Loeffler Campaign Sends Cease and Desist Letter Against False Claims in ‘Looting Loeffler’ Ads


Legal representation for Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) sent a cease and desist letter to a station regarding an attack ad. Though the recipient of the letter was redacted, MediasTouch was identified as the creator of the ad dubbing the senator “Looting Loeffler.”

MediasTouch describes itself as a Democratic super PAC, created earlier this year by three brothers with the express primary goal of defeating President Donald Trump.

The contested video debuted nearly two weeks ago. In it, Loeffler is accused of buying and selling key stock shortly after a classified COVID-19 briefing just before the pandemic was announced. The video included clips from Fox News that explained how Loeffler sold energy, automotive, retail, and airline stocks, then bought stocks with Amazon and Citrix.

At the end, the ad stated “Fire Looting Loeffler; Vote Warnock and Ossoff by January 5th.”

Loeffler’s letter used evidence from testimonies and government investigations to debunk the claims made by the trending attack ad.

“Not only are these claims demonstrably false, they are intended to not just mislead your viewers but indeed lie to them. In fact, despite the shiny graphics and snide VoiceOver that MediasTouch uses to make these unfounded and sensationalist claims, there is simply no truth to them.”

Included in the letter are links to various articles concerning past coverage, Loeffler’s past statements, and even the federal government’s investigation findings on her stock portfolio dealings.

Mainly, the letter explained that Loeffler doesn’t have control over her portfolio – only third-party advisors do.

“MeidasTouch’s advertisement ignores the findings of investigatory bodies and the public record, skews the truth, and provides no substantiation in support of its untruthful claims.”

The letter ended by reminding the redacted licensee that they should be aware of their liability for “knowingly broadcasting false claims.”

In response, MeidasTouch shared a copy of the letter and stated it wouldn’t back down.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].






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