcher, Doug Ross, compiled an infographic organizing the voter fraud allegations within the Georgia lawsuit.

According to Ross, the issues presented fall into three distinct categories: illegal elections procedures, insecure voting machines, and illegal ballots.

Indication of unlawful procedures included witness testimonies of broken chain of custody, prevention of poll-watchers, and irregular ballots. Expert software security testimonies and evidence from “found” votes during the recount highlighted the insecurities of the voting machines. The legality of ballots were questioned by heightened acceptance rates for absentee ballot applications and witness testimonies of ballot tampering.

Immediately following the Georgia lawsuit, Powell filed another, slightly shorter lawsuit in Michigan.

Similarly to the Georgia lawsuit, the filing claimed that the electronic voting systems manipulated the election results in favor of Biden. The suit focused specifically on Wayne County and the city of Detroit – though it named election officials throughout the state as guilty of improper vote counting as well.

In addition to the similar allegations against Dominion, the suit claimed that election workers hid their voting fraud by preventing all forms of meaningful access to the vote counting process, manipulated voting records, and counted fraudulent ballots as they rejected Republican ballots.

Like the Georgia lawsuit, the Michigan case referenced numerous testimonies from a variety of expert witnesses and poll workers.

Powell’s team has made all of their evidence available on a separate crowdsourcing website – it appears that the address, named “HERE IS THE EVIDENCE,” was intended as a response to media and politicians questioning where the evidence was located.

The site divided its evidence by court filings, voting legislation, illegal votes, polling place irregularities, discarded or destroyed ballots, voting machine irregularities, general claims of fraud, and unverified submissions. Powell’s legal team reviews each submitted claim and either deletes it or assigns it a ranking of significance.

Powell has since followed up her lawsuits by releasing bits of information to the public that support her claims. On Friday, Powell shared a video explaining how hackers can manipulate electronic voting machines through computer codes. Another video, retweeted by Powell, shows the attorney stating that her team has check stubs from individuals who were paid to ballot harvest.

According to Powell’s evidence crowdsourcing website and social media feeds, their legal team continues to receive more evidence day by day.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected]
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5 Thoughts to “Breakdown of Sidney Powell’s Lawsuits in Georgia and Michigan”

  1. Roger

    If I was a betting man, I’d bet if she had a thousand reliable witnesses who would swear they committed voting fraud, it wouldn’t matter. For something like this to happen it required agencys in Washington including the department that is supposed to be on the side of fare elections, coordinating with the states involved. I’m taking about the DOJ under Barr which hasn’t shown the slightest interest in prosecuting anyone in the Washington swamp.

  2. Keith Isom

    Dominion Voting Systems has a legitimate complaint against Sidney Powell.

    Consider paragraph 13 on page 9 of the lawsuit. Here Powell states that Dr. Andrew Appel of Princeton recently hacked a ‘Dominion Voting machine’ using a screwdriver.

    This is simply not true, and five minutes of googling would reveal this.

    His faculty web page ( indicates that he 1) did this in 2007 using 2) a 90s era Sequoia Voting Systems machine. It was not recent nor was it a Dominion machine. How is this relevant to her point that the Dominion machines used in the 2020 GA election are insecure?

    One would think that the referenced exhibit would reinforce her points, but the paper ( does not do so. As indicated in the Abstract, it is about generic Ballot Marking Devices and not tallying machines. The paper appears to be irrelevant.

    Her reckless failure to validate her lawsuit assertions is harming reputations.

    1. Lobo

      Well, she has a reputable reputation so far, and she does in fact, know what she is doing, unlike folks that rely on GOOGLE for their “facts”.. I would be willing to bet that she has a much better case than you do.

  3. Kevin

    Hopefully, Ms. Powell has not divulged all of the evidence and has maintained some “silver bullets”! The mainstream media werewolves and the political vampires are going to be coming for her in waves, and she’s going to need as much ammunition has she can muster!

    1. Deb

      When will this go to court?