Voter Integrity Project Leader Matt Braynard to Submit Absentee Vote Findings to Georgia Case


Evidence of voter fraud gathered by Voter Integrity Project (VIP) will be submitted to the Georgia lawsuit and four other contested states. VIP was started by Matt Braynard, the former Data Chief and Strategist for Trump for President, after widespread distrust in absentee ballots arose following the 2020 election results.

Braynard has stated in multiple interviews that VIP findings are enough to flip states.

Friday, Braynard shared that his work would also appear in cases in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Arizona. He stated that he will appear in person to discuss his Arizona-related findings during the Arizona hearing.

Braynard created VIP to conduct an independent investigation, putting off a scheduled family vacation immediately following Election Night.

Over the course of several weeks, VIP called absentee ballot voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Team members relied on voter registration public records to ask individuals to verify that they’d requested and returned a ballot.

In a previous interview with The Georgia Star News, Braynard shared that VIP’s initial findings indicated pervasive disorganization within key states’ voter data systems.

“I think one thing that the analysis has revealed – apart from questioning about illegally cast ballots – is that the election casting systems in many of these targeted swing states have problems that make it difficult to assess the data,” he said.

Braynard summarized some of his findings in a public video published last week. His research found that anywhere from 18 to 44 percent of those respondents listed as having requested absentee ballots reported not requesting the ballots. Additionally, his team found sizable numbers of respondents who reported having returned their ballots – though the state didn’t count them.

Braynard stated that they’d also discovered respondents who reported not voting, though they were listed as having voted. Further, their team learned that some individuals were reported as having voted in certain states – despite having moved.

Braynard mentioned that he has signed several declarations for cases across the country.

“It has certainly fortified many of the arguments that attorneys who are trying to determine the truth here – it helps them out by giving them additional ammunition to make their case,” stated Braynard. “Everything that we’re putting here at VIP should be very accessible, completely understandable. And if you were to sit here next to me and I was to open up the raw call records, or some of the other analyses we did, it would be very obvious what was going on.”

The Star News couldn’t reach Braynard for additional comment on his upcoming court appearances.

Braynard is scheduled to be interviewed by journalist Tim Pool next December 2, to discuss his findings.

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Corinne Murdock is a reporter at The Georgia Star News and the Star News Network. Follow her latest on Twitter, or email tips to [email protected].
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    trump is correct, the election was rigged ,they did it with illegal aliens, drivers liceneses, and mail in ballots give me a call i will explain, you will love it!

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    GA Officials performing software update in Fulton Country erasing the evidence

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